A Date?

I felt her crawl into bed naked beside me. The luminescent numbers on the clock said it was barely past midnight. She curled up next to me where she put her head on my chest. Her hand rested on my abdomen. Her fingernails traced patterns in my skin.

“I thought you had a date,” I muttered.

“I did,” she said.

I was a bit confused. I am sure it showed in my next question.

“So nothing happened?”

“No, it did.”

“Couldn’t get it up more than once?”

“He dumped three loads in me. Quite good recuperative power actually.”

“He wasn’t any good?”

“Eh, he was OK. Not spectacular. Want to see the pictures?”

We had agreed that we would take pictures of our dalliances if we could and then share them afterward. She rolled over to where her phone was on her nightstand, then rolled back again. She pulled up the first one and moved back beside me where we could look at them.

“That is quite an impressing looking organ,” I said.

Her hand seemed small where it was wrapped around his cock.

“It was a bit thicker than I have had before, and my jaw was not cooperating, so I could barely get the head of it into my mouth, but it was enough to get me wet. Still, I did slick it up more before I let him put it in me. He was not very good with his mouth, but I was so excited that I was pretty wet anyway. After the first time, it just slid right in.”

She had been flipping through the pictures. She paused on a couple that she liked. Most of them were out of focus, or too dark, but I did agree with the one or two that showed off either her body or his cock. I did have to admit it was thick, even if it was not particularly long. We had looked at the pictures. Now it was time for the video.

“He seemed to get off thinking about me showing this to you. Here.”

She let me hold the phone, and she returned to her position against my side, her hand cupped my balls. I pushed play.

It was shot from her perspective. She lay on her back, her legs pulled back. His cock glistened with the extra lube she had smeared on it. He lined it up with her cunt and pushed home.

“Oh, wow, that’s thick,” she moaned. “God, go slowly until I get used to it. Yeah, like that. Slow.”

The muscles on his legs were moving under the skin as he kept from slamming forward into her. It was one of her tricks. She never let them slide forward fast, always saying she needed to get used to it. Maybe she did, but I had seen her consume a five-inch wide dildo in a single slam when she was horny. He bottomed out. She wiggled her hips as she got comfortable, then pulled her legs back and tilted the camera more so that her distended pussy was in full frame, the root of his cock inside of her.

“OK, go slow,” she said.

He pulled back almost to the tip and then pushed forward. He repeated this several times as she moaned encouragements. He picked up the pace. She pulled her knees back as far as she could. He picked up the pace. Her breathing became ragged.

“Oh, yes, fuck me, fuck me. Fill me with that thick cock. Yes, like that, harder, harder. Don’t hold back now. Don’t stop, don’t stop, yessssssssss.”

She peaked in orgasm, and the image fell out of focus as she lost her focus. She panted hard as she tried to get the camera back into position. He continued to piston in and out of her cunt. She was a frothy mess as he reached his own orgasm and grunted as he poured his first load into her. As I watch him cum, she moved her hand from my balls to my now hard erection where she traced its length with her nail. By the time her hand reached the head, my own precum was lubricating the tip.

“You have to watch the second one. Oh, he took several of me too, and some video. I want you to see if you can find them online tomorrow.”

The second video had him on his back. He was holding the camera this time. She threw her leg over his hip, lined up the head of his cock, then sank down on it, again slowly. Another one of her tricks. She would ride his cock this way as long as she could until he pounded up into her. She had great internal muscle control when she did this, and it drove me mad. I can only imagine what a thicker cock would experience.

“Oh, that is so nice. I can feel your cock pulsing inside me,” she said on the video.

She started to bounce up and down on his cock slowly. She twitched, rolled her hips, and generally teased his cock as she rode him.

“Oh, yes, yes, that is good. I want to feel all of you inside of me. I want to feel your cock moving inside of me. Yes, like that, like that.”

She threw her head back. Her nipples were erect on her chest. She was mugging for the camera, for me, as she did this. At the same time, she was tracing patterns up and down along my cock.

“You like this, don’t you,” she whispered in my ear while on screen she panted with the exertion. “Just wait.”

