by Victor Echo

Peter and Allison are both students of craps, knowing that you get paid out on the point, but if you crap out, it is over. They crapped out on the first roll, but the point was still in play on the second roll and they made the most of it until it paid out. Will they hit the point and be able to ride it, or will they crap out once and for all, or will a new point be established with Melinda? A lot can happen when you roll the dice on a busy table with numerous players and established points. And fate is a fickle mistress.

Chapter One

The clink of chips hitting the table was masked by the sound of the conversation and excitement around the room. It was not a proper casino like Las Vegas or Atlantic City. This was a charity event, the money was fake, the chips were merely markers, but the dice were real and the player's excitement was real. A craps layout can be confusing for the first-timer, and most of the people were first timers. The dealers were spending time teaching the new player's the lay of the land. Peter Martin smiled across the felt at the lady standing there. They were both alone, and based on the way she dropped the chips, this was not her first game. She had her hair piled up on her head in a manner that made her neck look particularly sexy to him, gold dangles hanging from the lobes of her ears. Her royal blue patterned dress was elegant, one shoulder covered in the current fashion, the other bare, the bodice slicing across her body, showing lots of skin and hiding everything at the same time. The dress was form fitting but the line of the table hid its length from his eyes. Her height was unclear. She was tall enough to put her chips down, but if she was tall or was wearing heels, again, he could not immediately tell. She had a lovely face though and she was easy to look at.

“New shooter coming out,” the croupier said and he pulled his attention from the vision across from him to the older gentleman throwing the dice.

“Point is nine.”

Peter put his chips down and covered his odds while the rookies were asking for the point and some other hard way requests. She too put her chips down, her bets matching his in all but value. He had more high value chips in his hands than she did, but they both followed a similar pattern. The shooter did not get the point and more chips hit the table. Another pass and more chips. He reached over and picked up a couple of payouts and put them with his stack on the rail while she let hers ride. The next pass hit the point and all action stopped while the bets were paid out and people cheered as they picked up their winnings. Some took the opportunity to move on to other games, like the blackjack table, while those on the periphery moved towards the rail. Bets were put down and another shooter picked up the cubes.

“Seven, winner,” the croupier said as more winnings were paid and more people shifted.

“Allison,” the lady in blue said as she came up next to him, her bet going down for the next shooter in line.

“Peter,” he said as he put his chips down before shaking her hand.

They watched the roll and moved their chips around as the point was established.

“Have you done this before?” Peter asked as they watched the next roll.

“Play craps?”

“No, sorry, have you ever attended one of these events before.”

“First time. A friend of mine said it would be fun to come and see who we might see, but other than you, most of the guys here are closer to my dad’s age. Oh well.”

“Where did your friend get to?” he asked as they moved their chips.

“She is off with a group of women. They were talking about Avon products or some such. I guess she has been trying to get into it and they were more than happy to talk about it.”

“Well, at least your husband doesn’t mind that you are out.”

“Not married,” she said as they picked up a their winnings and a new shooter took over.

“Well, isn’t that a lucky coincidence,” he said with a smirk. “So I am guessing you are a lesbian.”

She stuck her tongue out at him and put down another bet. “Roll a seven and I will tell you.”

He took the cubes from the croupier and smiled at her before throwing them to the opposite corner.

“Seven, winner,” the dealer said and they paid out as the dice passed.

“Your turn,” he said as he put down his bet and Allison picked up the dice.

She quickly looked around the table and then flicked her wrist and the dice flew to the far end of the table before bouncing back.

“Point is eight.”

They put their chips down and he looked at her as she snapped her wrists again. The dice bounced off the far end and popped up a six.

“Bisexual,” she said, putting down her bet and picking the dice up again and sending them down the table.

“Eight,” was the call and more chips were put down.

“Involved?” he asked as he placed more chips.

Allison smiled and threw the dice again and they watched them bounce.

“Craps,” the dealer said and the chips were picked up.

Allison moved close to Peter and pulled his head closer to her so she could whisper in his ear.

“Fourteen-fifteen. Ten minutes,” she said and picked up her chips and walked away from the table.

Peter watched her go and picked up his chips as well and walked over to the bar.

“Vodka, neat,” he said.

The bartender poured a shot and Peter paid for it and walked over to a table where he checked his watch and tossed off half the drink. The alcohol burned its way down his throat but it was a familiar feeling. He resisted the urge to look at his watch knowing that there was still several minutes to go. He had never been good at waiting. He resisted the urge to tap his foot as he tossed off the rest of his drink. Another long minute later and he walked toward the main exit and across the elevator lobby. He detoured through the bathroom, and then pushed the up button. The elevator seemed to take for ever to arrive and then forever to get to the fourteenth floor, but eventually the door opened and he stepped off and into the hallway.

“Left,” he said as he looked at the sign indicating which rooms where which way and he moved quickly to room number fifteen, which was at the end of the hallway where he knocked twice.

The door opened and he stepped in and turned. Allison closed the door behind him and locked it. She had lost her dress and was wearing a pink robe, stockings covering her legs and no shoes. She quickly locked the door and turned to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him close and they kissed, gently at first and then with more passion. His hands moved up and down her silk covered back and noticed that she was not wearing a bra and he could not easily tell if she was wearing panties.

“Now, what did you want to ask me,” she said.

“Well, I was curious if you were involved, but it really doesn’t matter as long as no one is going to come after me with a sharp object or a large bore weapon.”

She chuckled low in her throat as she played with the hair on the back of his neck. “That sounds like the voice of experience talking.”

“Let us say that I have managed to stay one step ahead, yes,” he said kissing her again.

They kissed again, slowly, their bodies molded against each other. His hands slipped under the hem of her robe and he squeezed the muscles he found there, making her moan as she pushed herself against him.

“I think you have too many clothes on,” she said as she started working at his tie.

He bent his shoulders and slipped his jacket off and turned to put it on the nearest chair as she got his tie loosened and began working on the buttons of his shirt. He felt her cool hand on his hot skin and he smiled at her, enjoying the view of her cleavage as the robe opened a bit with each movement of her body. She got to the last button and then pulled his shirt out of his pants and undid the last two before pushing it off his shoulders. She kissed his chest, and rolled a nipple between her fingers and he struggled to get the cuffs undone. Eventually he managed to shake it off as her hands moved to his belt. She quickly had it undone and his pants down as her hands squeezed and stroked his cock through his shorts.

Peter reached forward and loosened the belt of Allison’s robe and let it fall open as he slid his hands over her hips.

“You are very beautiful,” he said as he looked at her.

She smiled and moved against him, kissing him and pushing his shorts down, her hand holding his naked cock, her thumb moving in small circles over the head. He slid his hand up her sides, his hand bumping the underside of her breasts. He let his thumbs circle the underside before crossing her nipples, which seemed to get harder as he circled around them. She moaned into his mouth and she put a hand under his balls, squeezing and lifting them as she stroked his cock. His breath was labored as they kissed and teased each other.

Peter broke the kiss first and slid one of his hands between her legs as he bent his neck to suck on a distended nipple. Allison moaned and bit his shoulder gently as his finger slid over her prominent clit. She was hot, and very wet and he felt her shiver and shake as she clung to him suddenly.

“Bed,” she said breathlessly.

He scooped her up and put her on the edge of the bed where he pushed her legs up and out and buried his face between them, licking and sucking her clit with a vengeance. Allison moaned again and he watched her grab the sheets for leverage as he moved his hands to pull and twist her nipples. This sent her to another level and she cried out, pushing her pussy against his mouth as he licked and sucked her. He slipped his tongue down between her ass and rimmed her quickly.

“Oh my …,” she moaned. “Do that again!”

“You like that?” he asked as he did it again, licking her in long strokes from her ass to her clit and back again.

She shivered the entire length of her body and she grabbed his head and pushed it away from her body.

“Too sensitive,” she said panting and pulling him up onto the bed as she moved back toward the headboard.

They kissed again and she grabbed his cock, manipulating it with her hand as she kissed him hard and deliberately. Without warning she broke the kiss and latched onto his nipple, licking and biting it as her hand stroked and squeezed his cock, her thumb sliding over the head in the oozing pre-cum that coated it. Peter’s hips thrust involuntarily as she manipulated him.

She stopped playing with his chest and looked up at him before smiling and moving to her knees, straddling his leg. She took his cock in two hands and slowly stroked it, looking into his eyes. She bent over the head and sucked it quickly, licking up the salty goo there before she threw her leg across his hips and slid her wet pussy slowly along his length.

“I’m involved, but she lets me play with any guy I want,” Allison said, and took his cock inside her, bottoming out in one move.

Peter pushed up against her, shoving his cock deeper into her.

“And occasionally she will want to play if I find the right sort of guy,” she said moving up and then down again. “She likes having her pussy sucked but she really likes fucking.”

Peter was trying to focus on what Allison was saying, despite the feelings of her wet pussy wrapped around his cock.

“She will put on a dildo and tell me to get on my back and slam it into my cunt, and then she will tell me to roll over and take me doggy until I squirt.”

Peter was right on the edge and she started moving faster.

“And then she has me suck it clean and does it again,” she said as she started to shake on top of him.

Peter could not hold back and thrust hard into her, his balls exploding and filling her with his cum as she raked her nails down his chest. Allison cried out and rode him hard as her own orgasm crashed over her. They thrashed together for a few more seconds before she collapsed on top of him, their bodies sweating and their breath rasping in and out of their lungs.

Peter wrapped his arms around her and held her as their hearts slowed down.

“Next time I will take you from behind until you squirt,” he said, “and then you can suck me clean.”

“That sounds like fun,” she said as she kissed him.

“And then I have to meet this girlfriend.”

She chuckled low in her throat as she listened to his heart beating.

The bed shifted and Peter floated back into reality. He must have drifted off. He turned his head left and right and found himself alone, but then heard moment in the area of the bathroom and remembered where he was. Allison came back into the room, her hair flowing around her shoulders. She saw him looking at her and put a little extra wiggle in her hips.

“And?” she asked as she sat on the edge of the bed.

“And, I need to use the bathroom,” he said as he traced a finger along her naked thigh.

“Hurry back,” she said as he climbed out.

Peter returned to the bed and Allison was laying on her side, watching as he approached, gently teasing her nipple and Peter’s cock began to twitch as he watched her. He slid back under the sheets and she curled up against him.

“And?” she asked again.

“And it was very nice,” he said. “Are we going to do it again, or is your girlfriend going to be back after talking about Avon products?”

She licked his nipple while her fingers played over his balls.

“She might be back at some point,” she said.

He ran his hand up and down her back as she swirled her tongue around his nipple, her hand squeezing and stroking his hardening cock. She started sucking his nipple and he arched his back. She raked her nails up and down his cock, her leg wrapped around his as she pulled him open, and pressed herself against his knee. She looked up at him and then slid down his body and sucked the head of his cock into her mouth, her tongue licking the underside of his shaft as she played with his balls. Peter pressed his hips up and she swallowed more of his cock and squeezed his balls gently. Peter moaned out. Allison sucked harder on his cock and he felt his balls tighten under her touch.

“So close,” he said and she started stroking the base of his cock and pulled up a little.

She focused on the base of his cock, stroking it faster and Peter groaned as his orgasm tore through his body. Allison sucked harder and he was sure he was pulling him inside out before he slumped back against the bed.

“Wow,” he sighed as she moved up beside him and kissed him. He kissed her back pulling her against him. “Give me a moment to catch my breath and I will return the favor,” he said.

“Just a sec,” she said as her phone vibrated on the nightstand.

She reached across him and he closed his eyes to give her a bit of privacy.

“Did you return your chips?” she asked.

The non-sequitur caught him off guard for a moment before he caught up. “No, I think they are still in my pants.”

“Mine are in my purse. Nat says they want all their chips back.”

“Well, then I guess I should get dressed and take them back, since I will be able to get dressed easier that you?” he said, leaving it a question.

“I like that idea. What’s your number?” she asked, kissing him while waiting.

He rattled off his number and she typed it into her phone.

“I sent you mine. Text me once you drop the chips off,” she said.

“OK,” he said and kissed her again. “You want to get your chips?”

She crawled out of bed behind him and rummaged around in her purse as he quickly pulled his clothes on, tucking his tie in his pocket. She passed him her chips and he pocked them as well as she went back and picked up her phone.

“Natalie is on her way back up,” she said as she crossed over and kissed him again. “So hurry back.”

Peter kissed her back.

“I will text you before I come back up,” he said and she opened the door and closed it behind him.

Peter exited the elevator on the first floor and there were a lot of folks making their way to the exits. Under normal circumstances, Peter would be one of them. He crossed the lobby to the ballroom and dropped off the small pile of chips at the table, apologizing for the delay getting them back. The dealer smiled and thanked him for returning them. He walked over and got a shot of vodka from the last open bar. He settled at a table, one of the last people in the room as the clean-up crew moved in and started taking the room apart. He pulled out his phone and texted Allison, then took a swig of his drink and waited. He told himself he would give her ten minutes to text him back before he found his way home for the night. He took another sip and checked his watch. Only a few minutes had passed, so he tried to slow his pulse and not anticipate. The cleaners had half the room torn down and he stood up, tossed of the remains of his drink and moved out into the foyer. More than ten minutes had passed. He shrugged and headed for his car.

It had started to snow during the evening and there was a small accumulation of powder on the ground and most of the cars that had been there long enough to cool off. He unlocked his door and slipped in, starting the engine and tripping the wipers to dust off the show on the windows. He checked his phone once more before putting it away and pulling out of the parking lot and into the evening.

Peter stretched, the morning sun shining through the blinds. It was a little after nine in the morning. He debated whether he would make coffee first of shower first and decided he needed the shower. He dragged himself into he bathroom and started the water, fishing around in his drawer for his toothpaste. A half an hour later, he walked into the kitchen and turned on the coffee maker, pulling his phone off the charging cable as he did. There were a couple of missed calls and a voicemail from Allison, a couple of text messages and several other emails. He clicked through the emails, sending off a couple of responses to those that needed them and poured himself a cup of coffee before he listened to the voice mail.

“Hi Peter, it’s Allison. Sorry I did not get back to you last night. Natalie was in one of her moods and I had to keep her from coming after you with a sharp object,” she said giggling. “I will give you call today and we can talk. At least I hope we can.”

The text messages were along a similar vein and he left them on his phone for the moment as he took his coffee into the living room and turned on the Sunday talk shows.

It was well into the beginning the first of the afternoon’s football games when his phone rang. He looked at it and then picked it up.

“Peter,” he said.

“Hi Peter, this is Allison. Am I interrupting?”

“No, just watching the game.”

“I’m sorry about last night, really I am.”

“It’s OK, these things happen. I am glad you were trying to keep Natalie from coming after me with a sharp implement.”

“She came back to the room and lit into me. I guess I wasn’t supposed to be entertaining men last night. I wish she had told me that before, because I really wanted to feel your cock in my ass.”

“That sounds like it would have been a wonderful way to finish the evening off.”

“I think it would have been a wonderful end to the night, yes, and then we could have continued again in the morning.”

“I would have liked to have done that,” Peter said.

“What are you doing tomorrow night?” Allison asked.

“Depends, is Natalie going to dice me into bite sized pieces?”

Allison laughed brightly. “No, no she isn’t but if you are interested, she did mention something about a strap-on, and I am pretty sure she was as interested in your ass as she was in mine.”

“Shall I bring wine?”

“I think you should bring wine. What are you doing with the rest of your day?”

“Nothing really. Once the game is over, I will probably make dinner and do some laundry.”

“Would you like some company to not really watch the game?”

Peter looked around at the state of his living room. “Certainly.”

“Text me your address. I will be along,” she said hanging up.

Peter shook his head and texted Allison his address before he moved around the house quickly picking up the few items that had piled up during the week and changing the sheets on the bed.

Allison knocked on the door an hour later, and Peter let her in. She was wearing jeans and a cable knit sweater under a leather jacket and flats. Practical clothes for what was becoming a snowy afternoon. He pointed her down the hall and closed the door behind him. Turning he found her only a step away and she moved into his arms and kissed him, her lips and hands cold against his warm skin but the shivers running through their bodies was not related to the weather outside.

“You are a fabulous kisser,” Allison said as they broke the kiss.

“Can I take your coat?” Peter asked as he loosened his hands.

She turned and slipped the leather off of her shoulders and he caught the collar and she shrugged it off. He hung it up in the closet and directed her into the main room.

“Can I get you something to drink? Wine? Soda?”

“Wine would be nice, thanks,” Allison said as she settled on the couch.

Peter pulled a bottle of wine out of the refrigerator and looked at the label.

“Sauvignon Blanc?”


He poured two glasses and brought them into the living room, passing Allison hers and settling against the other end of the couch.

“Natalie was not happy?” Peter ventured.

“No, no, she wasn’t. Jealous as hell I think would be the best way to describe it. I have only seen her like that a couple of times.”

“Yesterday wasn’t any sort of special day was it?” he asked.

“No, at least I didn’t think it was. I guess she wanted it to be. I wish she had told me. We’ve been a bit busy of late and it was supposed to be a get away for us.”

