by Victor Echo

Nathan and Janet appeared to have everything. Both worked at jobs they enjoyed, had a house in the suburbs, and were active in all the right organizations. But behind closed doors, things are not always as they seem, and Janet had a secret, a secret that she thought she was hiding from Nathan. But one day, he came home early, and discovered her secret. Now, the question is what is he going to do with that information. And what his he going to do with is wife?

Chapter One

"I was standing up and about to reach for his cock, but instead he pushed me face down on the bed, and he was not at all gentle about it. No, wait, it is better. He grabbed the lube off the bedside table where I had left it from earlier and flipped it open and squirted a fair amount between my ass cheeks. Then he smeared some on his cock, all while pushing me down with one hand in the small of my back. I swear my juice was running down the inside of my leg. Then he spread my ass cheeks open and rammed that monster into my ass. I am sure cried out, but whether it was with pain or pleasure it didn't matter because it quickly felt so amazing. He just slammed into me with abandon. My clit was grinding against the sheets and my orgasms were coming so close together I couldn't tell one from another. Nathan has never done that to me. He barely gets me excited, much less makes me cum like that. No, Bonnie it was terrific."

He had come home early from work, tired of the office politics and he had to finish a document that could just as easily be done in the quiet of the den as in the bullpen of the office. He was a little surprised to see Janet's car in the garage, but she often spent the afternoon working from home during the hotter days of the summer. Her building was not the newest and while the company was looking for new space, it had been more than eighteen months since they had started looking and they still had not found a new location. Part of him wondered if they were really looking that hard. What had really surprised him was what he had just overheard when he came into the house. Janet was on the phone in the den. They had increased the insulation around the room to make it more sound proof so they could read in quiet, and with all the books around the wall, one often could not hear the doorbell ring. So it was no surprise that she had not heard him come in.

"Bonnie, listen, that's not the end. This was the second time he has reamed my ass. I told you about the first time didn't I? I thought I had? That was...what...six weeks ago? Right, when Nathan was at that conference. Right, when Tyrone spent the night. Oh yeah, we fucked all night. He has such stamina. Right. Well, he had me on my back. It was the third time I think and I had my legs pulled back. Yes, holding behind my knees. Really opens me up and he was pounding away. I was such a wet mess there was almost no friction and he was touching parts of me that I am sure have never been touched before. Anyway, he had this really good rhythm going and I was cuming hard on his cock and changed my position just as he pulled back and rather than slipping back into my cunt, he punctured my ass. I know I screamed but he just kept pushing and pounding and I just lost it. I was shaking and cuming and crying out. It was some of the best sex I have ever had. Yes, even including that guy at the show last year. Anyway, this time, he had me down on my front and I was just so stimulated. I was pushing back against him as hard as he was slamming into me. When he finally came, it was scalding and I blacked out. Oh, it was a mess alright. I still have to change the sheets before Nathan comes home."

He was staggered. His wife was having sex with another guy? Or several other guys? And bragging about it? He was confused. And also a bit turned on by her descriptions if he was honest with himself. She had always balked at anal sex of any sort whenever he brought it up, and here she is having it and enjoying it. He listened some more to her call.

"Bonnie, did I tell you about the blowjob? When he got here this afternoon, I was sitting in the living room in my black bra and panties. Yes, the skimpy ones that my nipples poke over the top of. I had one food on the floor and one leg up on the back of the couch and I was just playing with my cunt through the material. I didn't hear him come in but I guess he had been there a few minutes, long enough to drop his pants at any rate. When I opened my eyes, he was standing there in front of me, his cockhead thick and oozing and I just had to taste it, so I grabbed his balls and pulled him forward, sucking that big, black rod into my mouth like a piece of licorice. Oh Bonnie, he tastes so good. I used both hands to twist the base of his cock and rolled his balls around as I sucked and licked his length. I was in heaven. Yes, of course I deep throated him. Swallowed his nob like a marshmallow and kept swallowing and swallowing as I ran my tongue over his shaved nuts. He blew his cum in minutes. It was so good."