I watched the video continue. She paused, rose up, and pulled off him before she turned around. She showed him a lurid view of her ass and pussy before she straightened up. She repositioned herself on his cock before she started riding again.

My cock was a steel rod as I watched her on screen. She loved this. She knew how hard I would get. And I knew how wet she got as she relived the event.

“Yes, yes, fuck me now,” she said on the video. “Push your cock into me now.”

He started pushing his cock up into her, but she stopped him before he could get too carried away. She spun around, then reseated her self. Now, in full view of the camera, she started playing with her clit as he pushed into her pussy. She came with a scream. Her body shook. She slipped forward a bit before she encouraged him to finish inside of her. He did with a final hard thrust.

“Sexy as hell, as always,” I said.

Her hand gripped my cock. I flicked to the next image. This was not one I had seen.

“Um,” she said.

“Um. And who is she?”

The picture was from her perspective. A woman was looking up at her from between her legs, her face covered in glistening liquid. I flicked again. The woman was between her legs, but this time, she wore a strap-on. And the dildo she was hoisting was more substantial than the cock she had just sucked. I flicked, and my lady was being skewered by the dildo, in a similar position to the first video.

“Looks like you had fun. This was a couple of weeks ago.”

“How can you tell?”


She looked at the picture again and laughed.

“I should stop letting you shave my pussy.”


“So I can put one over on you occasionally.”

“Are you going to introduce her to me?”



“She’s not quite comfortable with me, much less a man.”

“She likes to wear the cock in the family?”

“Yeah, and she is really good with it too.”

She let go of my cock and took the phone from me. She flicked and then flicked again, before she paused on a video, then handed it back to me. She put her hand back around my cock. I pushed play.

“Push it into me,” she panted.

The other woman did as instructed. The dildo was quickly inside her. I could hear her gasp as she got used to the invasion. There was a lot of panting as the two women fucked one another until she screamed out her orgasm, and then two more. The video was useless, the phone on the bed beside them as they enjoyed each other. It was fifteen minutes of lust and sapphic sex.

As I watched she slowly pumped my cock. As the video ended she dropped her mouth over the head of my cock, sucked and stroked at the same time. I exploded into her mouth, my cum pumping down her throat as she received all of my seed. I collapsed on the bed where I was when she was done. She put her head back on my chest after she finished, but her hand never let go of my cock.

“She wants to fuck me, while you fuck my ass,” she said quietly.

“That could be fun.”

“Just fun?”

“You have your hand around my cock. You know it would be more than just fun.”

“Yeah, it got a rise. He wants to do the same thing. And tie me up and have you take the pictures.”

“What did you tell him?”

“He has to let me fuck his ass before I would allow him to put that monster in mine.”

“No go?”

“He blanched. It’s OK. There are a couple of other guys that I would much rather have in my ass, and that includes you.”

She stroked my soft cock as she talked. It was showing life again, but it would be a bit before it was hard enough to put in her ass.

“Any other hidden gems I should see?”

“Probably. What would get you hard?” she hissed.

I shrugged under her. She squeezed my cock. I still had her phone. I flicked back to the menu. She clutched a bit tighter as if she was afraid of what I would find.

“What’s this?” I asked.

It was a photo set from a couple of months ago. It looked like her office. Her hand squeezed a bit tighter. I went to the first one, which was a video. I pushed play.

“You want me to do what?” I could hear her say on the camera?

“Strip,” a male voice said. “The door is locked.”

The phone was positioned where it showed her, behind her desk. She shrugged her shoulders.

“There better be a huge cock in those pants,” she said as she undid the buttons of her polo shirt.

Rather than pull it out of the hem of her jeans, she undid the button holding them closed, the seductively slid down the zipper, all the time looking at whoever was on the other side of her desk. Then she pulled up her polo. She pulled it over her head and tossed it on a chair behind her.

“I don’t recognize the bra,” I commented as she squirmed against me.