“I can understand why she would have been upset then. How does she feel about you being here now?”

“She is off working on one of her hobbies. She will not be back until late tonight.”

“I don’t want you to get into trouble,” Peter said, sipping his wine.

“I won’t. Like I said, she said I could play with any guy I want. It would have been nice if she had told me when I could.”

“I suppose there is that too,” Peter said.

Allison put her glass down and took Peter’s glass out of his hand and kissed him before she put the glass on the table. He pulled her close against him and kissed her back, their tongues dancing back and forth and his hands slipped under the edge of her sweater and found silk and lace. She moaned into his mouth and pushed her hips down against his hardening erection. He pulled her sweater up and off. As it passed over her head, he bent in and kissed her neck, holding her arms over her head, wrapped in her sweater. She moaned as he did this, squirming against him as he kissed her shoulders. Eventually, he finished pulling the sweater off and tossed it aside, his hands moving to stroke her back again as they kissed hard and deep. She moved a bit to her side and he slid his hand up and squeezed her breast through the satin of her teddy and she moaned wiggling more against him.

“How do you make me so hot?” she asked as she kissed his neck and ear, trying to get her hand between them and onto his cock.

They shifted more and she managed to wrap her hand around him and squeezed him through his sweat pants. He bent his head and nipped the exposed flesh at the top of the teddy. He slipped the strap off her shoulder, trapping her arm slightly and pushing down the material covering her breast. He rolled his thumb over her nipple and she squeezed his cock harder. He bent his head and sucked her nipple and she pulled at the waist of his pants, trying to get her hand inside. Peter sucked harder on her nipple, his tongue flicking back and forth over it as she slid her hand over his naked cock.

“I want to lick your pussy,” he said.

She pulled her hand out of his pants and pushed down on his shoulders as his hands undid the button and zipper of her pants, pushing them down off her hip. She wiggled and pushed them the rest of the way off and then straddled his face. He slipped his tongue around the material covering her pussy, his tongue flicking against her hardening clit. She reached down and pulled the material aside, giving him full access to her swollen lips and Peter dove in with his tongue. He sucked her clit with his lips and she squealed in delight as she ground her hips in circles. Her orgasm came quick and sharp as she dropped down harder onto his mouth. She moved her hips back and forth over his mouth as he poked his tongue into her ass and she moaned again. She quickly reversed her position and pushed the waist of his pants down, engulfing his cock with a single slurp. Peter moaned and returned to licking her ass as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock. He rimmed her ass and sucked her clit and she came again quickly, her body shaking without any form of control. His cock fell from her mouth as she tried to get her breath, her hands clenched around his thighs.

“Oh…,” she moaned long as he continued to swipe her clit.

She screamed and convulsed on top of him. He licked her a couple of more times and then stopped letting her catch her breath. She pulled a leg back and rolled sideways, looking up at him from where she rested on his thigh.

“How is it that a guy can do that so well?” she asked still not breathing normally.

“Practice I guess,” he said, his face glistening.

“Fuck me,” she said.

Peter stood up and quickly took off his clothes as Allison turned around on the couch and presented her ass to him, her pussy wet and ready for his cock. Peter stepped up behind her and lined up his cock with her opening and rammed it home. Allison cried out in desire as he sunk fully into her, his balls slapping against her clit.

“Oh, fuck me hard,” she said and he pulled back and rammed into her, holding onto her hips for leverage as they slammed together.

They slammed back and forth, the couch rocking from their exertions. Allison cried out more and more with each push. Peter was glistening with sweat as he fed is cock into her pussy. She pushed back against him until he was sure there was no more he could put inside her. He felt his balls tightening.

“Yes, fuck me, fill me, shove it all inside of me,” she screamed as his orgasm ran through him and his cum splashed inside her naked depths. Allison’s knees slipped and the collapsed in a heap on the floor, panting and boneless.

“Wow, again, wow,” she said panting and pulling him up against her and kissing him.

“We are not so bad,” he agreed.

Peter reached up and pulled down a blanket, covering them as they cuddled in the afterglow of their desire.

“Would you like a shower?” Peter asked as the floor started to get hard under his shoulders.

“Hm, that sounds like a wonderful idea,” Allison said with a purr as she stretched.

Peter stood up and helped Allison to stand.

“You won’t need this,” he said as he peeled her out of her teddy.

“Just to go home,” she said with a smirk.

“This way,” he said and lead her upstairs to the bathroom.

He set out two new towels and turned the water on in the shower.

“Shall we?” he asked as he indicated she should go first.

They stepped in under the flow and he pulled her against him and kissed her again, slowly and sensually as the water rained down over them.

“Turn around,” she said squeezing some of his body wash into her hand. Peter turned around and she washed his back, and ass, squeezing it appreciatively before turning him around and washing his front, focusing on his cock and balls.

“Your turn,” he said as they switched places and he soaped up his hands and washed Allison’s back before turning her around and gently washing her front. “I do so like a well groomed pussy.”

Allison kissed him again once he was finished washing her.

“Are you going to stay for dinner? Or are you going to head home?” Peter asked as they broke apart.

“I don’t know, what’s for dinner?”

Peter laughed and kissed her again before he turned around and switched off the water. He passed her a towel and quickly dried the water off her skin before he stepped out and dried himself. Allison finished drying herself off as Peter looked through his closet.

“Sweat pants OK? Or would you like to get dressed?”

“Sweat pants are find,” she said.

He pulled out a pair of sweatpants and a couple of shirt options for her and hung up the towels.

“I am not sure what is for dinner. I think I have some ground beef out. I could whip up some pasta if you would like?”

“Oh, a man who can cook,” she said with a swoon.

“Cute. Come on down when you are ready,” Peter said swatting her ass before he left the bathroom.

Allison entered the kitchen wearing his sweats and tightest t-shirt he had left out, her nipples hard and her breasts full. Peter had put his sweats back on and was standing at the stove, stirring meat and garlic in a frying pan.

“Smells very good,” Allison says taking up her wine glass.

“Thank you,” he said. “Your clothes are on the couch.”

“Thanks,” she said as she walked over and fished her phone out of one of the pockets.

“Natalie looking for you?” he asked spooning things into the sauce.

“Yes, oddly. I guess things did not go well and she is already home.”

“If you need to go, I understand,” Peter said.

“Give me a minute?” she asked and took her phone and left the kitchen.

Peter continued working on the sauce. He could hear her voice talking quietly with Natalie from where she had gone to the front room.

“I need a rain check,” she said coming back into the room, pulling his t-shirt over her head and putting it on the couch.

She pulled her sweater over her head and takes off his pants and replaced them with her jeans. Peter turned down the flame under the sauce and walked over to where she was getting dressed. He kissed her gently on the back of her neck.

“It’s OK. I won’t plan on coming to dinner tomorrow. It might be best if we put some distance between us for a while.”

He could tell Allison was weeping, as she nods but does not say anything as he wraps his arms around her waist.

“It’s OK. I understand,” he said quietly kissing her ear. “I don’t want to come between you and Natalie.”

“You’re not,” she said with a sniff. “I have to go. I will call you when things calm down?”

“I had a great afternoon. I look forward to others.”

Allison kissed him soundly and he let her out the front door and she disappeared into the snowy early evening.

A week passed, then two. Allison sent several messages and Peter responded. He was not anxious to start up with Allison if it meant Natalie was going to come after him with a sharp implement. He did not need that sort of entanglement. He had come between a girl and a guy once before and he had just got away with his skin. Now granted, he suspected the guy had been over reacting, but it was not something he was going to bring to the attention of someone waving a Colt .45 in his face. Peter had got out as directed and lost the girl’s number. Death was not a fair exchange he felt. Similarly, if Natalie was upset enough with Allison having sex with him that he reduced her to tears, it was not worth the experience. So he turned his attention to work, and finding another woman to scratch his itch.

“What can I get you, Pete?” the bartender asked as Peter sat down at the bar.

“Beer please, Jim,” he said, “and can I get a filet, medium please with fries?”

“Coming up. Are you meeting anyone tonight?”

“No. Point of fact, it has been a couple of weeks since I have had anyone to meet,” Peter said with a chuckle.

“Losing your touch are you Peter?” Jim said with a chuckle.

“I guess so,” he said taking a deep draught of his beer.

“I don’t believe it for a minute.”

Peter saluted with his glass but put it down to answer his phone.

“Peter,” he said.

“Hi, it’s Allison. You busy?”

“Just having dinner,” Peter said.

“I am sorry to interrupt, I am sure she is giving you the stink eye.”

“No one to give me the stink eye. I am over at Charlie’s.”

“Want some company?”

“Only if it isn’t going to get me strung up.”

“It won’t. Order me a steak and a baked potato with the fixings and something red and I will be there in about ten minutes.”

“You got it. See you in ten minutes.”

Peter hung up the phone and waved down Jim.

“Guess I am waiting for someone. Can you make it another filet with a loaded baked potato and a Cabernet Sauvignon? I will take it at number three.”

“I will bring it over.”

“Thanks Jim.”

Peter picked up his beer and walked over to a high top in a corner that was his usual table when he was out with the boys. He looked around the bar and saw some of the usual folks and a smattering of first timers. He settled in and finished the last of his beer while he waited.

“Snow’s picking up again,” Jim said as he put a fresh beer in front of Peter and a glass of wine at the second place. “You come in the sedan?”


“Well, you may have to take me home then,” Jim said with a laugh.

“What you forget the sled team?”

Jim laughed as he went back to the bar. Three people came in, brushing large white flakes off of their shoulders, none of the Allison. There were several people looking out the window and Peter turned his attention that way. Jim picked up the remote and flipped on the television, something that was almost a faux-pas at Charlie’s on a normal day. Peter turned his attention to the television where they were reporting road closures and large pile-ups all over the city. Peter resisted the urge to look at his phone, but started paying more than average attention to the front door and the half a dozen folks that struggled in through the door.

“Your steaks will be ready in a shake,” Jim said bringing Peter another beer. “Your date here yet?”

“No,” Peter said and pulled out his phone. “And no message.”

“I am sure she is just delayed because of the weather.”

“Hope so. Try not to over cook the steak.”

“We will send it out to someone else, never fear,” Jim said as he went back to the kitchen.

Peter looked around again. No one had come in, and the weather report seemed to make it look like the Arctic had moved into neighbourhood without anyone briefing them that it was coming. Peter was just about to dial Allison when she walked in the door, brushing snow from her coat and stamping her feet. Peter got her attention and she walked over to his table.

“Hi, I was getting worried,” Peter said brushing snow out of her hair and kissing her.

“It is miserable out there,” she said. “Mine?”

He passed her the glass and she took a deep swallow before he helped her out of her coat and hung it up.

“Here, sit,” Peter said.

“Thanks. Did you order?”

“Yes, it will be along in a bit. How’s Natalie?”

“It’s complicated,” she said polishing off the rest of her wine.

“I have all night, and with the way the snow is falling, we might be here for a while. How did you get here by the way?”

“Slid, mostly,” she said with a bit of a laugh.

“Well, at the very least I will take you home. We can come back tomorrow and get your car, or the day after depending on how long it takes them to plow the roads.”

Jim brought out fresh drinks and a waitress came behind him then with the steaks.

“Anything else?” Jim asked?

“We need to keep our eye on the weather I guess.”

“I got a phone call from the boss. He suggested that we close early and get folks home.”

“Where is Bill?”

“Day off. Hasn’t taken one in a couple of months,” Jim said. “Excuse me while I make the announcement.”

“You eat here a lot?” Allison asked as Jim went off to start closing down the bar.

“A fair amount. A friend of mine introduced me to the place. He’s a part owner.”

“Well, they have a good food provider. This is a good steak.”

“I will pass the word. But I suggest we not linger too much. Better tell Natalie that I am going to bring you home so that she can come out drive a knife through me.”

“She won’t be stabbing you. She moved out.”

Peter took a gulp of his beer to cover his shock. “She moved out? I’m sorry. Nothing I did I hope?”

“No, not directly anyway. I guess we have been having troubles for a while, and I did not see them, or at least I was too busy to see them. Probably the same set of reasons you hear from every couple. One gets too busy and ignores the other, etc. Anyway, I guess my not recognizing that the get away was supposed to be a chance to reconnect was the straw that did it.”

“And of course your psychic ability broke down too,” Peter said with a grin.

“Yeah, that too. Is that something all guys think we have?”

“Well, I don’t know about all guys, but I am pretty sure most women just assume we guys are supposed to know what you are thinking. Doesn’t work for you either?”

“No you pig, it doesn’t” she said with a laugh. “And thanks for dinner, it is delicious. I haven’t really been eating much lately.”

“Think nothing of it.”

“Pete, you need anything?” Jim asked making a round of the tables?

“No, thanks Jim. Just the check and we will get out of here.”

“I will bring it over in a minute,” Jim said moving on.

By now, Charlie’s Bar was almost empty, the staff hurrying through their night time closing procedures, everyone anxious to get while they still could. The weather reporters were saying that the storm was the result of shifting weather patterns and caught everyone flat footed. Peter could only think that it was winter, and these things happen as he finished off the rest of his meal.

“Come on, I will take you home,” he said as Allison pushed her plate back.

“You place is closer, and I really don’t want to sleep in an empty bed tonight and rattle around an empty apartment tomorrow forced to look at the same four walls.”

“Get your coat on. I will check with Jim and see if any of his people need a ride.”


Peter went off to find Jim who was in the kitchen cleaning a prep area while two of his servers were stacking dishes.

“Jim, any of your folks need a lift?”

“I could use one,” a brunette, said on the far side, covering boxes.

“Go Jen, we got this. Thanks Peter, she only lives a couple of blocks from here.”

“But I walk.”

“Probably the safest way normally but I bet you did not dress for a blizzard when you came to work tonight,” Peter asked.

“No, not even close.”

“Get your coat, I will meet you up front.”

Jen moved to get wash her hands and Peter wished Jim a safe night and moved back into the main part of the bar. Allison was loitering near the front door and Peter met her there.

“We are giving one of Jim’s server’s a ride home,” he said coming up to her.

Allison turned and moved into his arms, pulling him down to kiss her. It was a sensuous kiss with the promise of passion yet to come. A warming kiss and Peter hung onto Allison like they were the last two people in the world. The sound of someone clearing their throat broke the kiss and Peter felt his cheeks warming slightly.

“Sorry about that,” Peter said. “This is Allison, I’m Peter,” he said by way of introductions.

“Jen Thompson,” she said offering her hand. “Thanks for the ride.”

“No problem, come on.”

Peter lead the way to his Jeep, which had an inch of snow covering it. He got the ladies settled and started the engine before pulling out the snow brush and giving it a quick once over to get the bulk of the snow off and so he would not be a road hazard when he drove. He looked around the mostly abandoned parking lot before climbing in. Jen gave him directions to her apartment building, a stone edifice that Peter knew because he passed it everyday. After testing the traction in the parking lot, he dropped the Jeep into four-wheel-drive and gently headed out into the weather, windshield wipers running, fog lights on full.

The roads were virtually deserted. There were a couple of cars parked at funny angles, other because their drivers did not know how to drive in the lousy weather or because that was where they were abandoned. It equated to the same thing in Peter’s mind as he negotiated a particularly slippery hill. He could feel Allison next to him as she and Jen were having a quiet conversation, not loud enough to disturb his concentration. Eventually, he pulled up in front of Jen’s building and put it in park, his breath escaping with a sigh.

“And here we are.”

“Thanks for the ride Pete, really. I would have made it but I would have been miserable.”

“You’re welcome, think nothing of it. Have a good evening,” Peter said as she hopped out.

He watched her until she entered the main door before he put it in reverse and moved back into the main street.

“Only slippery roads from here. No hills,” he said with a grin.

Allison put her hand on his thigh and gave it a squeeze before she took her hand back and let him drive. A couple of minutes later they were pulling into his driveway and he pushed the garage button.

“I will leave it here. It will make it easier in the morning to get at the snowblower,” he said as he hopped out and walked around.

Allison had already got out and closed her door and walked up to join him. He locked the Jeep and they walked into the house together.

“Can I pour you a drink?” Peter asked after they had hung up their clothes.

“Wine please?” she asked as she sat down on the couch. “Does the fireplace work?”

“It should,” he said as he moved around the kitchen. “Whether I have logs for it or not is the question.”

“Where should I look?” she asked.

“In the garage, should be one side of the door or the other. They are the fake wax things.”

“OK,” she said and he saw her move into he garage while he went looking for his scotch bottle.

He had learned to drive in the snow and ice, but that did not mean he liked it and it had been a while since he had been in a full blown storm with unplowed roads and responsible for more than his life. He was still shaking a bit when he found the scotch near the front of the liquor cabinet, behind the rum. Seeing the rum made him think that a quick inventory might be in order and putting the scotch on the counter he moved to open the freezer and rummage around in there for a few minutes, pulling out a couple of slabs of meat and some other things that were there, transferring them to the refrigerator as Allison came in with a fire log.

“One of these?” she asked.