Janet practically purred as she related the story. She never offered to suck his cock, she said it was disgusting and no wife should ever have to do that sort of thing. Yet here she was relating to her girlfriend how she had just sucked off a black man. In the house no less! If his cock was not as hard as a steel pole right at the moment, he would probably be very upset. But oddly, he was turned on and continued to listen.

"Bonnie, he is such a stud. Did I tell you he wants to take me away next weekend with his girlfriend? Yes, he won't tell me where, but he wants to watch me suck her nipples and lick her clit and get her all wet so he can pound her while she licks my clit. I am already wet just thinking about it. I am sure it won't be anything like the last time we did it. Of course, there were no guys there, just us. Can you imagine? I know. Really? Tomorrow? Where? Your place? With Josh? Oh Bonnie that sounds like so much fun! He really wants you to shave him? Of course I will help. His cock is so lovely. Nicely veined. Strong when it is solid. Do I get to suck it while you shave him? Keep him hard? Oh my God of course! I don't know but I will find something. OK. Bonnie, I have...Yes, but I ..."

He knew she was getting ready to hang up so he pulled back and slipped down the hall. The house was big enough that there were a couple of nooks where anyone could hide and he slipped into one of them as he listened to her come up the hall and up the back stairs to the second floor. He moved back into the den and set himself up, pretending to work while he thought about what he would do next.

"Oh, hello Nathan. I didn't hear you come in," she said as she walked past the den, laundry basket in her hands.

"Hi. Just working on a document. Only just got here," he said, distractedly before he looked up.

She had changed into yoga pants that highlighted her ass and a crop top. Her breasts swinging free beneath it.

"Don't mind me," he said. "Easier to get this done here than in the bullpen."

"OK," she said as she continued past and down the stairs to the basement.

For the next hour, rather than reading the document he was supposed to be working on, he looked through the manual for the security system she had insisted they have installed as well as digging into the PBX he had put in to cut down on the phone bill. With a bit of programming and some new connections, he could pipe the sound from the intercom system into the PBX and record it when there was a noise in any of the rooms with a speaker, which included living room, kitchen and our bedroom. He could also route any calls she made through the PBX to an intercept recording in real time. She would not notice any delay, but he would have all her conversations, on both sides. For good measure he routed all the Internet traffic into a bucket and saved that off. Anything that passed over, through or around the house would be trapped. The only other improvement would be to have security cameras installed.

Over dinner he broached the subject of upgrading the security system with some external cameras. The sort of things the neighbours had installed a couple of months ago. At the time, they did not have the money for the upgrades, but he had gotten a couple of spot bonuses and it would more than cover the costs. Janet readily agreed that they should have them put in and was willing to call the company and have them come out tomorrow. Despite his suspicions to her eagerness, he readily agreed.

The next day, he spent most of my time at work searching the Internet. It took a while, but he found what I was looking for and placed my order. That night when he got home, he found two thick manuals on the desk for the new external cameras and a bank of monitors in the den. They had a 360 degree, high definition, panoramic, IR view of the outside of our house. He noticed a new PC sitting next to the closet where the servers were locked up and several notes attached to it for hooking it up to the in-house network for recording the video. It was essentially a giant disk array. He put it in the server room and attached it as instructed, only leaving it to capture the video from the main feeds after that video had transversed his own servers and been recorded there as well. With Janet out of the house, ostensibly at Bonnie's helping with the community fund raiser, he had all the time he needed to set things up.

The next couple of days passed and he left a wide birth around the house. He was either working or he was out helping a couple of friends with their networks. In reality, he spent most of the time with a couple of guys he had met on-line who were very good with technology making sure that was he was considering was even possible. They not only assured him it was, but were very interested in where he had obtained some of the new toys. He demurred and said they were nothing special, easily obtainable with a well worded search and a ready credit card.

