“Got time for a quickie?”

Three years ago, Tris and I broke up. It happens. No hard feelings. For the last three years, I had virtually sworn off women. That did not mean I had not had sex, but I had not had a lot of sex, and the spaces in between when I had sex and when I did not have sex were longer than they had been in the past. My day had started in New Jersey. The customer had required my body, on-site, for the better part of three weeks. The pay was excellent, the entertainment sparse. I was on my way to a symposium in Richmond and had swung by my box to pick up the mail and the packages that had piled up over the last month. I was surprised to see Tris coming out of the grocery store.

“How are you,” she asked.

“Good, thanks, and you?”

“Not bad. You look like hell by the way.”

“I was in Jersey this morning. On my way to Richmond for a symposium. Just stopped to get the mail.”

“What happened to Miami?”

“That was a short gig. I have been in three states since then.”

“Well, at least you are keeping out of trouble.”

“I am. And you? Still with Gillan’s?”

“Yup. They have me back and forth to the coast every quarter, but it’s not so bad. I am supposed to head out two weeks from now. In between, I am doing a lot of teaching. Got time for a quickie?”

To say I was caught off guard was an understatement. My head said no, but my cock swelled with a solid yes. Tris always was a good lay, and it had been several weeks since I had last had sex, so my biological response was not a surprise. Tris smiled and I looked her over quickly. She wore a light cotton blouse that buttoned up the front and her normal, low hip jeans, lose around the waist. She never did like belts and her hips were such that the waist of her jeans was always a little sloppier than it might otherwise have been.

“Won’t your husband be upset if he comes home and find us in bed together?”

“Not married. But if he comes home early, it’s his own fault. I told him I wasn’t a one man woman. Or was that a one woman woman. I guess it depends on who I am sleeping with at the time, right?”

“Lead on then, I will follow,” I said.

She went to her car several rows over from where I had parked. I walked over to mine. I watched her through the rearview mirror as she got settled. I pulled out and followed as she pulled into traffic. A few minutes later we were pulling into her apartment complex. I pulled into a parking place across from her, got out, and locked the door. She waited for me on the sidewalk where I quickly joined her.

“Horny dear?” I asked.

She had undone her blouse. It hung open and untucked, her white lace bra encased her glorious tits, and her nipples stood up proudly. Tris’s tits were sensitive and her nipples even more so. I had made her cum once or twice just from sucking them when she was particularly horny. She put her hands on her hip, and it pushed her tits forward more. The smile on her face was priceless.

“Nice tits by the way.”


She smiled at me and reached down to undo the button on her jeans. She continued to smile at me as she lowered zipper. She pulled the sides of her jeans back to show off just a bit of the lace of her panties. Then, she turned, and we walked into her apartment.

She closed and locked the door. She shoved me up against it and grabbed my hair. She kissed me hard, ramming her tongue into my mouth as we ground our crotches against each other. My cock was hard and her hand wrapped around it inside of my pants before she dragged me down the hall to the bedroom. On the way, she tossed off her blouse and bra and was naked from the waist up when she turned around. She pulled me close against her. She kissed me quick, and I slipped my hands down inside of her pants. I squeezed her ass. She pushed her crotch against me. I reached up and pulled on one of her nipples. Tris moaned into my mouth. I rolled the other one between my fingers.

“Fuck…,” she moaned. “You do that so well.”

Tris’s head rolled back before I pushed her down onto the bed. Tris undid her pants and pushed them down. Her bare pussy was glistening with her excitement as her jeans hit the floor.

“Lick me,” she almost begged.

I moved between her legs and grabbed her ass. I took a moment to enjoy the aroma. I ran my tongue gently over her puffy lips as I teased her a bit. Her clit was already erect. It almost pulsed as I rolled my tongue over it. Tris’s hips bucked, and she moaned again.

“Stop teasing me and suck me.”

I moved in and did what she asked. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked it gently. Tris cried out as her orgasm rolled over her. I reached up and squeezed her tits, and she squirted as her second orgasm rolled over her.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she moaned as her hips bucked under my lips.

Tris rolled under the sensations moving through her body, and I hung on for a moment before I let her go, and she collapsed against the bed.

“More than a little horny,” I observed.

“Yes, bastard. More than a little horny.”

“Want to tell me about it?”

“Take off your pants and fuck me you bastard.”