“That’s them,” he said.


“Cupboard next to the sink,” he said, turning back to the freezer and pulling out a couple more items.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Making sure we are not going to starve tomorrow, since I suspect we will be here at least until tomorrow night. I am not on the first plowed road, and if past history is any indication it could be mid-next week before they get around to me.”

“OK,” she said with a laugh and went off in search of the matches.

Peter poured the wine and his scotch and took them into the living room where he put them on the coffee table as Allison lit the fire log and closed the screen.

“That’s better,” she said as she curled up next to Peter, her glass of wine in her hand. “Where’s the blanket?”

“Probably underneath me,” Peter said looking around and finally finding it on the floor at the other end of the couch.

He spread it out over their laps and Allison curled back up against him and they watched the flames dancing.

“This is nice. I wish I had a fireplace in my apartment.”

“It isn’t a standard feature I have discovered,” Peter said.

Allison nodded, her hands tracing lazy circles over him as he held her close. He sensed she was working up to something but was in no rush to find out what. She would tell him or not as she felt ready. He could also sense that she was tense and not having to anything was the best medicine he could think of for her. Allison curled up tighter against him and he kissed the top of her head.

“Thank you,” she said quietly.

“For what?” he asked, taking her glass from her and putting it on the table next to him.

“Just for being here. Glad we met.”

“Me too. Want to go to bed? You seem tired.”

“Yes please,” she said drowsily.

Peter got up and closed the glass doors in front of the fire place and then helped Allison upstairs.

“Make yourself to home. I am going to make sure the house is closed up.”

Allison smiled and Peter went back downstairs and looked around making sure everything was closed up and secured. He looked out the window and saw the snow was bringing to pile up. He estimated three inches on the deck outside and just closed the curtains, not worrying about it. Tomorrow was another day. He went back upstairs and found Allison in bed, the blankets pulled up under her chin, a light on his nightstand. He smiled at her and went into the bathroom and changed. He normally would not have worn pajama bottoms, but out of consideration for Allison, he pulled a pair out of the closet and put them on before walking back into the bedroom and climbing into bed. He reached over and turned out the light. Allison curled up against him and they were both quickly asleep.

Peter rolled over and looked at the clock. It said it was a little after 4AM and he wondered why he was awake. Allison moved next to him and he looked over at her. She was laying on her side facing away from him. He slipped out of bed and walked into the bathroom to relieve himself, and then went and looked out the window. It was still snowing, the trees on the far side of the yard were white but from where he was standing he could not tell how much snow had fallen. He stood and listened to the noises of the house and wondered what had caused him to wake up. He could hear nothing unusual and decided it must have been Allison moving around. Still he decided to do a quick circuit of the house and make sure things were OK.

On the first floor, he found what had awoken him. Out on the front lawn, a large branch had come down, fortunately landing on the lawn and not near the Jeep. It also appeared that there had been a first pass with a plow but there was considerable snow on the ground. From where he was standing he thought it was more than six inches, possibly a foot. He continued to the basement where the furnace was humming along nicely which made him feel better. Having found the source, he went back upstairs and crawled back into bed. Allison snuggled up against him.

“Everything OK?” she asked sleepily.

“Yes, a branch broke on the tree out front, nothing to worry about. And they have plowed a bit. Go back to sleep.”

“Your feet are cold,” she said rolling over. “Hold me?”

Peter spooned in behind her and Allison wiggled her ass against his groin and fell back asleep. He noticed that she was completely naked and he was sure she had been wearing on of his t-shirts earlier in the evening.

The room was brighter and Peter came to, his cock hard and Allison’s hand resting on it through his pants, her body curled up against his, her tongue flicking his nipple.

“Good morning,” she said. “You’re over dressed.”

“Well, I wasn’t sure what the clothing of the night was,” he said.

Rather than answering him, she tugged gently on the waistband of his pajamas and pulled them down below his knees, her hand returning to his cock. Peter shoved them off with his feet and reached over to play with her nipple.

“Mmm,” she moaned. “Take me, please, and then we can play.”

Allison rolled over onto her back and Peter followed her as she spread her legs. He settled between them, his cock hard between them. She took it firmly in hand and played it over her clit before lining it up and pulling him forward. Peter took the hint and pushed forward. She was tight, but wet as he pushed into her. She moaned as he slowly bottomed out inside of her.

“That feels very good,” she said, her hips moving of their own volition as she pulled him down enough to kiss him.

Peter kissed her back and then bent to lick one of her nipples before he pulled his hips back and slid forward again.

“Go slow,” she said, running her hands over his back and pulling her legs open so he could sink deeper into her.

They made love slowly and languidly. Allison seemed to lose herself as he slid in and out of her, her hips responding to his action, her nipples hard and a blush spreading across her chest. She cried out once and clamped down on him and then again a few beats later.

“Now, take me, now,” she said and he let go and they slammed together.

Allison cried out as his orgasm flooded her and he collapsed onto his elbows, keeping himself from collapsing on top of her as she continued grinding against her for another few beats. Peter kissed her soundly and she kissed him back, their hands touching each other before he looked down into her eyes, kissed her again and then rolled off of her. Allison cuddled up next to him and kissed him.

“I guess we are not going anywhere today?” she asked.

“Not likely. Unless you have to.”

“Nope, no where I have to be,” she said as they cuddled under the covers.

They floated in the warmth for a bit before Allison kissed him and then slipped out of bed.

“How much snow did we get?” she asked as she looked out the window on her way to the bathroom.

“Beats me,” he said. “More than an inch, less than six feet. Enough. Shall I find out?”

“No, I was just curious.”

Peter pulled the blankets up around himself and waited for Allison to come back. It had been a few months he had spent the day in bed and it seemed as good as place to be on a day like this.

“Whatcha thinking about?” she asked as she got back into bed and curled up against him.

“Your body is cold,” he said.

“It’s cold out there,” she said.

“Nothing really. Just laying here waiting for you to come back.”

“What are you doing for Christmas?” she asked.

“Not sure. I had thought about going to Florida for a few days. Maybe further south. You?”

“I was supposed to go to Natalie’s folk for Christmas and then my folks for New Years. Now just my folks.”

“Where do they live?”

“Upstate New York, outside Rochester.”

“Lovely place to spend New Years. You were going to drive?”

“That was the plan,” she said kissing him.

They stopped talking to kiss, the slow, warm kiss of lovers who had no where to go and all day to spend together, hands sliding over each other and bodies pressed close together. Time passed with gentle touches, teasing pinches, and the occasional tickle. They were in no hurry to go anywhere and they made love once more before the clock tipped over noon.

Peter padded around the kitchen, pulling things out of the refrigerator and the cupboard and putting them on the counter. Allison was in the shower and it had been the rumbling of her stomach that finally got them out of bed. Peter had already put on a pot of coffee and its aroma was filling the kitchen and he was breathing it deeply as he worked. Allison came in wrapped in his robe, rubbing her hair with a towel.

“What are we having?” she asked, “and is the coffee ready?”

Peter looked over at the pot, about half full and nodded. He moved over to another cupboard and pulled down two mugs.

“There’s milk in the fridge. Sugar?”

“Yes please,” she said pulling out the milk.

Peter poured the coffee and put the pot back. He passed one over to Allison and pulled out the sugar and a spoon for her.

“I have the fixings for paninis if you are interested, otherwise, I will have to shovel the grill out and we can cook steaks.”

“Got any cheese? We can do that and some meat and then have steaks later,” she said, looking out the window. “It looks pretty bad out there still.”

“I hope it will stop shortly,” Peter said, flicking at his tablet. “Apparently we have more than a foot of snow at the airport and as much as eighteen inches in the suburbs. Looking out there, I am guessing we are close on the foot and possibly higher. I looked out the front door and the streets are a mess. Anyone you need to call?”

“I should probably call my mother and let her know I am OK,” she said taking a sip of the coffee.

“Let me make a platter then. Go call your mom, and I will be there in a minute.”

Allison went into the living room and Peter pulled out a cutting board and some crackers from the cupboard and set up a small feast for them, complete with mimosas. He gathered it all up and took it int the living room just as Allison was hanging up.

“I told her I was safe and with a friend. She’s afraid I am going to jump in front of a bus since Natalie left.”

“And are you?” Peter asked, putting the tray down on the table.

“I won’t say I hadn’t thought about it for a moment or two, but no, I am not going to throw myself in front of a bus. That would deprive me of you, and for the moment, I am rather fond of you.”

Peter smiled at her, and passed her a mimosa. “Well, then let us drink to being rather fond of each other, as an excuse to say out of the path of on coming buses.”

Allison laughed and drank and Peter smiled and did the same. They sat down and had a snack and drank their morning coffee, even though it was early afternoon. After they had eaten and finished off the pot of coffee, Allison curled up against Peter again, pulling the blanket over them.

“Any romantic movies buried in that mess?” she asked pointing at the videos under his television.

“I have several I suspect. Anything in particular?”

Allison cocked her head. “Shakespeare in Love?” she said.

“OK, give me a second,” he said untangling himself.

It took him only a moment to get the video into the machine and hit play. He returned to the couch and gathered Allison into his arms as the opening credits began to play. Allison snuggled down closer against him and kissed him passionately as the opening scene played before she turned her attention to the screen. They watched the movie, occasionally kissing, occasionally touching but never doing more than teasing until the final credits rolled. Allison had been teasing him during the naked scenes and had kept him at a low boil throughout. As the last of the credits rolled, she pulled down his pants below his knees and sucked his cock into her mouth, her fingers wrapping around the base as she tongued and sucked the head. She kept it up and Peter moaned as she sucked him deep into her mouth.

“With the number of times I have cum in the last couple of days, there isn’t much you can get out of me,” he said

“I just want you to get hard,” she said. “I want you so hard.”

She kept sucking until she felt he was hard enough for her needs before she sat up, threw off her robe and climbed into his lap, settling her wet pussy against his cock and then engulfing it in one smooth motion.

“Oh, that feel so good,” she said as she moved her hips slowly up and down on his cock.

Peter reached up for her nipples and rolled them between his thumb and finger as she rode his cock. It was a long, slow ride. She was in no hurry and he let her drive the encounter. He felt her shiver a couple of times, yet he was no closer to an orgasm that when she started. Without warning she hopped off and moved to the other end of the couch and turned around, her ass in the air. Peter smirked and pushed his pants all the way off before moving up behind her and ramming back into her hard. Allison cried out as she braced against the arm of the couch, one hand groping at her clit as he hammered into her. He felt her squeeze him as another orgasm passed through her.

“Take my ass, please take my ass,” she cried out.

Peter slipped his cock out of her ass and ran the head over her ass.

“I don’t have any lube down here,” he said.

“Go slow, dip in my pussy,” she said.

He moved back and forth between her pussy and her ass until he slid in to her. She pushed back against him and screamed, setting up a rhythm that he tried to match. They got in sync and he could feel her squeezing him with every thrust.

“Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck my ass, fuuuccckkk,” she cried pushing back and squeezing him.

The squeezing cause his balls to tighten and he slammed into her faster until he exploded filling her ass with his spunk. She cried out again and collapsed against the arm rest as he slowly pulled out.

“Ah…,” she sighed as she rolled over and looked at him, her eyes hooded with her passion. “I don’t want to step in front of a bus,” she said.

“Good thing,” he said. “With the weather out there, it would most likely not be going fast enough to kill you, but it would do some pretty serious damage.”

“Beast,” she said, throwing a pillow at him before she stood up, gathered up her robe and walked to the bathroom. “Any more mimosa?”

“I can do that,” he said as he walked into the kitchen.

Peter pulled the champagne out of the refrigerator and poured the wine into the glass and fished out the orange juice and filled the rest of the glass. He put things away and carried the glass back into the living room where Allison had pulled the blanket over her. He passed it over to her and sat down next to her feet, pinching her toe as he did so.

“Going to stay the night?” Peter asked.

“Please,” she said.

“What would you like for dinner?”

“You. Or a steak.”

“Let me go find the shovel, and I will make you a steak, because right at the moment I cannot get it up enough for you to have me.”

“Give me ten minutes, and I bet I can get you up,” Allison said with a smirk.

“Wench,” Peter said as he went upstairs and got dressed.

Peter spent a few minutes shoveling a short path to the bar-b-que and a bit on either side. He grabbed charcoal and a chimney and started a fire in base before coming back inside. Allison was still sitting on the couch, blanket around her neck and glass in her hand. He blew her a kiss and pulled the steaks out of the fridge, putting salt and pepper on them before he moved to the cupboard for some side dishes. He knew Allison was watching him and occasionally he would look over at her.

“I really need to put some pants on,” he said, coming back and pulling his sweats on.

“I was quite enjoying the show,” she said with a smirk.

Peter shook his head and went back to the kitchen.

“How do you like your steak?” he asked as he put the now hot chimney in the garage.

“Medium,” Allison said from her perch on the couch. “Can I help?”

“No, I think I pretty much have it under control,” Peter said as he slipped out into the cold with the steak.

Peter came back in and tinkered around in the kitchen for a few minutes before he got out plates and silverware and set the table in the dining room. He put two wine glasses at their places and pulled wine out of the wine refrigerator at the side of the table.

“Is this a formal dinner?” Allison asked, “or can I come as I am?”

She opened the robe and flashed him. He pulled her close and sucked her nipple quickly before letting her go.

“You can certainly come as you are,” he said as he pulled her robe together and tightened it at the waist. “You can open the wine though.”

Allison set to opening the wine and he put fries into the deep fryer, but did not drop the basket as the alarm went off.

“Dinner will be in about seven minutes,” he said resetting the alarm and stepping back outside to flip the steaks.

“You do this often?” she asked as he walked by the timer and started it before dropping the basket into the oil.

“Do what? Feed starving women?”

“Ha ha. No, feed strange women,” she said.

“You are hardly strange,” he said. “Perhaps a little unusual, but then there are a number of women that like to play craps, just like there are women that like to play poker. But I have never met one before I met you.”

“You should meet my mother then,” she said. “She would move into Las Vegas in a heartbeat if my dad would let her. Of course, she only plays the slot machines.”

“Not a lot of skill needed there.”

“And there is skill in craps?”

“The skill in craps is not in the dice, but in the betting strategy,” he said with a smirk. “And knowing when to pack it in and start drinking.”

“I will drink to that,” she said as he filled their glasses.

The alarm went off and Peter pulled the basket out of the oil and grabbed a plate.

“Dinner is ready,” he said slipping outside.

Allison was seated when he returned. He put a steak on her plate and one on his before putting the serving plate in the sink and dumping the french fries onto several sheets of paper towel and liberally salting them before shaking them into a bowl. He brought them to the table and put a napkin on his lap.

“To being snowed in,” he said raising his wine glass in toast.

“I will drink to that,” she said clinking glasses and sipping her wine before digging into dinner.

“How long had you and Natalie been a couple?” Peter asked as they ate.

“Now that is a long story,” she said taking a sip.

“We have time,” he said cutting another bite of meat.

“Three years. Mostly. We met at a conference. She’s a medical office manager. I’m an RN. She used to be a physical therapist, but could make more money running the office, so she did. Anyway, it was a pretty dull conference and she invited me out for a drink. You could say the rest is history.”

“Love at first sight?” Peter asked.

“Well, not love, but certainly lust, and her hands, oh what she could do with her hands. It wasn’t the first time I had been with a woman but some of the things she did left me breathless. And then some. It took about six months before we decided we were in love with each other. We probably were. We probably still are. I don’t know, honestly. Anyway, we moved in together and it was fun, but then I started to get busy. Really busy. There were never enough nurses before, and with retirements and better offers in other states, those of us left were working more and more hours. We spent less time together. It was a strain. She was working a lot too. But she had gone back to doing massage, so we were working even more hours at cross purposes.”

Peter took a drink of his wine, saying nothing.

“It was hard, too, because as good as Natalie was with a strap on, she is a pure lesbian. Never touched by a man, no desire to touch one. Me, I like the feeling of a man inside of me, or licking me. There is something different about the way a man touches you than the way a woman does. Natalie knew I needed that and she seemed OK with it, I guess. At least I thought so. She said I could sleep with any guy I wanted, but other women were off limits. I could accept that. And I only had sex with two other besides you. And like you, at least like that night, it was only one night.”

Peter continued to look at her. His steak done. He refilled their glasses as she took a healthy sip.

“But she didn’t say anything about that night. I guess it was her attempt at getting us some time. I wish she had said something, but I also wish…well anyway.”

She took another sip of her wine and put the glass down. Peter got up and went into the bathroom, coming back with the box of tissues, and offered it too her.

“Thanks,” she said sniffling and blowing her nose.

Peter sat back down on his chair and waited for her to continue.

“Now I don’t know anything,” Allison said. “And the holidays are essentially here.”

“Nothing like a little pressure on top of pressure, is there?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, nothing like it. Thank you for listening, and for dinner,” she said.

“It was the least I could do,” Peter said. “Done?”

“Yes, thanks,” she said.

“Go sit on the couch. I will clean up and then join you.”

“OK,” she said, taking the tissues with her.