Janet said she was going to spend the weekend with the girls in Las Vegas. He simply wished her a good time and suggested she not drink too much and made sure she made the flight on time. He did not mention the fact that he saw none of the usual girlfriends and as soon as she was through the doors, he headed back to the house to begin placing the new toys.

He spent the first hour laying on the bed. As strange as this might sound, he was looking around the room, investigating the angles and positions. Once he was sure of what he wanted he got to work. He put small cameras in temporary positions around the room and then looked at the remote display to make sure the angles were right. He then got on the bed in a variety of positions and made sure there was good coverage. In the end, he spent the better part of the day putting cameras in places around the house and then making them blend into the scenery. That night he had the boys over for pizza and poker and put them to the test. He cleaned up. And no one seemed to notice anything amiss.

The next morning after breakfast, He went downstairs to the den and pulled up the web interface for the PBX and scrolled casually through the call log. Most of the calls were routine, barely a couple of minutes. But there were a couple that were to Bonnie's number and they were more than five minutes in length. He pulled up the first one and let it play.

"Hello," Bonnie said.

"Hey, it's me. Got a minute?" Janet said.

"For you, always. What's up?"

"The security guy just left."

"Which one? The tall nerdy one?"

"With the big dick, yes."

"And?" Bonnie asked.

"And. So, Nathan decided we needed to put up video cameras around the house. I went along with it. Who knows. But when Todd was here, I made sure that I could ... tamper ... with the video feed, or rather the recorded video feed if I needed too."

"That is probably important."

"Yeah, but he wasn't going to do it for nothing."

"No?" Bonnie asked, sipping her coffee.

"No, but that's OK. I expected I would have to pay him off some how."

"So how did you?"

"Well, after he finished putting up the cameras and running the wires, he was all sweaty. It was a pretty nasty day. I invited him in to have some iced tea. I was wearing those pink shorts and a halter top."

"You mean the pink shorts with barely any crotch?" Bonnie asked.

"Those are the ones. I invited him to sit in the family room and made sure he was where he could see my exposed goodies," Janet said. "And it did not take long for him to get the idea. He put down his drink and was all over me, his fingers basically ripping what little threads were holding those shorts together apart. I was so wet and I could not wait to get him naked. I pulled his belt off and shoved down his shorts. And did I get a surprise!"

"What," Bonnie asked, her voice slightly husky.

"He got pierced. That lovely thick hunk of meat is pierced! Oh, it was so sexy! I just turned around and shoved my ass in the air and the boy got the idea. You should have felt that piece of steel Bonnie! Every time it rolled over my spot I was sure I was going to cry with passion. I came in no time and he just kept driving in and out of me and I kept cuming and cuming. His final push had him vibrating just on my spot and I swear I squirted before I collapsed."

"That good? Maybe I should look into getting a security system," Bonnie said with a laugh. "Did you let him fuck your ass?"

"Damn straight. I have heard so much about how this sort of piercing can open you up I only waited long enough for him to get hard again before went back at it and it is so true. That ball in the front keeps the head stiff and the ball at the back just eases him in. Oh Bonnie you have to try it."

"I will try and find one to take for a spin."

"You won't regret it. Listen, I have to go and get things cleaned up before he gets home. Talk to you later!"

She hung up and the recording came to an end. At some point during the conversation he had taken his stiff cock out of my pants and had been stroking it slowly while he had listened to the call. He moved the mouse to the next conversation and clicked it.

"Hello," Janet said.

"Hello," a deep male voice said.

"Oh, hello," Janet almost purred.

"What are you wearing?"

"Stockings," Janet said.

"What else?"

"Just stockings. Black stockings."

"What are you doing?"

"Laying on the bed, playing with my rabbit."

"Do tell?"

"I was feeling horny, so I stripped down to just my stockings when I got home and climbed onto the bed and pulled out my rabbit. I was just pulling on my nipples when you called. Are you going to come over and replace my rabbit with your cock?"