I pulled off my shirt and pants. Tris moved up the bed enough for me to get on with her. She pulled her legs back, which opened her pussy. I moved forward to where I could rub the head of my cock against her clit. She twitched as I did it.

“Stop fucking around and start fucking me,” she whined.

I slid my cock into her. She moaned again and pulled her legs back until her knees touched her tits. I dropped another inch into her, and there was nowhere else to go. I watched Tris’s eyes roll back. I smiled before I pulled back out and then drove forward again. I set up a steady rhythm. Tris’s body shook as we fucked and sweat popped out between her tits. She gasped. She moaned. She cried out and squeezed my cock and shuddered again. She pulled me down and kissed me hard as her hips pushed against me.

“Take me from behind?” she asked.

I slipped out, and she spun around. She faced the end of the bed, and I slid up behind her. I moved the head of my cock into her just as I heard the door close.

“Don’t stop,” she said.

“You set me up,” I said.

I pushed all the way in.

“Yes,” she moaned.

I heard the footsteps in the hall the moment before he walked into the room.

“What a slut,” he said. “You couldn’t even wait.”

He was busy taking his clothes off as he talked. Tris had her hands wrapped in the sheets and was holding on while I fucked her.

“Yes, I am such a slut,” she said.

She reached forward for his cock and pulled him close enough that she could suck it. She must have been doing a good job because his head fell back. He grabbed her shoulders and shoved more of his cock into her mouth. I could hear her gag, but she also pushed back hard against me. She was getting it hard from both ends. Her orgasm crushed my cock again a moment before I unloaded into her cunt. Another moment later he discharged, and she sucked him down before she let him go. I sat back and watched. She slumped to the bed, gasping.

“I am such a slut, but that was so much fun, wasn’t it?” she asked as she looked between the two of us.

“I enjoyed it,” I said.

“Different,” he said.

“Oh, come on Marco, you were the one that said you wanted to come home and catch me in bed with another man. And judging by how fast you came, you certainly enjoyed it.” Tris said.

“It was sexy. Our own little porn film.” Marco said.

“I will let the two of you carry on,” I said, getting out of bed.

“Leaving so soon?” Tris said turning around.

She crawled over to where I was. She wrapped her hands around my cock and balls and waved her ass like a flag at Marco. He must have liked what he saw because he started to get hard, an action that was helped by his hand. Tris had my cock in her mouth and was sucking it gently back to hardness, which did not take all that long. I watched Marco get up on the bed behind her. She gasped as he buried his cock in her.

“Pull my nipples,” she whispered to me.

I reached under and pinched and pulled on her nipples while she ran her tongue around the head of my cock. She was soon gasping for air as she bucked and shoved her hips back at Marco. He pushed himself against her hard enough for it to sound like hands clapping.

She cried out, her back bowed, and she shook as I pinched her. Marco gasped, and I wondered if he had cum in her as she was suffering through another orgasm. Marco moaned and fell off to the side and Tris collapsed into my lap. Her hands squeezed me rhythmically, but she was more interested in getting her breath back. They stayed like that for several minutes.

“I am such a slut,” she said, then licked my cock. “Thanks.”

She looked up at me, and I bent down and kissed her.

“You’re welcome. Glad to help.”

She let go of me. I got up, pulled my clothes on and looked back at the scene once more before I left the apartment. Once again in my car, I took a moment to steady my breathing before I turned the ignition on and continued on my trip. There was a series of texts waiting for me when I got out of the car again.

Thanks for the fuck, it was fun.

Marco was really jealous, but really aroused. He was the one who wanted the fantasy. We fucked for another two hours.

Not horny anymore :)

Let me know next time you are in town. I won’t tell Marco. Your cock fills me up better. And your tongue knows just how to make my pussy wet.

Marco just left. He is a little miffed.

I am laying here, all showered. My clit is sore but tingling.

I smiled as I checked into my room. If she was sore, they must have been going at it for a while. I decided to have a little fun, and I sent a picture of my room with the king-sized bed dominating it and a quick note:

I need to shower myself. Still a bit sticky from earlier.

I put the phone down, turned on the water and got naked before I got into the shower and cleaned up. I dried off and was looking for some clothes when my phone buzzed.

I can be there in two hours.

I had to smile when I sent back:

I thought your clit was sore?

It was, but by the time I get there, it will have recovered, and you can make it sore all over again.

I sent her the address and gave her the room number. I certainly was not going to complain.