It was a small, white lace shelf that barely came up to the bottom of her nipples. How it gave her any support was a miracle. Coupled with her nipples being on full display. It was quite sexy. She kicked off her shoes under the desk, at least that is the impression I got from the way she moved her legs. She pushed down the hem of her jeans. The panties she wore were also ones I had not seen before. They were very lacy, short and sexy.

“I like that,” the voice on the video said.

She had her hands on her hips and licked her lips as she looked at him.

“I would hope so since you bought them,” she said on the video.

That answered the first question.

“Play with your nipples,” he said.

She reached up to cup her tits, her fingers pinched and pulled on her nipples. They swelled and got red as blood filled them. She has sensitive nipples, and soon she gasped with desire. Her eyelids flickered as she did this, almost completely lost in her own world.

“Play with your clit,” the man said.

She forced herself to look at him, then slid her hand down her body and into her panties. It was clear her finger slid over her clit as well as in and out of her quim. Her breath came heavily through her open mouth now as she approached her first orgasm.

“Don’t cum,” he said. “Play, but don’t cum.”

She whined in frustration as she teased other parts of her body to keep her orgasm at bay while she played with herself.

“Yes, like that,” he said.

I could hear him move around the desk. He kicked his shoes off and shoved his own pants down. He stood behind her and pushed her down on the desk. His cock was huge. She pulled her panties aside. With no preliminaries, he shoved himself into her pussy. She bit her lip as her hands gripped the desk. She shook and shook as he reamed his cock in and out of her.

“Don’t cry out,” he said as he pushed her down hard onto the desk.

He picked up his pace. She was being shoved against the desk as he fucked her. This lasted several minutes. I could not tell how many times she came, but when he finally came, it was clear on both her face and his.

“I remember this day. You said you walked into a door.”

Her hand was still around my cock, but there were tears in her eyes.

“He said I couldn’t tell a soul. He thought he was ruining me for you. His cock was huge. I came so many times, I thought I would black out. But every time I came, I just kept thinking about what your cock feels like inside of me.”

“He raped you?”

“No, no, he didn’t. He really didn’t. He said I would never forget it if I did it his way. That included the lingerie. He made me leave without it. His cum in my pants as I drove home. It was exhilarating. I must have had for more orgasms that evening, not including the ones we had during sex.”

“You were a bit of a wild woman that night.”

“I wanted him in the worst way. I wanted to feel that cock inside of me, filling me. He’s fucked half the women in the office and a couple of the men. They talk. I wanted to experience that. And when he was reaming me, it felt so good, and when he pulled out, I was so empty, but you know, after a couple of hours, I didn’t miss it, and I really didn’t want it again. I’ve had so many experiences, and that was all it was, an experience.”

I believed her, no matter how hard my cock was now and no matter what happened next. I believed her. She liked having the experience. It should be noted that she experienced my cock at least once every two days so I could not complain, and right now her hand was wrapped around my hard cock.

“I believe you. I liked the lingerie. We should replace it.”

“I know where he got it. I would like to wear it for you. But right now, I need your cock inside of me.”

“And how would you like it inside of me?”

She rolled over onto her back, picked up her phone, and looked at me.

“Go slowly until I get used to it,” she said with a smile as she pointed the camera at the head of my cock.

I moved forward, stroking my cock as I did so. She licked her lips as she pushed the camera forward.

“Your cock is glistening.”

I rubbed my hand over the head of my cock, smearing the precum around.

“Sexy. Slip it in.”

I positioned my cock against her clit. She shivered. I moved the head of my cock up and down over her clit before I pushed forward and slipped into her.

“Slower,” she gasped. “Slower. Fill me slowly.”

My cock filled her and bottomed out where our bodies met. I watched her eyes flutter, then bent over her, kissed her, then nipped a pointed nipple. She shuddered beneath me.

“Now what?” I asked.

I could see her smirk in the dim light. She put the phone down before she hooked her hands behind her knees and opened herself up more.

“Fuck my cunt you bastard. Fuck me until I can’t move. Fuck me so hard you cum in my throat. And then fuck my ass until I beg you to stop.”

I smiled down at her.

“It could be a long night.”

“I have more videos.”

She was not kidding.