"Sorry, I am on the other coast today," the voice said. "So you will have to tell me about it."

"Well, my nipples are very sensitive at the moment and I have been pulling on them and pinching them and every time I do, my clit seems to swell and twitch and I get a little wetter. I really want someone to suck my clit, but for the moment I am just going to tease my nipples."

"I am going to get naked and join you. This is making my cock hard," the voice said.

"Oh goodie. I think I am wet enough now to slip this inside of me. If I turn it on to the lowest setting, it causes a nice little tingle between my legs and makes my nipples ache just a bit more. I move it in and out, slowly at first to get it nice and wet so that it does not stick when I really get it going. It also bumps nicely against clit on each push, making me harder and even more excited."

"Oh, don't stop now baby," the voice moaned.

"I wasn't going to, but I would much rather have you riding me, holding me down as you push in and out of me. My clit is so hard right now, you have to fuck me," she said, almost breathless.

"Going to cum," he said panting.

"Me too," she cried, her breathing ragged.

"That was good. I will be back in a couple of days."

"Miss you every minute," Janet said, hanging up the phone.

At some point in the conversation he had cum all over himself, and his hands and pants were a sticky mess. He was no closer to resolving the issue at hand, but he was pretty sure he could sell these and make back some of the money invested. He sat back in his chair and caught his breath and thought about the next steps.

Chapter Two

Janet came home from her weekend with the girls on Tuesday. He been at work when she got home and really did not care if she was home or not. For the rest of the week he worked and was polite, but was not in the house very much. If someone had asked him, it was because he had a lot of work to get done, but in honesty, he was giving Janet all the room she needed so that she could screw anyone she wanted. And he could take the images. On Friday, they went out for dinner, which was not that exciting, came home and went to sleep. When he woke the next morning, he was alone. He took a shower, got dressed and went downstairs. There was a note in the kitchen saying that Janet had gone out and would likely be back for dinner. He had several hours to himself and decided there was no time like the present. He made his way to the den and settled in. He did not bother with the playback on the main system. If there was anything, she would have purged it. He logged into the backup systems and looked at the log files. There were several phone calls of interest. The videos would take a bit more to sort through. He picked one of the longer phone calls at random and pushed play on the first track.

"Hello?" Bonnie's voice said.

"Hey, I'm back," Janet's voice said.

"How was it?"

"Oh Bonnie, it was to die for."

"Do tell," Bonnie said.

"So I told you he was bringing his girlfriend right?"

"Yes, you did. What was she like."

"Well, I was expecting a black woman, but she was Indian, like from India," Janet said. "She was stunning Bonnie I tell you. She had a D cup chest, but her nipples and areola were huge. Puffy when erect and really, really sensitive. And she was completely bare. If she shaved, it was really close, but I think she just did not grow that much hair naturally. She was so smooth and her clit. Bonnie is was as big as my pinkie when it was swollen and it always seemed to be swollen. She loved sex, she loved sucking and being sucked and like I said, you could suck her nipple and she would cum in minutes and then again when you sucked the other one, but that wasn't all. She could bring me to the edge and hold me there. I swear she had me on the edge for minutes at a time and I would ooze and ooze and then she would make me cum and I would squirt like a volcano. And then she would rim my ass and start me all over again. I lost several hours as she did this to me.

"It sounds like you had a good time then," Bonnie said.

"Oh, Bonnie, you have no idea. I thought Tyrone would break his neck as he went back and forth watching the two of us go at it. And Bonnie, his cock, oh, my, God, his cock. I am wet just thinking about it and it isn't even inside of me. It is nine inches, and more than two inches around. Getting it in always takes time and lube, lots of lube until he gets me off the first time, then it gets easier. By the second, he can do anything he wants to me and usually does. This time though Indra, that's her name, she is sucking my nipples and sitting on my face as he is reaming my cunt. That third cum was earth shattering. I blacked out and I cannot remember the last time that happened. My pussy is still aching but it really, was good. Indra had a strap-on and did my ass while I sucked his cock. It was a great weekend Bonnie. I have pictures."