Peter quickly cleaned up the dishes and refilled their wine glasses before joining Allison on the couch.

“What about you?” she asked.

Peter shrugged. “Not much to tell really. I had several girlfriends in University but I wasn’t really interested in them as life mates. I was in love with a couple but it never really worked out. I made a decent living, and I have had a couple of girlfriends. Nothing particularly interesting.”

Allison put her glass down and pulled him close to her, kissing him when she got close, their tongues battling for supremacy, his hands holding her face.

“I can’t say I am in love with you,” she said. “But I certainly would like to spend another night with you.”

“We have a long way to go before either one of us is in love,” Peter said, “but I wouldn’t mind another night in your arms,”

“Let’s go to bed then,” she said.

They kissed when they got to the bedroom, and Peter undid the sash of her robe as her hands tucked at the waist of his pants. He slipped his hands inside her robe sliding them up until his thumbs rubbed her nipples. Allison moaned into his mouth before pulling down his pants and dropping to her knees in front of him and sucked on his tumescent cock, making it stiffen in her mouth.

“See, I knew it would get hard,” she said as she squeezed his balls. “Get on the bed.”

Allison shed her robe and Peter finished undressing and got on the bed as instructed. She sat on his face, rubbing her pussy on his face before she bent over and sucked his cock into her mouth. Peter licked his way around her pussy and her ass, squeezing her breasts as he did. Allison moaned as he did this, pushing her pussy down against him, forcing him to suck her clit and he did that as she sucked harder on his cock. Peter focused on her clit and he could feel her wetness on his chin and she started breathing through her mouth, his cock forgotten as her orgasm ripped through her. Peter sucked harder on her clit and she cried out, bucking against him as she did before collapsing across his body, breathing hard. Peter squeezed the round globes of her ass and she rolled off of him, and looked back at him from his feet.

“I really do not know how you managed to do that,” she said gasping and stroking his cock absently. “But you leave me weak in the knees, and now I am going to leave you weak.”

She sat down on his hips, stroking his cock with her pussy before tilting her hips and slipping his cock into her pussy. They moaned in unison as he bottomed out and played with her nipples before she started kissing him, wrapping her legs around his.

“I want to leave you breathless, drained, and shaken,” she said, her muscles squeezing all of him.

Peter kissed her, scratching her back as she rammed her hips against him. She kissed him back and stroked his cock with her hips, little motions that she knew were driving him nuts based on the way his face moved. Peter slid his hands along her side and flicked her nipples as she rubbed against him, her clit hard against his cock.

“Who is going to come first,” Peter gasped, kissing her again.

“You are,” she said as she sat up and started riding him with abandon.

Peter grabbed her hips and thrust up against her as hard as she rammed down on him. He could feel his balls contract and his cock swell as she cried out, shaking as he poured into her. She sighed and slumped down onto him as he fell out of her. Allison kissed him soundly, her body sliding to the side of him.

“I love how you make me feel,” she said quietly.

“I love how you make me feel too,” he said. “And I would like to get to know you more.”

“I think we could do that. But you would have to let me play with girls occasionally,” she said.

“I think we could do that too,” he said, pulling the blankets up over them and turning out the lights. “But only if I get to play with you.”

“You know, that could be fun,” she said drowsily.

Chapter Two

Peter put his head back against the seat as the plane’s engines went from idle to throttle up, the strains of Led Zeppelin playing in the headphones as the plane thundered down the runway. Outside, snow was beginning to fall again as it had been, on and off over the last few weeks. It had been a snowy, dark holiday season thus far and his fellow citizens were grumpy and stressed, even more so than what the normal level of stress was at this time of year. Peter closed his eyes as the plane climbed above the low clouds, the turbulence bouncing it around as it broke into the clear air above. He could almost hear the sighs of the people around him despite the music in his ears. He reflected back over the last couple of weeks. They had been a bit topsy-turvy and he was still trying to understand it all. He needed this time away to clear his head. He had spent quite a bit of time with Allison on and off over the last few weeks, and she had been talking with Natalie as well. It was clear to him that she was still in love with Natalie. While he had feelings for Allison, he also knew that until and unless she she figured out how she felt about Natalie, those feelings would have to be ignored. At least that is what he kept telling himself. The more time he spent with her, the harder it was to suborn those feelings. This time apart would be good for both of them.

“Can I get you something?” the flight attendant asked as she came by.

“Just a Coke, thanks,” he said putting down his tray table.

Next to him, the older woman asked for water and he passed it over to her as the attendant put his on his tray. She was dressed for business he noticed, a basic suit. Peter had dressed for vacation. Jeans and a polo shirt. He had a leather jacket tucked up with his suit case knowing it would be considerably warmer in Florida, and the Caribbean that it was where he left. He put his headphones back on and sipped his soda as the plane made its way south, the sun rapidly setting outside the cabin’s windows.

He must have drifted off to sleep because the bump of landing and the hard reverse of the engines awoke him. He looked out the windows on both sides and saw lights flashing on both sides, the bulky outline of a building on the plane’s left side. Peter started packing up his things as the plane stopped at its gate and he exited with the crowds of people, both resident and tourist. His ship was not due to leave until the morning, so he had planned to stay in the airport hotel overnight. As he made his way into the terminal proper, he found directions to the main lobby and checked in. Ten minutes later he was riding the elevator up to his floor, looking down on the airport’s concourse and people scurried here and there to catch their flights or leave the airport. He found it all quite interesting for the amount of time it took to reach his floor. He stepped out as the doors opened and found his room without any issue. A quick dinner and he was back in his room before ten o’clock.

Peter turned on the television and stripped off his clothes, laying them over the chair for tomorrow’s boarding. He pulled out the charging cable for his phone and after checking it for messages, plugged it in and watched the news before turning over and falling asleep, dreams of tropical islands dancing in his head.

He awoke the following morning refreshed and ready to take on the day. Outside the sun was shining brightly. He showered, packed and checked out before going in search of breakfast. After breakfast, he would make his way to the bus that would take him to the port and seven days at sea. He was just finishing his orange juice when the text came in.

“Peter…Natalie and I are going to her parent’s for Christmas. I hope you will understand.”

He looked at it twice, the juice in his stomach starting to sour a bit. Well, he knew that Allison still loved Natalie. Maybe she had managed to overcome whatever it was that had made Natalie move out. He shrugged his shoulders a bit and typed his reply.

“Have a Merry Christmas. I hope it all works out the way you want it to.”

He pushed send and put the phone in his pocket. He let the rest of his coffee unfinished and paid the bill. He would be able to get a drink shortly, he told himself as he found the bus and took his seat for the hour ride to the port.

“Welcome back Mr. Martin,” the clerk said from behind his monitor as he took custody of Peter’s ID and credit card to check him in. “Could you stand in front of the camera please?”

Peter stood in front of the small camera and kept his face neutral as the clerk counted backwards from three and took his picture. He thanked him and punched a few buttons and slid the mouse around a couple of times. Peter was sure half of this was just for show, but he had done this before and waited patiently for it to be done.

“Here’s your identification and credit card,” the clerk said passing it back. “And here is your ID bracelet. Keep that on you at all times. If you will come with me?”

Peter put the bracelet on his non-watch wrist and followed the clerk to the waiting area set aside for VIPs and other guests. Peter was one such VIP, through years of repeated cruises and the amount of money he had spent with the cruise line over the years. He settled into comfortable chair and waited for the drink he had ordered. It was still an hour before he could board the ship and while he found this waiting room a step above the main room, it was still impersonal and cold, and the orange juice in his stomach was still sour. He tried to put thoughts of Allison out of his mind as he pulled out his tablet and continued reading.

Peter boarded with a couple dozen of his closest friends, and was shown to his stateroom by a friendly, if slightly bored steward and invited to join everyone in the common room for a drink before the ship sailed. He tipped the steward and closed the door before he put his bag on the couch and opened the balcony door, stepping out onto the small shelf and looking around at the harbor. It was nothing spectacular but he enjoyed the warmth on his face. He stayed there a few minutes and then retreated back into his cabin, closing and locking the door. He unpacked his few things and then walked into the common room. He was offered a glass of champagne, which he gladly accepted, and sat down at an empty chair, looking around at the handful of people that were entitled to the privilege of being here. Members of the crew where talking up various ship’s services and making appointments for those who were interested. Peter noticed that he was the only one traveling alone, which was not much of a surprise. Normally he would have already been visiting one of the many ship’s bars where the unattached were more likely to be found, but he was in no hurry this trip. He sipped his wine and looked at the couples that were in the common room. Most of them were over 50, but there were two couples under 40. One clearly honeymooning. The other couple, a man and a woman, seemed to be spending more time on their phones that talking to each other. He shook his head silently.

“Can I get you something Mr. Martin?” one of the hostesses asked.

“No, thank you,” Peter said.

She carefully sat down beside him.

“If I might say, Mr. Martin, you are not your normal, cheerful self.”

It took him a moment but then the memory clicked. “Well, hello Joanne. Sorry, I am not my normal self, you are correct. How have you been?”

“Very well, thank you. Promoted.”

“I see. Congratulations on that. I am glad to see they have finally recognized your skill.”

“Well, if I can get you something, just asked,” Joanne said, smiling.

“Thanks Joanne. I am sure I will be my old self soon,” he said as she stood and moved around the room.

The horns sounded and the announcements for departure were made. Peter refilled his glass and joined his fellow passengers on deck as the ship pulled out of port. The sun was still warm and he made himself comfortable in one of the many chairs on the deck, watching the port slip past as the ship moved out to sea. Around him, there were milling throngs of people, laughing, drinking and enjoying themselves. Peter closed his eyes tight before opening them again, checking his watch. He was on the second dinner shift. He had a few minutes to look around the deck again and, passing his glass to a nearby steward, he went down to his room to change.

The ship was dressed for Christmas, which they would celebrate in two days, and Peter moved through the passageways, making his way lower down to the public portions of the ship. There were a lot of people moving back and forth between room and common areas. He walked past the casino, already doing a rollicking business, but continued on. He found his dining room, at least for the first night before finding his favorite bar, dressed up like an old English pub. He pulled up an empty stool and ordered a cider. It was not busy yet, the most excitement around a pair of dart boards where four sets of couples seemed to be playing each other for drinks. He had seen sillier games, and this one was minor, but it was early yet. The stools next to him were empty. He knew they would be full by the time he came back from dinner, as would most of the chairs around the room.

“It’s a full ship this cruise Mr. Martin. I expect you will find someone interesting.”

“My reputation precedes me does it Dallas?” Peter said laughing.

“Only just a bit sir. After all, we know those who travel with us.”

“Dallas, you are an evil man,” Peter said drinking his cider.

“Not evil at all sir. It is a pleasure to watch a master work, if I may say.”

“You may, but I am hardly a master.”

“You’ve been on what, eight cruses in the last five years? Each time I have seen you, you have never been alone. Come to think of it, this is the only time I have seen you without a girl on your arm.”

“I am…between at the moment,” Peter said.

“Now that sounds serious, if you don’t mind me saying.”

“It may have been serious my friend, but that is yesterday. Today is a new day. And speaking of new, I need to go and meet my table mates for dinner.”

“Enjoy your dinner, sir. I will be here until midnight.”

“You have a good evening Dallas,” Peter said, putting down a couple of bucks under his glass and walking out of the pub.

The restaurant was done up in a nautical theme as the hostess, in a mock sailor suit, showed him to his table. Across from him was woman in her mid-thirties, well dressed in summer dress that covered her from neck to wrist. Her blonde hair was done up in a bun, her makeup lightly applied, her lips pink rather thank red.

“Enjoy your dinner,” the hostess said.

“Thank you,” he said before turning to his table mate. “Peter Martin, at your service,” he said.

“Melinda Rathbourne,” she said, her voice lyrical.

“They do so like trying to play matchmaker,” Peter said, sitting down. “Do you drink?”

“I have been known to, on occasion,” she said with a smile, pointing at a martini glass in front of her, hidden by his menu.

“Then we will get along famously Ms Rathbourne,” he said. “May I treat you to something sparkling while I look at the menu?”

“Melinda, please, and I would love something sparkling,” she said, tossing off the rest of her martini.

“A bottle of 32 and two glasses please,” Peter said to the server who came to take his drink order.

“Alone at Christmas time,” he began while they waited. “A bad breakup? I can tell you that I am neither divorced, or suffering from a bad breakup. I just have never found the right someone for me. And with that, I am here to enjoy the Christmas season. Yes, that is the one,” he said turning to the server who presented him the wine and then opened it.

“A toast. To the joys of the season,” Peter said, raising his glass.

“To the joys of the season,” Melinda said and they touched glasses before sipping their champagne.

“An uncomplicated man,” Melinda said. “Well, as you have set the tone, yes, a bad breakup I am afraid, but I am prepared to put that behind me and enjoy the Christmas season as well. A time of rebirth.”

“Very good! Well, I offer my services, should they be needed. At the very least, one should not drink alone, and in that I am a staunch believer.”

“Then we should get along well,” she said with a smile and another sip of her wine.

“Anything catching your eye for dinner?” he asked.

“Oh, there are several things,” she said with a bit of a feral grin.

“Ah, then we should have a wonderful meal.”

They ordered appetizers and Melinda had soup as well. Dinner was fish, a sea bass for her and salmon for him, and more wine. Dessert was a shared chocolate mousse that to Peter had been sitting around a bit too long, but that was the nature of food on board ship. He kept his thoughts to himself.

“And what are your plans for tomorrow?” she asked as they enjoyed a liquor, the rest of the dining room emptying out.

“We are at sea tomorrow, so I fully expect to enjoy a day away from electronic devices and the people that are addicted to them. Beyond that, and getting some some sun, I have no plans. Of course, today is not over yet and I fully expect to still be awake when tomorrow arrives.”

“Maybe you should join me at the wine tasting course,” Melinda said.

“Oh, are they doing one? I missed that.”

“They are, at 2. There is also a champagne tasting course, but I could not get into that one.”

“Have plans now?” Peter asked, the wheels spinning.

“What have you got in mind?” she asked, putting her hands together and her chin on top of them.

“Come with me,” he said, reaching for her hand.

He took Melinda’s hand and pulled her to him, catching her hip against his as they walked out of the mostly empty dining room. The walked along the passageways and down to the English pub. As he knew, the place was busy. It was not packed as he had seen it before, but it was busy.

“Two on the rail,” he said pulling her through he crown to a single stool near the server’s station. She climbed up and Peter slipped beside her.

“What can I get you Mr. Martin,” Dallas asked as he put two napkins down in front of them.

“Melinda, meet Dallas. Dallas, my dinner companion, Melinda.”

“A pleasure ma’am,” he said.

“What would you like?” Peter asked Melinda.

“Black and Tan please,” she said.

“Cider for me Dallas, and I need two for the champagne tasting tomorrow. Who do I talk to?”

“Drinks coming up. Let me make a call.”

Dallas moved down the bar to make the drinks as Melinda swiveled to look at Peter.

“It’s full, I told you.”

“You did. I heard you. And if Dallas cannot get us into that tasting, then we will do the wine tasting. But if Dallas cannot get us into the champagne tasting, well, then I will have lost my faith in what Dallas can do.”

“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship,” she said as Dallas put the drinks down in front of them.

“I am sure it is,” he said clinking glasses with her and taking a sip of his cider.

The noise of the pub rolled around them and Peter kept his hand on Melinda’s waist. She would occasionally touch him or laugh when he said something funny. They flirted and Peter smiled. Dallas came down the bar, and Peter noticed that it was near midnight.

“Two for tomorrow’s champagne tasting,” Dallas said, passing over a piece of paper.

Peter took it, looked at it and smiled. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a bill, passing it over to Dallas in a shake.

“You are a gentleman and a scholar my friend. A pirate by any other name.”

“Always a pleasure watching a master work. I am in the Streetview tomorrow,” he said.

“Have a good night Dallas,” Peter said, putting the papers in his pocket.

Melinda whispered in his ear, “Did you just get us two for the champagne tasting tomorrow?”

Peter just nodded and finished the glass of cider in front of him. As he put down his glass, Melinda kissed him, hard and passionately. He held on to her and several in the bar seemed to applaud.

“Well, I like that thanks,” he said as she pulled back, blushing at the cat calls.

“That was just a downpayment,” she said, her eyes sparkling.

“Then I look forward to the full payment,” he said ordering them another round.

“I am not going to make it if I have any more,” Melinda said, sipping her drink.

“Well, then let me settle the bill and I will walk you to your cabin and I will see you in Bubbles at 2.”

Melinda leaned against him, her head on his shoulder.

“You have been standing there for quite some time. One would think that you should be tired, holding us both up. I have a better idea.”

“And what’s that?” Peter asked as he got the attention of the bartender.

Melinda nibbled his earlobe as she whispered, “Why don’t you take me back to my my cabin and fall down next to me. And then we can get naked.”

“Melinda, I will tell you what,” Peter said as he signed the bill. “I will take you to your cabin, and I will make sure you are comfortable. And tomorrow, when you wake up, we will have brunch and talk.”