"You do? You slut why haven't you sent them?"

"You have to come over and beg me for them," Janet said with a sly tone.

"Mmm, and that sounds like fun. I will be over in a couple."

"See you then." Janet said hanging up.

The recording clicked off and he sat back. He wondered if there were still pictures of her adventures on her phone. He would have to check later this evening, if she came home. He was curious to see this Indra she mentioned. He was always interested in well put together women, and if this woman could make Janet cum, then she must be well put together. He is going to have to find someway to get a program on her phone to download pictures. He sat back up and looked at the files, sorting them by date and found what he thought was the video from Bonnie's visit. He clicked on the file and watched the six monitor view come to life. He heard the doorbell ring and watched Janet move to answer it. He brought the view to main focus and studied her. Janet seemed to be wearing a black corset that pushed up her tits, but did not cover them, stockings and high heels. He had to admit she looked hot.

"Hey Bonnie, come on in," Janet said.

Bonnie came in, wearing a long coat and heels as well. Janet stepped up to her and they kissed, passionately. He got hard instantly as Bonnie squeezed and mauled Janet's tits, pulling on her nipples. Janet undid Bonnie's coat and pushed it back off her shoulders. Bonnie was wearing almost nothing underneath and it took him a moment to realize that she was wearing a bra with almost no cup and a g-string, and Janet was busy mauling Bonnie's tits. Janet turned her around and directed her to the couch where Janet sat down and Bonnie got between her legs, propping her feet up on the coffee table, exposing Janet's trimmed cunt, already oozing.

"You have to make me cum before you can see the pictures," Janet said and Bonnie almost slammed her mouth onto Janet, her hands disappearing but by the sounds Janet was making, clearly fingering her friend.

"Oh, yes, bitch, put your finger in my ass, suck my clit!"

Janet was pulling her nipples as Bonnie licked and sucked and fingered her. He could hear the noises clearly and when Janet came, the sound almost blew out his speakers. He was amazed the neighbors had not called the police over the noise. Bonnie continued to lick and suck her before Janet pushed her back. He changed view and noticed that Bonnie had pierced nipples, if the one peeking out of her barely there bra. Her face was covered in Janet's juices and Janet moved forward and kissed her.

"You are so good at that," Janet said. "Pass me the tablet."

Bonnie turned around grabbed Janet's table, passing it over to Janet. Janet pushed a couple of buttons and then passed it back to Bonnie who scrolled through a couple of them before she moaned.

"Oh. My. God," Bonnie said. "That clit is huge! Can you set me up with her? I want to suck that."

"You are such a slut," Janet said laughing as Bonnie kept flipping through the pictures.

None of the cameras had the right angle to show him the pictures, but he was pretty sure the tablet was still on the coffee table.

"God Janet, he is hung! If your pussy wasn't so well fucked, there is no way you would have got that monster inside of you. Even as well fucked as you are, I am still surprised it went in. You are so distended when he is buried inside you. He must have ripped your cervix open."

"He went deep, that is for sure," Janet said.

She was sitting forward, playing with Bonnie's nipples, but Bonnie was focused on the pictures not what Janet was doing to her. He watched Janet move her hand from her left tit to slide it between Bonnie's legs. Bonnie did not seem to notice initially but then the tablet tipped down and she put her head back and moaned. Janet moved forward and sucked on the lonely nipple, her hand moving faster between Bonnie's legs. Bonnie, at a slightly more controlled volume but still hard enough to push Janet away, the tablet falling to the floor forgotten.

"You slut," Bonnie said panting. "Damn I need a cock."

"What, is Roger not good enough?"

"Roger hasn't even made a pass at me in months."

"Well, I am sure I can get you someone," Janet said.

"That would be wonderful," Bonnie said as she climbed up onto the couch, putting her head in Janet's lap.