“But what if I want to take you to bed tonight,” she said, her hand moving across his stomach.

Peter put the pen down and leaned into Melinda, nibbling her earlobe, “I would like you to take me to bed tonight, but I am not ready for that.”

Melinda kissed his neck. “I have condoms, and I really want to wrap my hands around your cock.”

“Come on,” Peter said moving out of the way enough for her to hop off the stool. They walked out of the bar hand in hand.

“Where’s your cabin,” Peter asked as they came up to the elevators.

“Six. Six five six,” she said.

Peter pushed the up button and they got on. He pushed the sixth floor and the doors slid closed. Melinda kissed him as soon as the doors closed, her tongue wrapped around his as her hands pulled at his hair. Peter kissed her back and squeezed her ass, the thin material of her dress hiding nothing but the smooth globes of her ass. The bell dinged and the door opened. Peter slipped back from her enough to be polite and walked her down the hall to her cabin. Melinda turned her wrist and tripped the lock and pushed the door open with her ass, dragging Peter in behind her. Her pushed the door closed with his foot.

“Oh goodie, I get to play with your cock,” she said kissing him again.

Melinda was a very good kisser, Peter had to admit and she was not shy either, one hand already stroking his erection through his suit pants. She was sizing it up the way her hand moved along its length and squeezed it for breadth. He was running his hands along her sides, finding that the dress had a side zipper and than she was wearing a bra and likely a thong. She had the zipper of his pants down and her hand inside, sliding along his erection, the tip already oozing copiously in his excitement. Two could play at this game and Peter slid the zipper of her dress down and slipped his hand inside to touch her bare skin. It pebbled under his touch and Melinda pulled back from the kiss. Her eyes were bright with desire in the low light of the cabin and her breathing was ragged. He lazily slid a thumb over her bra covered breast and flicked her nipple.

“Mm, hold that thought? You aren’t going to run away are you? Or do I have to tie you up?”

“I won’t run away,” Peter said, thinking that he would very much like to be tied up by this lovely lady.

“Be right back,” she said as she slipped into the bathroom, throwing the night lock on the door as she went by.

Peter turned his attention to the rest of the stateroom. It was nondescript. A decent sized bed dominated the room. He slipped a condom out of his pocket and put it on the nightstand next to the bed and slid off his shoes, putting them where he could find them in the dark without tripping over things. He took off his suit jacket and laid it over a chair. He had not worn a tie. He heard the toilet flush and Melinda appeared a moment later, her dress in her hands, black bra and thong on display.

“Sexy,” he said kissing her. “My turn.”

She kissed him again and let him go, moving to hang up her dress as he slipped into the bathroom. When he emerged, Melinda was laying on the bed, a sheet covering her from the waist down, her pale breasts and erect nipples on display. Peter stood there for a minute taking in the view and then he undid his pants slowly, and slipped them off, putting them with the jacket. He took his time undoing his dress shirt and Melinda watched as every button was opened until he was standing there in just his boxer shorts, his hard cock clearly outlined.

“Now,” he said softly, “Would you like to do the honors?”

“Yes please,” she said as she moved across the bed and knelt in front of him.

She put her hands at his waist and slowly pulled the boxers down his hands catching her breasts and squeezing them as she did. She moaned in desire as his cock head appeared and fastened her lips around it as her hands pushed his underwear down his legs. Her mouth took all of him in until her nose was touching his skin. She slipped her tongue out and swiped it back and forth across his balls as her nails drew lines up his thighs. He rolled her nipples in his fingers as she did this and she was moaning and breathing hard as she came up for air and released him.

“Get into bed,” she panted, pulling him down next to her and kissing him, her body molding itself against him as she did.

Peter slid his hand along her body and over her tight ass as she moved to cover him, his cock pressed between them. She arched her back and slid her wet lips along the length of his trapped cock before the head reached her molten entrance and she pushed back against him, sliding him into her in a smooth motion that caused both of them to moan in desire. She wiggled her ass slightly and Peter squeezed it and then ran a finger down the crack and over the puckered rosebud of her ass.

“Oh, yes please,” she sighed as she moved up a bit, still trapping his cock but allowing him to play more with her ass.

Peter slipped his finger a little lower, getting it wet with her moisture and went back to circling her ass as she slid along his cock. He could tell she was excited. She had stopped kissing him, her mouth open and trying to breath and cry out at the same time as her hips started moving erratically. He slipped his finger into her ass and she cried out and clamped down, all of her muscles locking as an orgasm rolled over her, her nails digging furrows in his chest. His free hand squeezed her breast and pinched her nipple and she looked down at him and trembled again before falling down onto him, breathing hard and kissing him.

“I didn’t get a condom on,” he said.

“On the pill, now fuck me,” she said, rolling over and pulling her knees back.

Peter slipped between her knees and pushed into her, watching her face as he did so, fighting for every tight inch.

“Yes, yes, yes…,” she chanted as he began to piston in and out of her.

Peter drove his cock into her hard with every downstroke and she seemed to get tighter and tighter, clamping down hard on his cock with each thrust as another wave passed over her. He was pretty sure she squirted too as he was quickly reaching his own limits, his cock swelling despite her attempts to restrain him.

“Give it to me,” she said and then cried out as she felt him fill her.

Peter slammed into her a couple of more time, his own orgasm narrowing his vision for a couple of moments before it passed and he fell onto his elbows above her, kissing her gently as they panted in the suddenly too small room.

“Come here,” she said, encouraging him him to put his weight on her.

Peter let himself lay on her for a moment, kissing her before he rolled onto his side. She rolled against him and kissed him before she turned around and spooned up against him, her ass wiggling against his flagging cock. She pulled the sheet up slightly and then pulled his hand across her body and put the palm of it over her breast, holding it there.

“That was very good,” she said. “But if you don’t mind, it has been a long couple of days for me. Hold me? And we can do that again in the morning.”

Peter kissed her neck and shoulders and she shivered against him. He pulled the blankets up, and pulled Melinda against him and they both fell quickly asleep.

Peter awoke confused and misplaced. It took him a couple of minutes to remember that he was not in his room, or even his house, but adrift on a ship, and in the cabin of one Melinda Rathbourne. And said lady was curled up against him, pressing her sexy ass against his throbbing erection. Peter slipped out of bed and made his way to the bathroom, catching himself as the ship suddenly lurched to the side.

“Or maybe,” he though, “I am doing the lurching.”

He could not be sure but he managed to get to the bathroom and relax enough to drain his bladder before he made his way back to bed. His watch told him it was just after two in the morning and he had no intention of being awake any more than he needed to be and crawled back under the blankets. Melinda moved back against him and he put his hand on her hip. She grabbed his hand and pulled it across her body and put it on her breast.

“Play with me,” she said quietly, pushing her ass against his cock.

Peter gently squeezed her breast and ran his finger over the soft skin around her nipple, but not directly on it. She sighed as he did this and pushed back against him again. Peter kissed the back of her neck, dragging his cock along the crack of her ass and making her sigh again.

“And what would you like me to do?” Peter whispered while nibbling the edge of her neck.

He felt Melinda shift and felt her hand grab his cock from below as she pulled him against her ass and between her legs. He continued playing with her nipples and he felt her hand playing with her clit as she rocked back and forth on his cock. Peter kissed her spine where it was close to his lips and pulled on her nipples making her sigh and moan.

“Eat me,” she whispered, part command and part question.

Peter kissed her spine, one bone at a time as he made his way down to her ass. He kissed the crack of her ass and ran his tongue around her asshole making her squeak and moan and he finally made his way to her pussy, and licked her clit as she rolled over onto her back. Peter held her legs and drew lazy circles around her clit. Melinda moved in small jerks as he did this, pushing against him, trying to get him to push harder against her and he just kept teasing her, pulling back as she pushed up against him. She was wet as he continued teasing her. Peter slipped a finger into her ass and her spine bowed and she let out a gasp before settling down against him again.

“Make me cum,” she begged.

Peter smiled and began pushing harder against her, licking and sucking harder and harder on her clit. He slipped a finger into her and began drawing circles against her g-spot as he sucked her clit. He could feel her legs start to tremble a moment before she clamped down on him and her wail of desire filled the room. He was pretty sure her neighbours on both sides heard her too. Peter kept it up for a couple of more minutes and then stopped as she lay boneless on the floor. Peter kissed her gently as he drew his fingers up her legs and body until he got to her lips. She kissed him back and pulled him on top of her, clearly asking for him to take her. Peter kissed her again and slipped his cock into her wetness. She sighed and grabbed his ass, pulling him deep into her, thrusting hard against him. Peter took his time, gently making love with Melinda and she seemed to be taking it equally as slowly as they pushed and pulled against each other. Their orgasms built slowly, but eventually they came together, their lips locked tight with each other as they did.

“We better get some rest,” she said as she kissed him. “Or we won’t be able to stay awake during the tasting.”

“I am sure we will manage some how,” he said as she curled against him and they again fell asleep.

Peter woke to the sun shining at a spot just over his feet and his cock once again hard as it pressed against the crack of Melinda’s ass. He was still wrapped around Melinda and she appeared to still be asleep. He adjusted himself a bit and got the feeling back into parts of his body that probably had not moved much since early morning. Melinda pushed back against him as he moved and moaned a bit as his cock slipped between her ass cheeks. She pulled his hand back over her nipples, which were already hard as he touched them.

“Lusty wench,” he said kissing her neck and pushing his hips up, pushing his cock at her.

“Yup,” Melinda said pushing back.

They dry humped each other for a couple of minutes as he pulled on her nipples as he alternated between one and the other.

“I have to pee,” she said, rolling over and kissing him quickly. “Be right back.”

He watched her sexy ass as she walked the short distance to the bathroom before he rolled over on his back and flexed a couple of muscles that he was sure would not ever be the same after being trapped between Melinda and the hard bed. He was trying to ignore the state of his erection as it pushed at the sheet over it. He was not sure if it was going to split open if Melinda rode it again.

“Hi there, what are you thinking about?” Melinda asked from the edge of the bed, pulling back the sheet over his erection. “And can I be involved?”

She ran her hand along his length and Peter shivered. She dropped a bottle on the bed that she had in the other hand and rubbed it down his length behind the first one. Using both hands she stroked his cock, one hand at a time, each time stroking down to his balls before taking her hand off his cock and putting it above the other one.

“You like that?” she asked.

Peter only nodded and she smiled. She picked up the unlabeled bottle and squirted something into her hand before she continued stroking his cock. He shivered as the cold substance lubricated the length of his cock. She only did this once or twice before she picked the bottle up again and swirled a dollop around the head of his cock before she straddled his hip and grabbed his cock. She lined it up with her ass and slowly pushed down, taking his cock into her ass. She went slowly until she rested on Peter’s hips.

“What do you think?” she asked as she leaned backwards a bit, showing him her clit, hard and pointed and her pussy as it oozed over him.

“I think you have a very tight ass,” Peter said as she started moving up and down on him.

“I have a very tight ass filled with your very large cock,” she said, her hand playing with her clit as she bounced up and down on him. “And I am going to have a huge orgasm.”

She continued bouncing up and down on Peter’s cock and would slap his hand away if he tried to do more than rest his hands on her hips. He felt her orgasm rock her body as she squeezed his cock and squirted on him. This only made her go faster on him as she came again. Peter could feel his orgasm building deep within his balls as she came again and he was sure she was going to break him if he did not cum soon. Fortunately his body was one step ahead of him and he started thrusting up into Melinda as she bottomed out on top of him. He exploded inside of her, filling her as she twisted uncontrollably on him before she slumped over. Peter caught her as she fell. She was almost unconscious as he gently kissed her.

“You need a shower,” she said after a few minutes.

“So do you,” he said.

“I need some sleep before I shower,” she said dreamily. “Shower, go and change. I will meet you at the buffet. Ninety minutes?”

Peter kissed her nose.

“OK, ninety minutes at the buffet. I am going to use your shower.”

“OK,” she said, almost asleep.

Peter kissed her again and slipped out of bed. He stopped in the bathroom and then slipped into the shower and washed eight hours of sex off his body. He ran his fingers through his hair and dressed quickly. He kissed Melinda on the nose and pulled the blankets up over her. He left his number on the note pad by the bed, along with a reminder for the champagne tasting later that day. He then let himself out of the cabin and made his way back to his cabin. Around him, there were a number of people dressed in their summer clothing. He was certainly out of place in his suit, not that he cared.

“Good morning Mr. Martin,” the cheery voice said from behind him as he walked down the hallway.

“Good morning Joanne,” Peter said, looking over his shoulder, before he stopped and turned around to face her. “How are you this morning?”

“Why, I am very well, thank you. How are you?” she asked with a knowing smirk.

“Couldn’t be better.”

“Are you sure?” she asked. “Yesterday I would have said you were suicidal.”

“Hardly so bad off Joanne. Would you like to come and check for yourself?”

Joanne looked at him and then looked left and right before she walked up beside him, her voice low.

“I would love to come and check your condition,” she said.

Peter smiled at her and walked down the hall that held his cabin. Unfortunately the hallway was crowded with staff and customer.

“Rain check?” she whispered.

“We will see how it plays out,” he said smiling at her as she walked past him and he let himself into the cabin.

If housekeeping had come, he could not tell. In fact, he could not tell he had actually been in the room at all this cruise, yet he knew he had been here long enough to change his clothes once. He hung up his suit and put his shoes away. He walked back into his own bathroom and sorted out his hair and brushed his teeth before he went looking for new underwear and shorts. He pulled on a new polo shirt and looked around the room again. He still had the better part of an hour to kill and while part of his body was screaming for another hour of sleep, he decided that coffee would be just as good, so he headed to the common room and poured himself just that and sat down on one of the comfortable chairs.

“And where did you spend the evening,” Joanne asked quietly as she sat down next to him, putting a plate of danishes down in front of him as an excuse.

“Thank you, Joanne, your care is always appreciated,” Peter said.

“Rube,” she said with a laugh.

“Occasionally yes. But a gentlemen never kisses and tells dear.”

“And you are most certainly a gentlemen. If she gets boring, give me a ring,” Joanne said touching his hand before going back to her duties.

Peter watched her move around the common room before he ate one of the apple danishes in front of him. Around him people came and went but Peter’s eyes only tracked Joanne’s movements, and he was certain she knew it.

After thirty minutes, Peter moved to the deck, feeling much better for all his lack of sleep the night before. The sea air was fresh and a light breeze blew across the deck. Around him he could hear people talking and kids playing in the main pool, but he went in the opposite direction, towards the bow where he looked out at the ocean ahead of them, blue-grey water with small crests here and there. These were the sorts of days he liked. On the horizon, there were clouds piling up. He did not recall rain in their forecast over the next few days, but it was possible something would blow up over night and be gone by dawn. Although if tonight was anything like last night, he might notice some of the exaggerated swaying of the ship. Then again, the way Melinda moved around, him might not notice it at all. This made him chuckle as he looked out at the sea and the occasional bird diving into it. Eventually, Peter turned and made his way down to the lower decks, where the buffet waited. He then remembered that there were two doors to the buffet, and he had not been specific about which door he was going to meet her at. A leap of logic and he decided that she would probably be expecting to meet her at the door on her side of the ship, the opposite side he was currently on. He crossed the width of the ship, negotiating his way around other travelers and workers alike until he reached the other side. His watch said he was early, so he settled himself down to wait, watching the flow of people come and go. It really was a lovely day and the sort of day to spend as much of it in the sun as possible. He also felt that a little bit of sun would aid his over all recuperation after last night’s activities. Peter set his head against the back of the chair and closed his eyes, listening to the sounds of the ship.

“Not get enough sleep?” the voice said.

Peter opened his eye and saw a face very close to his own, but he could not focus on it enough to know who it was. Fortunately she pulled back enough that he could make out the curves of Melinda’s face.

“Not sure that I didn’t get enough sleep, but someone did make me exercise,” Peter said, his voice furry.

Melinda put her hands on his thighs, her thumbs lightly tracing circles on the inside of his thighs.

“You can take a nap before dinner,” she said. “In my arms.”

“I like that idea, but I need food right now,” Peter said as he moved to sit up.

Melinda met him half-way and kissed him passionately. Peter kissed her back and then noticed what she was wearing. A wrap around skirt and light weight sleeveless blouse that fell just to her hips. Gold studs completed the outlook. She looked very sexy to his eyes.

“Then let’s go and get something to eat,” she said, “so I can have something to nibble afterwards.”

They got in line behind an older couple. Peter helped himself to eggs, bacon, and waffles, while Melinda had fruit and granola and a waffle. They found themselves a table on the deck in the sun and Peter went back to get them coffee and juice.

“So how did you sleep,” she asked sipping her coffee.

“Quite well, when I slept,” Peter said with a smirk. “But it seems that every time I woke up, someone insisted on wearing me out again.”

“It was fun,” she said. “I haven’t had that much sex in months. Yes, I know, but you should know that at least. And that he was not very good when we did have sex. So you are already two checks in the plus column. Oh, three, your cock is considerably larger, in every way.”

Melinda batted her eyes and Peter just sat back in his chair, his coffee sitting on the table in front of him.

“Well, I guess if you are going to butter me up, that is one of those things any woman would say. So I will just say thank you.”

Peter reached forward and picked up his coffee cup and took a sip. Melinda smirked at him and undid a button on her blouse, showing a plunging neckline which at the moment was for his eyes alone. Peter smiled back at her.

“Well, they are quite remarkable too,” he said watching her blush slightly.

Melinda went back for some more fruit and Peter continued to sit in his chair, watching the crowds go by and not really paying any attention to the throngs.

“Did you not get enough sleep?” Melinda asked sitting down.

“Probably not. I will be OK in a bit. I need more coffee. You need anything?”

She shook her head and he went back for more coffee and got an omelet as well before he returned to their table.

“Well, you haven’t lost your appetite,” she said as he started eating the omelet.

“Someone wore me out,” Peter said. “And I didn’t eat that much yesterday. And I have an afternoon of wine drinking to get through.”

Melinda watched him eat as he finished his omelet and drank another cup of coffee. Peter felt human again and was ready to take on the day. Or at least manage Melinda if she decided to ravish him again.

“Now what?” she asked.

“I don’t know. We can go sit up on deck and relax. We can wander the shops. What would you like to do?”

In the end they did a little of everything. This was Melinda’s first cruise, and she had not expected to be traveling alone, but when she found herself in that position, she decided to make the best of it. At least she had been able to get something for the plane ticket. They wandered through the public areas and Peter showed off some of his favorites. They spent some time in the shops. Melinda had not brought a lot of money with her and her credit cards, she was ashamed to say, were not in the best condition. Fortunately she did not see anything she liked and Peter knew there was such a high mark up on most of the things, that he was content to window shop beside her. She was planning to visit Nassau the following day when they docked and while Peter did not have any great desire to visit the port, felt he should go with her, at least to keep her out of trouble in some of the more unsavory sections. They stopped at one of the kiosks where the shore excursions were handled for him to get his name on the list to go ashore and then they continued up to the main deck, walking forward to the bow.

“I can’t go there,” she said, pointing to the sign.

“Sure you can, it says VIPs and guests only beyond this point. Since I can go there, so can you,” Peter said pulling her forward to the very bow of the ship.

The deck was lightly populated. Most were trying to get a tan in Caribbean sun while a few were reading, swaddled up in clothes and hiding under big floppy hats. Peter was not sure which group he found more absurd, but still managed to resist the urge to laugh.

“This is beautiful,” she said as they watched the ocean roll in front of them. “This must have cost an arm and a leg!”

“Do I seem to be missing any appendages?” he asked turning towards her.

“No, you do seem to have all of your appendages,” she said pulling him against her and kissing him soundly.

“And I especially like the appendage that is poking me right at the moment,” she said, wiggling against his growing erection.

“Well, it certainly likes you,” he said as he kissed her again.

“Do you travel like this all the time?” she asked as the wind blew through her hair.

“As often as I can. Here’s a secret, the more you come the less you pay, so after a certain point, it is not all that much more, but they treat you like it is because they hope you will convince someone else to do it. Kind of like being an ambassador, or a salesman,” he said with a whisper before nibbling her ear.

“And your cabin is bigger than mine?”

“A bit. I have a balcony. Want to see it?”

“Sure,” she said and he guided her down the stairs and through the common room.

“Care for a drink?” he asked as they entered the common room.


“Red or white, or bubbles.”

“White please,” she said.

“Two while please Andre,” he said to the bartender and was presented with two glasses of white wine.

“One for you and one for me,” he said, steering her out another door and into the passage.

“And how are you Mr. Martin?” came Joanne’s lilting voice up the passage way.

“I am very well thank you Joanne. May I introduce Ms. Melinda Rathbourne? Melinda, my good friend Joanne Van Meter.”

The ladies shook hands and Joanne winked at Peter as Melinda turned away.

“If I can be of assistance…,” she said, leaving it hanging in the air.

“I will call, thank you,” Peter said with a smile as he ushered Melinda down the passageway.

He opened the door to his room and indicated Melinda should precede him in, which she did. He closed the door behind him as she walked across the room to the door to the outside.

“You really do have a balcony!” she said.

“Of course I do,” he said, manipulating the lock on the door and sliding it open.

He stepped over the lip and helped Melinda out onto the shelf that was the balcony, two chairs and a table waiting for them. Melinda sat down facing the stern of the ship while Peter sat facing the bow.

“This is almost unnerving,” she said. “I wonder how many people fall off.”

“Not that many surprising. I think Andre told me that only one or two year fall from the balconies. More fall from the main deck during the day from drinking too much, and that is normally in the summer when it is hot. During the winter, almost no one falls. At least accidentally.”

“That’s a scary thought. But it is lovely up here.”

They sat and sipped their wine in companionable silence.

“So how do you know Joanne?” she asked.

“Well, this isn’t my first cruise. Joanne was in the dining rooms when I was on my second or third cruise. We got talking, which is permitted, and then we did a bit more, which isn’t. Regardless, I gave her a glowing recommendation on her skills, of which she has many, and I mean outside the bedroom. I bumped into her again on my fourth cruise I guess and she was working the shore excursions. I was with someone but she remembered me and set us up on a wonderful cycling trip around the islands. Again, I wrote her up on her merits. Last cruise she was running the shore excursions and doing a couple of other things. She went above and beyond and I guess they listened. She has one of the plum assignments on the ship, short of being in the executive office. So that’s how I know her. She is a very intelligent woman.”

“Pretty too.”

“Pretty too. I am sure that has helped her tips from others. Not that I am stingy.”

“You just tip differently.

“Yup. Now Dallas, he’s a barman and that’s all he wants to be. So I keep him in drinks on his day off and he does favors for me. Not that I ask often. I have rarely found that there is not something you can get with a kind word.”

“You would have loved the couple that were supposed to be sitting next to us then. I was certain they were going to throw the wine steward overboard when he asked them if they would care for a drink. Midwest puritans. How dare he ask if they wanted a drink. They had specifically asked that it be put on their ticket as a food allergy. It was actually quite funny if it was so abusive.”

“That explains why he was a little standoffish. I think he was on my last cruise and he seemed really friendly. Well, we all have our bad nights.”

“Poor guy seemed to be shell shocked.”

“It happens,” Peter said as he finished his wine.

“What time is the champagne tasting?”

“Two thirty,” he said, “and it is a little before two now. We should probably start making our way down.”


Melinda passed him her empty glass and they walked out through the common room where Peter put them with other dirty dishes and then they walked over to the elevator and descended down to the main floor. The took their time and were soon seated with six other couples in a cosy room, eight bottles of champagne in front of them, ready to be opened.

“Good afternoon my friends. For champagne should be drunk with friends. Today we are drinking eight sparkling wines. Four of them are from champagne, two are from California, one from Italy and one from Spain. I think you will find each one unique and each one festive. We will start with the lightest, a cava from Spain.”

Peter only listened with one ear as the sommelier talked about the wine and the grapes, the terrior, and the weather of the region as he poured the wine. It was a nice wine for a casual afternoon, but nothing spectacular. He moved on to a prosecco that he had experienced before, several times. As he was sipping it he thought he had one in the refrigerator. The Californians were nothing to write home about and if he served them, it was with orange juice. The champagnes were quite nice, only one of them he had not heard of and he thought it was the best of all of them. He made a note of it and rather enjoyed the second glass. The conversation got progressively louder as the wine was served and by the time they were done, they were all friends. Peter was particularly glad he had enjoyed such a large breakfast. He was happy, but he was certainly not drunk. On the other hand, Melinda seemed a bit more tipsy than she had the night before.

“I hope you have all enjoyed this little adventure,” the sommelier said as he finished up. “And if you need any help pairing your wine, please make sure to ask your server, or have them contact me.”

“I need some help, pairing my wine,” Melinda whispered into Peter’s ear. “Maybe you can help me. What goes well with your cock?”

Peter smirked as he turned and whispered back, “Whatever you have on hand.”

“I have nothing on hand, except my hand,” she said with a giggle.

“Well, I guess that will have to do,” Peter said as they left the room and headed for the elevator.

They took the elevator up to six and Melinda quickly unlocked her door and pushed Peter in ahead of her and closed the door. She pushed Peter back onto the bed and pulled his shorts of, wrapping her hand around his flaccid cock and licking it. It got rapidly harder and she licked it with greater enthusiasm before it was hard enough for her to suck it into her mouth. Peter lay back and sighed as she did this and was hard in minutes.

“I haven’t tasted you yet,” Melinda said, “and I am going to taste you.”

She sucked hard and squeezed his balls. Peter moaned with pleasure as she did this and gave himself over to the sensations as she played with him. She licked and sucked his cock and Peter’s body moved with her actions. She teased him and encouraged him until his cock was oozing a steady stream, which she licked up like a dying woman. She moved her hands to the base of his cock and slowly stroked it as she licked the sensitive underside and sucked on the tender head which seemed to make his balls boil with lust. She tightened her grip on his cock and proceeded to suck harder on his cock, taking more if it into her mouth and licking the underside as she made him cum, his sperm flooding her mouth as she sucked him dry. Peter’s hands were clenched in the sheets at the edge of the bed and held tight in a rictus of pleasure until she let him go and he all but collapsed where he was laying. She had unwrapped her skirt as she moved up his body to kiss him, sliding her wet pussy over his slackening cock. It was just hard enough for her to slide it into her and Peter found that the squeezing of her muscles were enough to get him hard, or at least hard enough that he did not fall out of her as she moved herself up and down on it.

“You are going to last a while,” she said as she slowly rode his cock, “and I am going to ride you for every thing you can give me.”

With that she, started riding his cock. Slowly, quickly, shallow strokes and deep, plunging strokes. She rode Peter’s cock and Peter pushed back against her when she encouraged him to and let her have her way when she told him to let her do it. She had several orgasms during her ride and Peter was as hard as he could remember being in quite a while. Eventually, she climbed off and bent over the bed.

“Take me, fuck me, cum in me,” she said and Peter stood up and moved behind her, sliding his cock into her pussy, ramming it home.

He began fucking her, hard, fast, his balls slapping against her clit. Melinda came again as he hammered her and cried out as Peter flooded her and she fell forward onto the bed panting. Peter staggered forward and slumped down beside her, drained and exhausted. She rolled over and kissed him.

“We need a nap,” she said and he could not agree more.

Peter woke up and looked at his watch. Less than an hour had passed. Melinda was still asleep beside him. A part of him hoped that it would be tomorrow before he had sex again. He was not sure he was physically able to get another erection, and he was pretty sure that even if he could, it might be very painful doing so. While this was not the most sex he had experienced in a twenty-four hour period, it was some of the most intense and Melinda had very good muscle control and had clamped down on his cock several times. The room was quiet, aside from the ventilation system blowing and he could hear the occasional passenger in the hall outside. Tonight was Christmas Eve. He wondered if he should get Melinda a little something. The thought spurred him to action. He kissed her and got dressed, leaving her a note that he would be up on deck when she woke up and quietly slipped out of the room.

He stopped by the buffet for a drink and a quick snack before he went down to the shops. He had noticed that Melinda had paused longest looking at a pair of pearl earrings, so he headed for the jewelry counter.

“Can I help you?” a pleasant girl asked as he looked at the earrings.

“I am looking for a simple pair of pearl earrings,” he said. “Not too large, but large enough to be seen.”

The girl laughed at his description and brought out three pairs, all about the same size. They were all mounted on gold posts. He turned each pair around under the light and decided on one of the sets.

“Can you wrap that?” he asked.

“Of course. Give me just a minute.”

Peter wandered around the store while she went to wrap the earrings. There was very little he found of interest and was thoroughly bored by the time the girl came back with the package in a small bag.

“Thank you very much,” he said, slipping her a small tip.

“Thank you. Merry Christmas.”

Peter smiled at her and left the store, heading for his room where he deposited the bag and took a quick shower and changed his clothes. He had not brought a lot of clothes with him, but he also did not expect such vigorous workouts, so he pondered getting laundry done tomorrow while he was in port. He thought about that a moment. Tomorrow was Christmas and while he expected a number of stores to be open, regardless of the day, he also knew that many of the better stores would not be open. He was going to have to rethink how they spent their day. That, and the laundry issue sent him into the common room looking for Joanne.

“You are seeking me out,” Joanne said as he sat down in front of her workstations. “This must be important.”

“I am pondering what we can do in Nassau tomorrow, it being Christmas.”

Joanne smiled at him.

“You didn’t get the update did you?”

“I guess not.”

“You should get out of your room more often. Or hers,” she said with a smirk. “We are going to the island tomorrow and Boxing Day, then Nassau, so everyone can shop and such.”

“Yup, I did not get the update.”

“Did you reserve a cabana?”

“No, I wasn’t planning to.”

“You should. Two days of sun, there are going to be a couple of very crispy travelers, and she is very light skinned.”

“You talked me into it. Is there a cabana free?”

“There is,” she said pressing a couple of keys, “and it is reserved. Cabana 8 for you for the next two days.”

“Thanks Joanne, you are a saint. Now, laundry.”

“Drop off tonight and I will see it ready for you by the time you get on board tomorrow afternoon.”

“Thanks. I packed light this time. I was not expecting company.”

“Sure, that’s what they all say,” she said with a smile. “Anything else?”

“No, thank you Joanne.”

Peter left her to the next customer demanding her attention and went outside, pondering what he should do next. He decided to get a drink and with that decided, he went to the bar.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Martin, what can I get you today?”

“Gin and tonic, please, Andre,” he said. “How is it today?”

“Brisk,” he said pouring the drink. “Ready for Christmas?”

“All set, although it wasn’t something I was planning on beyond acknowledging the day.”

“Well, I am sure whatever you give her will be well received,” Andre said, passing over Peter’s drink.

“I am sure it will be as well. Merry Christmas to you,” Peter said as he walked back down to the main deck.

It was busy with kids and adults alike but he found a seat near the pool and settled in to enjoy his drink in a shady, out of the way spot. Based on the number of people that were already sporting sunburns, he was pretty sure there would be some aching people come tomorrow night if they spent all day on the beach with no cover. He was again thankful to Joanne for her suggestion and knew he would have to write up another note for her supervisor. Not that he minded doing such things. And older gentleman walked up to where he was sitting.

“Is this taken?” he asked, pointing at the chair beside Peter.

“Not at the moment,” Peter said.

“Thanks. Needed to get out of the sun. Mike.”

“Peter. It is warm, but I would rather be here than up north.”

“You can say that again,” Mike said, catching the eye of a passing waiter. “Mai Tai, please?”

“Sir?” the waiter asked Peter.

“No, I am good, thanks.”

The waiter moved off to get a couple of more orders. Mike opened a book he had his thumb in the middle of and continued reading. Peter was enjoying watching the people splashing around the main pool. The waiter returned with Mike’s drink and Peter ordered another. Mothers were already rounding up children for the early seating and getting them off to shower and change, leaving the pool area to deepening shadows and an older crowd. Several of the women were barely wearing anything and he could see the guys following them with their eyes, some more subtly than others. Once upon a time Peter might have been doing that, but there were several that were way to young to be looked at that way, and right now, he was still trying to avoid getting an erection.

“See anything you like?” Melinda asked sitting on his lap.

“Hm, well, there are a couple out there that have positive qualities,” he said, watching Mike’s reaction out of the corner of his eye, “but I have to admit that you are the complete package.”

“Good answer,” she said kissing him before turning to Mike. “Hi, Melinda.”

“Mike. Am I in your seat?”

“No, this one is quite comfortable. But we need to decide on what we are going to do this evening,” she said turning her attention back to Peter and taking a sip of his drink.

“Show, dinner, bed?” Peter asked.

“Tired already?”

“Might not make it through tomorrow,” he said kissing her.

“What time is the show?”

“First one starts at 6,” Mike said helpfully.

“Thanks,” Melinda said. “That leaves an hour,” she said.

“After you,” Peter said and Melinda stood up and allowed him to stand. “Pleasure to meet you Mike. Enjoy your cruise.”

They moved off towards the elevators.

“Why don’t you come up once you are dressed,” Peter suggested. “I will leave your name at the desk and they will let you in.”

“OK. I will see you shortly then,” she said, stepping out on six while Peter continued up to his floor.

Peter moved quickly to his room where he showered and shaved before changing for dinner. He decided against the suit but did put on a polo shirt and trousers. He put his laundry in the bag provided and filled in the slip before taking it with him to the common room.

“Ah, Mr. Martin, how are you this evening,” Eric asked as he came in.

“Well thank you. I was talking with Joanne earlier today about getting a load of laundry done,” he said.

“Put it here,” he said, opening a cupboard where there were a couple of other bags waiting to go out. “It will be delivered to your room tomorrow.”

“Thanks Eric. I am expecting a guest in about 30 minutes. Her name is Melinda Rathbourne,” Peter said.

“So noted. Are you going to be here or your room?”

“I will be here for a bit. You know women. If she get’s here on time, then I will be here. If not, then I will go and take a nap.”