"What sort of cock do you want?" Janet asked.

"Living," Bonnie said with a laugh. "What time is it?"

"Quarter past."

"I have to go. Bert has soccer tonight and I have to make snacks for him."

"No time for one more?" Janet asked?

"Not if I am going to get the snacks made and dress appropriately for the other soccer moms."

"This is not appropriate?"

"Gods no, this would get me banned from the league. Hell, if they knew I had piercings on more than my ears they would be scandalized."

"When are you getting your hood pierced?"

"I haven't decided," Bonnie said, her hands moving slowly in her soaked pussy. "I have to jet Janet love. Let me know when you get that cock for me."

"Have a good evening," Janet said as she kissed her.

Janet sat slumped against the couch as Bonnie got up and quickly pulled her coat on and blew a kiss before she rushed out. Janet idly played with her pussy before she got up and walked over to where her phone rested on the table. She dialed a number and waited.

"Greg? It's Janet. Want to get laid?"


"What about a threesome?"


"How's tomorrow?"


"Good. Come hard, I have a friend who needs a good fucking and she your cock is just what she needs."


"Good, I will call you with details tonight. Bye."

Janet hung up the phone and tossed it onto the table before she quickly rubbed herself to an orgasm before she got up and walked out of the room. He followed her through the house and she appeared in the bedroom, stripped and got into the shower. He paused the video there and locked his screen. He got up and walked into the family room to find her tablet was on the coffee table where she had left it. He brought it to life and found it unlocked and thumbed over to her photos and started looking at them. There were more here than the ones she had shown Janet and he picked it up and returned to his study, connected it to his PC and started to download the photos to his computer. He was already thinking about the money he could make selling them.

Nathan unplugged the tablet and put it back on table where he had found it before returning to the computer and started searching for an application that would allow him to copy pictures from Janet's phone without her knowledge. He figured he was looking in the wrong place, because after a couple of hours of searching, he could not find anything useful. He gave up the idea for now and tried to decide what he was going to do next. There were still dozen of calls and thousands of hours of video to go through. He reached up and clicked the mouse again.

Janet was in the shower, but she seemed to be in a hurry about it, quickly washing and drying off before she slipped into more dowdy clothing that he recognized as her "I have been home all day working" clothes and was just about to start dinner. He watched her pick up the corset and put it in a drawer. He wondered how much lingerie she had and where she was getting the money from, since she clearly was not working at the job she said she was working. He watched the video a bit longer and then moved back to the split screens as he watched her go into the kitchen and start making dinner as he watched his car pull up and he got out of it. He increased the playback to double speed and watched it move through the routine aspects of the evening and night. He let it run through the night and into the next day as he left. He hit pause and looked at the time. It was early evening and rather than chance getting caught, he locked his workstation and stood up, stretching. He walked up stairs quickly and stood in the bedroom. He opened her drawers and quickly looked through quickly. The boring lingerie and clothes on the top, the racier stuff underneath. He closed the drawers and looked in the cupboard. Nothing jumped out at him until he pressed on the side and a door popped open. Inside where a number of dresses and other things he knew he had never seen before. He quickly closed the panel and tried the other side, which opened as well. There were drawers and shelves filled with toys and other implements some of which he knew, some of which he did not. Again, he closed the cabinet and went into the bathroom. He leaned hard against the sink and took a couple of deep breaths. When had those been installed? He suspected that the cost for the work had been paid in kind. He was disgusted, and at the same time, wished he had the photos.

"Nathan, are you home?" Janet called.

"Upstairs," he said he said as he stepped out of the bathroom.

"Taking a nap?" Janet asked.

"Yeah, I was. What do you want to do for dinner?"

"Why don't we go out," she suggested.

"OK, let me put on some clothes then" he said looking down at his sweats. "Just be a minute."