“Yes, sir,” Eric said with a laugh as Peter went to the side board and got some water and a snack and settled in to wait for Melinda to arrive.

Peter watched several people come through the common room. Some for a quick snack on their way to change for dinner or the show. Peter saw the cell phone lady, as he had tagged her in his mind come in. She was wearing a short cover up over her bathing suit, likely a bikini based on the amount of skin showing under the hem of the cover up. He did notice she was not carrying her cell phone, at least that he could see. She got a glass of wine and sat down at a table across from Peter. She looked at Peter and he smiled at her and toasted her with his water bottle.

“Can I join you?” she asked standing up.

Peter indicated the chair and she moved over to sit down.

“Sandra,” she said by way of introduction.

“Peter, pleasure. Did you husband abandon you?”

“Not my husband and I wish he had stayed in Florida.”

“Sorry to hear that. Nothing worse than having to share a room with someone you are not interested in sharing it with.”

“And the ship is full, so there is no where I can go.”

“That is tough. So you have been hiding out on deck?”

“On deck, in the theatre. Just, hiding.”

Peter laughed a little at the way she said it. It was not really a funny situation and he felt for her, but he was not sure what he could do to help her.

“Well, if you will excuse me. It is my turn in the cabin and I need to shower and change for dinner.”

“Good luck. I hope things work themselves out,” Peter said.

“Thanks. See you around.”

Sandra left the common room and Peter sat back thinking about her situation. When the ship was full, there were not a lot of things that could be done. Usually there was one or two rooms he knew that could be allocated for such things. He was aware it was not something the company liked to do. He pondered suggesting Melinda move in with him and Sandra could take her room. If it was not done officially, she would not lose her privileges, but the company might not be amused by it. He closed his eyes. He was getting a headache and decided to forget about it for now. A solution would present itself eventually, or it would remain the same.

“Mr. Martin?” Eric said, Melinda standing next to him.

“Eric, thank you. Good evening my dear.”

Eric went back to his desk and Melinda sat down next to Peter.

“I will have one of those,” she said, pointing at Sandra’s empty wine glass.

“Not mine, but let me get it,” Peter said as he picked up the empty glass and put it on the side board before walking over to the bar and getting two glasses of wine, returning to the table.

“So who were you drinking wine with?” Melinda asked.

“Jealous?” Peter teased. “Her name is Sandra, a fellow passenger, and she and her traveling companion are having issues. She was just passing through and needed a shoulder to cry on I guess.”

Melinda did not say anything for a couple of heartbeats, then she put her glass down and looked at Peter.

“What are you thinking?”



“Not really thinking anything actually. These sorts of things happen all the time. It either works itself out or it won’t. If I hadn’t been sitting here, I wouldn’t know about it at all. You are jealous.”

“Silly, I know, but yes.”

Peter put his glass on the table and looked at Melinda.

“We are both on the rebound,” he said. “It would be best if we cannot remember that to go our separate ways.”

Melinda nodded her head and put her wine glass down, a tear in the corner of her eye.

“Yea, you are right. Can I use your bathroom?”

“Of course,” Peter said standing and picking up her wine.

The walked the short distance to his cabin and he opened the door and let them in. He moved across to his couch while Melinda slipped into the bathroom. Peter pondered what Melinda might be thinking as he sipped his wine and waited. They had known each other barely twenty-four hours, and a part of him found it interesting that she was jealous of a random conversation, and a part of him found it annoying. He was not a fan of clingy women. He took another sip of his wine and put the glass on the table as Melinda emerged from the bathroom and walked over to join him.

“Sorry about that,” she said shyly, sitting down next to him. “Thirty seconds of my bastard ex, and then we can go?”


“We were engaged. And he was handsome, had a good job. Women seemed to circle him like flies and for the most part he seemed to not really pay any attention to them. You might almost think he was gay. He almost doted on me, though, and he was very thoughtful. Well, I was taken in. He was having sex with a dozen of them. He had an apartment near his office and when he was working late, he was screwing other women. Sometimes two or three at a time. Bastard.”

She stopped and took a deep draught of her wine before putting the glass down on the table.

“I think what really pissed me of, was that some of the things I found out he was doing, were things I had always wanted to do, and he never showed any interest in. Bastard.”

Peter smiled at her.

“Better now?”

“Better, yes, thank you. Sorry. But if I suggest something kinky….”

“I will certainly give you the attention it deserves. I have done my fair share of kinky things,” Peter said. “Shall we go?”

“Yes. I hear the production is fabulous.”

Chapter Three

Peter and Melinda had stood in line with dozens of others, waiting for the last of the lines to be secured and the gangway lowered to the concrete pier of the private island. Once the doors were opened, the security staff began checking folks off the ship and onto the island. Peter carried a bag with a couple of bottles of water and some towels, knowing that the cabana would have most of the things they needed for the day. The sun was already well above the horizon and the air was thick with the salt blowing in from the ocean beyond the breakwater. It was a gentle breeze, which he thought would be welcome once the heat of the day got going. It was already warm, but not hot. It was going to get hot. Once on shore, they sauntered along the quay as others moved past in a rush to get good spots.

“I am glad you made the reservation,” Melinda said kissing him on the cheek.

“Thank Joanne for suggesting it. She prefers twenties.”

“Oh I am sure she would prefer more than that,” Melinda said, laughing.

Peter remembered the look on her face when she had opened the box of earrings after dinner. She was shocked, and excited that he had got her something, and after dinner, she showed him how thankful she was by sucking his cock and then almost begging him to take her ass, which he willingly did, but they were both exhausted from all the sex and lack of sleep and fell asleep almost as soon as they were done. The Christmas morning had been a bigger shock.

“What is Sandra, that’s her name right? What is she doing today?”

“Honestly don’t know,” Peter said, still sleepy.

“Well, go find out and invite her to join us. If she doesn’t have other plans that is. I will wait for you here.”

Peter had returned to his room and changed for the beach before going in search of Joanne, would could probably tell him where Sandra was. Joanne was in the common room and there were a couple of other people having a light breakfast. Peter sat down at her desk, pitching his voice low.

“Do you happen to know if Sandra has a cabana for today?”

“Joanne looked around and then hit a couple of keys on her computer.

“She did. It was canceled. Not sure whether she canceled it or he did.”

“Well, if you should see her, and she is thinking about coming ashore, please extend my invitation to join us.”

“Oh, really?” Joanne said, her eyes opening wider.

“Strictly platonic. Melinda made the suggestion that if she was hiding, she might as well be comfortable.”

“I need to meet this Melinda. I will pass the message,” Joanne said.

“Thanks. See you on shore?”

“I will be there.”

Peter had gone back to his room and gathered up his things and gone to meet Melinda and they had continued down to the debarkation point. They had walked through the various amenities, looked over the beach, that was able to hold several thousand people, even though it did not look that big. They went past the equipment rentals and followed the path towards the cabanas. A lifeguard made sure their names were on the list before letting them pass into the restricted area, its own beach spread out before them and a line of cabanas wrapping around a small lagoon.

“Here we are, number 5,” Peter said, opening the door and letting Melinda go first.

It was nothing special. A roof over a three sided shack with a small refrigerator stocked with wine, beer, soda and water, some suntan lotion, most of it SPF 50, a couch a couple of chairs and outside a pair of hammocks with a path between them leading to the beach. The nice thing was that you could pull a curtain across and have some privacy to change or whatever, and they were set back from the other cabanas enough that no one could look in anyway. Peter pulled out some lotion as he took off his shirt. He was already wearing his swim trunks.

“Do my back?” he asked, passing Melinda the lotion.

“Sure,” she said, squirting a healthy blob in her hand and rubbing it across his shoulders and over his back.

“Do mine?” Melinda asked as she finished, turning around and stripping off her shirt.

She had not changed yet and popped the catch on her bra and slipped it off as Peter got ready. She squared her shoulders and he set into rubbing the lotion into them, making her purr a little as he did.

“Done,” he said and she turned at faced him.

“No quite,” she said, facing him, arms at her side.

“Oh really,” he said as he squirted more lotion in his hands and stated rubbing it over her shoulders and onto the swell of her breasts.

Melinda had her eyes closed and he was just starting to rub it into her areola and nipple when the door opened and there was a double gasp behind him. Peter turned around to see Sandra a step ahead of Joanna who was pulling the door closed.

“Don’t let us stop you,” Joanna said with a smirk as Melinda had put a hand over Peter’s where it rested on her erect nipple.

“No, please, and do me next,” Sandra said, a certain lusty look in her eye.

Peter looked at Melinda who nodded slightly and he shrugged his shoulders and continued. Joanne moved closer and sat down on the couch while Sandra moved to stand behind Peter as he did Melinda’s other breast.

“Do I get to help?” Melinda asked, looking at Sandra.

Peter saw her nod out of the corner of his eye and felt his cock harden in his shorts. Joanne’s nipples were clearly visible though the material of her uniform shirt.

“Shall I do you ass and legs?” he asked, still holding the lotion.

“No, Sandra needs some first,” she said moving aside and letting Sandra move to the center of the floor.

Sandra quickly shed her cover-up and undid her bikini top, revealing very few tan lines. Peter squirted some lotion in his hand and started working on her back. Melinda picked up the bottle and started working on Sandra’s front. Peter watched Joanne biting her lower lip as Melinda squeezed and fondled Sandra’s breasts and nipples. Peter could only imagine what thoughts were going through the women’s heads but he had a raging erection that was not helped by Sandra occasionally bumping against it. Joanne was squeezing her nipple through her shirt and had another hand over her crotch. Melinda looked at him over Sandra’s shoulder and smiled.

“Next time, you can do her front,” Melinda said and Sandra pulled her into an embrace and kissed her. Joanne tried to slip a finger under the left of her shorts.

“Need a hand?” Peter asked, smiling at her. “Don’t stand on ceremony.”

“Brute,” she said, undoing her shorts and pushing them down. “Finish me, I have to get back on rounds.”

She sat down on the edge of the couch and Peter knelt between her legs. Joanne was soaked and he quickly licked her pussy and sucked on her clit as Melinda and Sandra continued to kiss. She grabbed his head and rammed her crotch into his face as she shook from her orgasm. She continued to shake, her breathing labored as she came down from her high and letting go of Peter’s head. She slumped back against the cushions.

“Fuck, I needed that,” Joanne said, her hand resting on her mons, her fingers teasing her lower lips.

“He is good, isn’t he,” Melinda said, somewhat gloating.

“He is,” Joanne agreed as she sat up and pulled her shorts back up. “Damn, but I am soaked,” she said with a shiver. “I have to go ladies. Try not to kill him.”

Joanne kissed Melinda and Sandra quickly before sliding over to the door.

“I will bring back more lotion,” she said as she went out, closing the door behind her.

“I’m next,” Melinda said as she dropped her shorts and moved to take Joanne’s place.

Sandra knelt on the couch beside her and squeezed Melinda’s breasts as Melinda pulled Peter closer to her own wet pussy. Peter stuck out his tongue, and started to lick Melinda as he had licked Joanne, only taking his time. Melinda was bucking as Peter licked her and Sandra pulled on her nipples and returned to kissing her. Peter’s cock was aching as he licked and sucked Melinda’s snatch. He slid a finger along her pussy and then swirled it around her ass like he knew she liked. Her eyes jerked open as he slid his finger into her ass and she pushed down and against him, her eyes closing again as her orgasm raced through her, flooding Peter’s face as she did. Peter licked her gently as she slumped back against the back of the couch. He raised an eyebrow at Sandra who had stopped kissing Melinda and was looking down at him. She shook her head gentle and stood up, picking up her top from where it had fallen and began smoothing lotion onto her legs.

Peter got up and walked over to the refrigerator and pulled out two bottles of water, cracking one open and drinking half of it in a single gulp before taking the other one over and handing it to Melinda who took it but continued to sit on the couch.

“Did that really just happen?” she asked quietly.

“Yes,” Peter said drinking the rest of his water.

Melinda looked over at Sandra as she finished her other leg.

“Do my legs?” Melinda ask Sandra.

Sandra squirted a stream of lotion on Melinda’s right leg and started rubbing the lotion into it.

“I am going to cool off,” Peter said wrenching his eyes away as Sandra’s hand was coming close to stroking Melinda’s pussy.

Melinda just waved before tipping her head back as Sandra lightly stroked Melinda’s already puffy lips.

Peter walked down the path and out onto the beach. It was quiet on this side yet as there were still a lot of people streaming off the ship. He quickly crossed the sand and dipped his toe in the bay of Atlantic sea water. He check to make sure his shorts were secured and then threw himself into the water with abandon. It was a bit cooler than he would have liked it, but given the condition of his body, it helped to change his focus. His cock did not immediately subside but it did reduce its throbbing and seemed to fit better in his shorts and he took powerful strokes away from the beach and out into the lagoon. His initial burst of energy gone, he rolled over onto his back and floated as the gentle waves moved him up and down. He wondered if Sandra’s refusal meant she was not comfortable with men yet or something else. Clearly she was comfortable touching Melinda. Joanne had been a complete surprise. He would have to find out from her later if he had put her job at risk with their quick little tryst. He had not seen enough technology on the island to indicate there were video cameras in the cabana, but then, he also knew they could make them pretty darn small anymore and there were always eyes watching when you were in the public spaces. The last thing he wanted was trouble for his favorite crew member. Of course, he had enjoyed eating her out. It had been a while and he had forgotten how powerful her orgasms could be.

The ladies had joined him eventually, bringing a raft out for him to lay on as well. Peter was in the middle and held Melinda in his right hand and Sandra in his left and they let the water move them around. The ladies were talking about what they were going to wear for Christmas dinner, and Peter was pretty sure he heart could not take the excitement as he imagined them in their lingerie and satin.

“Do we want to eat early or late?” he asked as they floated, his question interrupting them.

“Why?” Melinda had asked.

“Well, I don’t know what time Sandra’ seating was, and we will have to move it or ours.”

“Late,” Sandra said.

“OK, so we are eating late. I will have to see if I can get Joanne to get us a larger table. That is if you would like to have dinner with us Sandra.”

“Of course she is having dinner with us,” Melinda said.

Peter had been looking at Sandra when he asked and was still looking at her when Melinda made her pronouncement. Sandra just nodded and that was done.

“How much trouble am I going to get in with your…friend,” Peter said, not sure what to call him.

“Anthony. BOFH.”

Peter laughed and caught Melinda looking at him as it he had lost his mind.

“Bastard Operator From Hell,” Peter said. “Which one of you is in IT?”

“Me,” Sandra said with a smirk. “You know the reference?”

“I have worked with my fair share of them, yes. Been one a couple of times too. But I am guessing you are emphasizing the bastard part.”

“Damn straight,” she said vehemently.

“Sounds like I should go play on the water slide and let the two of you talk. That way I won’t get burned, tarred, and feathered just for being male,” Peter said.

“What a wonderful idea,” Melinda said brightly, squeezing his hand.

“Don’t have too much fun,” Peter said as he slowly backed away from the women and made his way to shore, and safety.

For Peter, the rest of Christmas Day passed quietly and with the short daylight, quickly. He avoided the cabana most of the morning and chunks of the afternoon, visiting the various other attractions on the island for those that did not want, or could not spend their entire day in the sunshine, and was thoroughly exhausted by the time they made their way back to the ship. Sleep however was not to be. First, the ladies had him move all of Sandra’s things out of her room and into his, since he had the larger room and more space. Then, while she was showering, he went with Melinda to her room to get the things she would need for the evening and a couple of others and brought them up to his room. Again, it being the larger of the two. Then he was kicked out and told to make himself scarce so they could get ready. He could come back no more than 45 minutes before dinner. Joanne found him nursing a glass of wine in the otherwise empty common room. He had used the shower on deck to get rid of the worst of the salt water drying on his body.

“Kicked out already?” she asked sitting next to him and ignoring the baleful look in his eyes.

“Were you able to get our table upgraded?” he asked.

“I was. Table for three. Bottle of champagne will be ready when you are seated.”

“Want to help me kill two hours?”

“Now that is an invitation I would be a fool to refuse,” she said with a smirk.

“But you’re working and you have to,” he said.

“I’m afraid so,” she said with a bit of disappointment.

“Not to worry, I was only half serious. I think I will go down and see if Dallas has a stool for me in the pub. Maybe throw some darts.”

“That’s the spirit!” Joanne said with a laugh as he struggled to his feet. “You know where you’re going?”

“Yes, right off the end of the ship,” he said with a laugh as he made his way to the elevators.

The pub was not as busy as he expected it to be, but Dallas was not working either. Peter pulled up a stool at the bar and ordered a cider and then spun around to watch the two guys throwing darts. The contest was tight and they were evenly matched as they set about their throws with concentration. He wondered what they could do with real darts as the second of two bulls thudded in and the electronic score went up another fifty points. Peter took a sip of his cider and watched two women come into the bar and settle themselves under a window. They were dressed in light summer style dresses that fit them both well. One was a willowy blonde, the type he felt would blow over in a stiff breeze. The other one was more his type with curves in all the right places.