He stripped his clothes off, tossing them on the bed as he pulled open his closet. He looked around and did not see Janet. As he got his pants out, he tested the sides of his closet and found nothing amiss. He quickly slipped on some slacks and a polo shirt and walked downstairs. Janet was looking at her tablet as he came into the family room.

"Ready?" she asked looking up.

"Ready. Chinese?"

"Sure," she said.

Janet woke up long after Nathan had left for work and walked into the bathroom. After using the toilet, she brushed her teeth and started the shower. Nathan knew she waxed her legs and pussy but she must have felt she needed a touch up before today's meeting because she pulled her razor out and quickly ran it over her mound and between her legs. He watched her put it back on the shelf before she took something else down. He had not noticed it when he showered that morning, but it must have been there. She pushed the end of it and it began to vibrate. She touched it to her clit and seemed to gyrate as she moved it around, her breathing clearly labored as an orgasm swiftly over came her and she cried out as the hot water continued to pour over her body. She did not stop immediately but started again, bumping and grinding her clit as she drove herself to her next orgasm, this one driving her to her knees on the floor of the shower. With a shuddering breath she turned the vibrator off and stood up, gently massaging her pussy before she finished showering.

After turning off the water and drying off, Nathan watched dress in a very red lacy bra and thong that she pulled out of the bottom of the drawer before she went back into he bathroom and put on her make-up. She pulled a white button down shirt out of the closet and buttoned it up before she pulled out a pair of jeans and slipped them on. Nathan had to admit she looked sexy as she walked out of the bedroom and down stairs. She picked up her cell phone and dialed a number.

"Hi Bonnie. What time today is good for you?"

She paused while Bonnie said something.

"OK. Well, wear your sexiest and we will see you then," she said as she hung up, before dialing another number

"Hey Greg, you sexy beast. 1PM at my place, unless you want to come early and work off some tension so you are all relaxed for the main event. See you then," she said hanging up.

Nathan sat back in his chair. He looked at the date code on the video and tried to think where and what he was doing that day. In the end he decided that it did not matter. A flashing icon on his monitor caught his attention and he watched Janet's car pulling into the driveway. He quickly secured the video and disconnected from his system. He looked around and then stepped out and moved to the kitchen. He was doing dishes when Janet walked into house.

"Nathan?" she called.

"In the kitchen," he said, washing a glass.

Janet walked into the kitchen wearing tight jeans and a white t-shirt, two bags in her hands.

"Been shopping?" he asked as she walked over and kissed him.

"Just a few things. Want to see?"

"Sure," he said as she pulled a dress out of one of the bags.

"What do you think?" she asked showing him a dress with a plunging neck line in black and red.

"Nice. What's the occasion?"

"Next month's dinner," she said, "for Marsha's wedding."

"I completely forgot," Nathan said and he had. "I guess I better get my suit pressed."

"You have a day or so," she said smiling.

"What's in the other bag?"

"A present for the bridal shower next week," she said.


"Of course!"

"Well, I am sure she will love it," Nathan said as he turned back to working on the dishes.

"Don't you want to see it?" she asked.

"Sure," he said as he put down the glass.

Janet pulled a dark blue corset out of the bag and showed it to him. It was almost iridescent.

"Very nice," Nathan said. "I am sure she is going to love it."

"Actually, this is for me," she said.


"I saw it and I liked it and I though you would too."

"Well it does look sexy. I can't wait to see it."

"Give me a few minutes and you will," she said as she picked up her bags and left the kitchen.

Nathan wondered what was going on. It was only the second time he could remember her showing him lingerie she had bought. He mentally shrugged his shoulders and went back to working on the dishes. He had put away several pots and the glasses and had filled the dishwasher with some others and hung up the towel when Janet walked back into the kitchen. She was wearing just the corset, stockings and high heels. Nathan tried not to stare, but he could not help himself as he looked at her. Her pussy was bare and seemed to be glistening in the light of the kitchen as she sashayed towards him.

"Well, what did I do to deserve this, because I am pretty sure today is not your birthday, our anniversary, or Valentine's Day.