“Like you need to be looking at more women,” he thought to himself before tipping his glass.

He looked around the room again, but his attention kept coming back to the two new women by the window. The blonde was flashing a ring, the diamond in it still new enough that it shimmered when light hit it and new enough on her finger that she was self-consciously straightening it. Her friend, or sister-in-law to be, he was not sure from where he was sitting, seemed to be happy about. It made him wonder just how new that ring was. Two more women came in dressed the same as the others and almost ran over to were they were sitting, the level of excitement going up and the ring being showed around with enthusiasm. Peter spun back around to face away from the ladies as the bartender came up to him.

“Looks like a newly minted bride-to-be,” he said.

The bartender looked over his shoulder at where the girls were talking a mile a minute.

“Yea, looks like it. T’is the season.”

Peter nodded his head, reaching for the menu.

“Send them a bottle of number 6, put it on my tab. Someone should have a Merry Christmas.”

“You sure?” the bartender asked.

“Yup,” he said. “And another cider.”

The bartender went off to get the champagne for the ladies and had it sent over before he filled Peter’s glass.

“Not having a Merry Christmas?”

“Oh, no, I am. I think. Just kicked out of my room while the ladies get dressed. I am sure it will be worth it in the end.”

“Company,” the bartender said pointing over Peter’s shoulder.

“Excuse me,” the curvy friend said.

“Yes?” Peter asked turning to look at her.

“Thank you, it was a nice gesture.”

“Well, it isn’t every day you get married, and it looks like it s a pretty new ring.”

“My brother proposed to her this morning on the beach. It was really sweat. My parents are over the moon.”

“I bet. I would ask you to have a seat, but I wouldn’t want to keep you from the fun.”

“Thanks. Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas,” Peter said as she went back to fun, two more women having joined them, one of them looking like the mother-in-law.

“Nice touch,” the bartender said.

“Thanks. OK, another hour to kill. I better stop drinking or I won’t make it to dinner. I am going to walk the deck. Have a good evening.”

“Thank you, sir, you too.”

Peter walked upstairs and around the third deck and seeing nothing of interest climbed the stairs to the next deck. For the next forty-five minutes Peter walked around the deck, climbing the stairs when he got to the end. When he got to the top of the ship he again went to the bow and looked out at the sea, wondering if he should throw himself into it. He looked at his watch and saw that if he hurried, he could shave and get dressed. He shook his head and walked back down to his floor and was tempted to knock on his own door as Joanne came up the floor.

“Good evening, Mr. Martin,” Joanna said.

“Hey Jo,” he said.

“What’s wrong?” she said, without any preamble.

“Too much cider. And I really need a couple of hours of sleep that I didn’t get.”

“Are they in there?” she asked, pointing at his door.

“I believe so,” he said. “I was just on my way in.”

Peter touched his band to the door and the lock tripped and he pushed the door open. The room was quiet and he continued in, Joanne on his heels. The room appeared to be empty. There was a note on the bed.

“We will see you at dinner, please be on time.”

“Lock the door,” Joanne said as he turned around.


“Lock the door Peter, then take your clothes off and lay on the bed.”

Peter was to tired to argue and walked back and locked the door. By the time he had gone that short distance, Joanne had already stripped down to her bra and panties and pointed at the bed. Peter also stripped and lay face down on the bed. Joanne sat down next to him and started to rub his shoulders. By the time she had reached his middle back, he was already feeling better. Not perfect but better. Peter rolled over onto his side and caught Joanne’s hand, pulling it to his lips and kissing it, before pulling her down against him and kissing her. She kissed him back and curled up against him.

“Better?” she asked quietly.

“Yes, thank you.”

“Want to tell me what baggage you brought with you?”

“Couple of intense weeks with a woman who was going through a break up. She is, was, very nice.”


“Don’t really know, but she has gone back to the woman she was living with.”


“Well, not so bad really. But, there might have been potential.”

She kissed him again and Peter kissed her back, holding her close.

“You need to get dressed. I need to get dressed. And you know you can always talk to me.”

He kissed her again. “Thank you Joanne. You know, you are only one of two women I have ever said I loved.”

She kissed him back. “I know. And … Peter, maybe some day, but don’t wait for me.”

“OK. Come, let’s get dressed. You are likely to have been missed.”

“Eric is out there. I can talk it off,” she said, kissing him again. “Now, go and shower and have some fun. It’s Christmas.”


“I will let myself out.”

Peter unlocked the door before slipping into the bathroom. He quickly took care of his face and showered. He was dressed in his suit and staring down on the elevator with two minutes to spare. There was a crowd around the entry to the main dining room as the shift change was happening. Peter walked to the main doors and then looked around for Melinda and Sandra. He did not see them immediately, and started to look again. He saw Melinda off on the side and walked over to her. She was wearing a brilliant green gown. Standing next to her was Sandra in a short red dress. Both ladies were stunning.

“Wow,” Peter said. “Ladies, you are beautiful. Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas,” they said together.

“Did you have fun?” he asked, as they moved towards the main hall.

“Whatever do you mean?” Melinda asked taking one arm as Sandra took the other arm.

“Maybe I should ask you,” he said looking at Sandra.

“You think I am going to tell you any more than she will?” Sandra asked with a smirk.

“Yes, I guess I should know better shouldn’t I? Well then ladies, let us sit down for dinner and we can make fun of those around us.”

Both ladies laughed as they were shown to their table.

Dinner was ham or turkey, mashed potatoes, and wine. Peter took the first toast.

“Merry Christmas ladies, to bad breakups that lead to better friends.”

“Merry Christmas,” they said, clinking their glasses and taking sips of the wine.

“You are both beautiful,” Peter said again, stunned to be sitting with such lovely ladies.

He had noticed several men and a couple of women doing double takes looking at the ladies. They seemed to be sharing a couple of private looks with each other.

“So did you spend all that time getting dressed?” Peter asked with a smile. “Or did you spend most of the time with each other.”

Sandra blushed and Melinda ducked her eyes.

“And are you going to tell me about it?””

Neither woman said anything but the blush on Sandra spread all the way down her exposed cleavage.

“Well did you at least have fun?”

“I would say we did. We worked out all our aggressions against the male sex and decided that the right male could have sex with us, provided he was well behaved,” Melinda said.

“I see. And is there someone in the running for the ‘right’ male? And if not, may I make an application?”

“We talked about that,” Sandra said. “I believe you have already made a thorough application, it just needs to be vetted.”

“And who is going to the vetting?” Peter asked, getting into the game.

“Well, since I accepted the invitation,” Melinda said, “it is only right that Sandra vet you, as the candidate.”

“I see. Well, I can certainly provide you my bonafides.”

“I am sure you can,” Sandra said with a smile.

They talked about inconsequential things during dinner as the people moved around them. As dessert was served, Peter started again.

“And are there plans for this evening?”

“There are plans,” Melinda said, but not for a while yet.

“May I suggest dancing then?” Peter asked.

Sandra’s eyes lit up at the suggestion and Melinda smiled.

“That is a wonderful suggestion,” Melinda said.

They finished up their coffee and Peter led them through the ship to the small ballroom. They found a table and ordered a couple of drinks.

“Shall we dance?” Peter said, offering his hand to Melinda.

“Dance with Sandra first,” Melinda said quietly.

“Dance with me Sandra?” Peter asked.

They moved to the middle of the busy floor and Sandra moved into his arms and they danced to the soft music.

“Thank you,” Sandra said quietly. “You and Melinda have been so nice. And I really needed nice. And she is very sexy.”

“She is sexy,” Peter said as Sandra pressed closer against him. “You are not so bad yourself, from what I have seen.”

She giggled slightly and kissed him before he spun her and pulled her back into his arms.

“Can I ask you a personal question,” he asked.


“Are you bisexual, or just having fun?”

She looked in his eyes. “A little of both. Melinda didn’t tell you about her breakup?”

“No, we haven’t really talked about either of our breakups.”

“Let’s just say that I enjoy female company now and then. Is that a problem?”

“Not to me,” Peter said.

They continued to dance, Sandra molding her body close against Peter’s body, and he enjoyed the felling of her body pressed against him. When the music stopped, he kissed her and then walked with her back to the table.

“I believe it is your turn,” he said to Melinda.

They returned to the floor and Melinda pulled herself close to him.

“Someone had fun,” she said rubbing herself against him.

“What did you expect? Between thinking about the two of you all over each other and Sandra pressed closed to me. I am not blind to the affections of women you know.”

“You don’t mind?” Melinda asked.

“Mind what? That the two of you were spending some private time? Why should I mind?”

Melinda curled closer to him and put her head on her shoulder.

“You know, that sort of thing is what broke up my last relationship. I like women, and I like men just as much. He couldn’t understand that,” she said, crying as she finished.

“And Sandra?”

“She likes men but doesn’t have any problems with the occasional woman. Apparently she was itching for a threesome and he wasn’t interested in doing it on the ship, and leaded to other things. It does not sound like there was a lot there to begin with. Anyway, she needed some comfort.”

Melinda pulled back enough to wipe her cheeks before she curled up against him again.

“She asked me if I minded sharing you for the rest of the cruise.”

“And what did you say?”

Melinda nibbled his earlobe as the music stopped and did not answer, but instead pulled him back to the table.

Peter shook his head and let her lead him. He was pretty sure he was never going to get a straight answer anyway.

“I am not sure how I could dance with both of you at the same time, but I am willing to try it,” he said after taking a drink.

“We are going to powder our noses,” Melinda said and they stood up and walked out.

Peter sat down in the chair and looked the place over while he watched them walk out of the room, more than a few eyes following them. They had been gone a few minutes when out of the corner of his eye, he saw Dallas walking towards him.

“Evening Mr. Martin,” Dallas said. “Message for you.”

Dallas passed over a small envelope with is name on it. Peter thanked him and slipped him a dollar and sat back and opened the envelope.

“We have decided we have had enough dancing for one night, at least in public. You should wait fifteen minutes and then come upstairs to your room.”

Peter put the envelope in his pocket and wondered how they would get into the room. Peter stood up and walked over to the bar, asking where Dallas was working this evening. He was pointed to the social club around the corner and he walked that way, finding Dallas behind the bar.

“What can I get you?” he asked.

“How do I call the common room?”

“I already did, for your ladies.”

“Who did you talk to?”


“Dallas, when two women set their minds to something, there is little you can do. When there are more involved, just give up and do what they tell you to do, when they tell you to do it. A glass of champagne please, I have a few minutes to kill.”

“Coming right up, sir,” Dallas said with a laugh.

Peter looked around the room and noticed the wedding party in a corner. There were a couple of men with them, one holding the bride-to-be in his lap while the others seemed to be taking their own chairs. He caught the eye of the sister and nodded at her. She raised her glass to him and turned back to the conversation.

“One glass of champagne,” Dallas said putting it down in front of him. “Anything else?”

“No, thanks Dallas. How long have they been there?” he asked, looking over his shoulder at the wedding party.

“Oh, about half-an-hour. Newly minted.”

“Yup, they were in the pub earlier. I hear it happened on the beach.”

“You ever going to get married?”

“If the right girl comes along,” Peter said.

“And who would the right girl be,” the sister said coming up.

“Well, you would certainly be in consideration,” Peter said with a smile. “My name is Peter by the way.”

“Penelope,” she said.

“An old fashioned name. It suits you. Classic elegance and modern sophistication. The dress is quite lovely too.”

Penelope blushed as he said this.

“Thank you. Would you care to join us?”

“Thank you, but no, I have another appointment tonight. Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas, Peter, I hope I run into you again,” she said offering her hand.

Peter caught the hand and kissed it, looking into her eyes before he let it go and walked out of the club and towards the elevators. He got off two floors below his and walked the distance of the ship towards his own, then up the stairs to his floor and into the common room. Joanne was sitting behind the desk, the room otherwise empty.

“Good evening,” she said quietly. “Your room is full.”

“So I understand,” he said looking at her. “You let them in?”

“We made a trade?”


Joanne stood up and walked over to him, saying quietly, “follow me.”

Peter followed her across the room to a corner and she pulled him close against her.

“Blind spot,” she said kissing him. “I get to come and play to. Now go, and save something for me.”

Peter kissed her soundly then turned and walked out.

Peter put his wristband up against the lock and pushed the door open when it clicked. Inside the room was dark with a faint light at the far end. Sandra and Melinda were sitting on the couch on the far side of the bed, both of them in black bra and panties, stay-up stockings wrapped around their legs in black. Peter took in the view and hung up his coat in the closet before slipping his shoes off.

“Good evening ladies,” Peter said as he came around the bed.

“Come and sit down,” Melinda said, as Sandra moved aside enough to let Peter sit down.

He noticed that both of them had hard nipples showing under the satin and lace of their bras and wondered what they had been up to before he got here. But he did not ask and he settled down between them.

“He’s over dressed,” Sandra said, turning towards him and undoing the buttons of his shirt.

Melinda moved over and kissed Peter as Sandra slid her hands along the exposed skin, kissing where she could. Melinda also moved her hands along the skin, kissing his neck as Sandra kissed his lips. Peter’s cock was rock hard as they continued to touch him. Peter reached around and touched the women’s backs, sliding his hands along them, dragging his nails over them. Sandra started working at his pants, getting them open and slipping her hand inside and squeezing his cock, making Peter moan.

“Let’s get him undressed,” Melinda said.

Peter stood up and Sandra pushed his pants off as Melinda pulled his shirt off, leaving them in a pile. Sandra stroked his cock before she sucked it into her mouth, making Peter moan as Melinda kissed him again. Peter stroked her nipple through her bra and she pushed against him sliding a hand over his naked ass.

“I want some of that,” she said as she bent her knees and slid next to Sandra, her tongue flicking over the part of Peter’s cock that was not already in Sandra’s mouth.

Peter dropped his hands to their heads and massaged their scalps. He wanted to sit down but the girls were holding him up as they had their way with is cock. Peter felt tongues and hands moving over him and his knees started shaking as he felt his orgasm building.

“He’s coming,” Sandra said as she pulled back and squeezed the base of his cock.

“Not yet, he isn’t,” Melinda said, licking the head before she stood up.

They kissed him, their hands wrapped around his cock as they kissed him, and each other. Peter slipped his hands along their bodies, playing with their nipples as he did so and they pushed tight against him. Peter slipped the strap of Sandra’s bra down, pushing the material after it, and then he bent his mouth and swirled his tongue around her nipple. She moaned as he did, clinging to him. Melinda slid around behind Sandra and undid her bra, kissing her neck as she did. Peter slid a hand over the other nipple and drew a finger over her panty covered pussy as she moaned as he touched her clit. Melinda was rubbing her ass.

“I need to lay down, or sit down,” Sandra said.

“I have an idea,” Melinda said. “Sit down here Peter.”

Melinda moved Peter to the edge of the couch and sat him down and then pulled Sandra’s panties off and steered her over to sit on Peter’s cock. Peter wrapped his hands around her breasts and kissed her neck as she settled against him. Melinda moved between their legs and started licking Sandra’s pussy as she moved slowly on Peter’s cock.

“Oh, this feels good,” Sandra said.

Peter pulled her back a bit and Melinda started sucking on his balls as Sandra rode a bit more strenuously. Peter could feel his orgasm approaching as she did, Melinda’s tongue wandering all over both of them.

“Oh…oh…,” Sandra called as she clamped down shaking.

That started Peter’s orgasm and he shoved up against her, filing her full as he came deep inside of her, Melinda licking anything that seeped out, her hands holding Peter’s legs for leverage.

“Oh, that was good,” Sandra said as she slumped back against Peter. “Peter thank you.”

Sandra turned her head and kissed Peter before she reached down and pulled Melinda up to her and kissed her too.

“Thank you to Melinda. I have always wanted to experience that.”

Peter pulled Melinda’s face close to him and kissed her as Sandra played with her gently.

“Oh, Peter, please,” Melinda whispered.

Peter told Sandra to slide off of him and pulled Melinda up onto his lap, kissing her as he took her bra off, squeezing her ass as he sucked her nipples and she pulled him close against her.

“Let’s go to bed,” Sandra said, moving over and pulling the sheets down.

Peter led Melinda over to the bed and pulled her panties off as he sat her down on the edge of the bed. He moved between her legs and sucked her clit gently between his lips as Sandra kissed her and played with her nipples. Melinda moaned as he teased her clit. She grabbed his head and pulled him tight against body. Peter licked stronger and Melinda began to buck against his face, her orgasm coming quick and hard crying out as she did before collapsing against the bed. Peter continued to lick her slowly, running his hands up and down her legs before he slid a finger between her legs and across her ass, playing with her. Melinda moaned again and pushed tight again him.

“Lick my ass,” she moaned.

Peter did as she asked and she went frantic, moving back and forth. Sandra started sucking on Melinda’s nipples and Melinda cried out again as Peter slipped a finger inside her ass, shaking and squeezing it hard.

“Oh, stop, please stop,” Melinda said holding Sandra close but pushing her flicking tongue away from her nipple.”

Peter slid up from where he was kneeling and sat down next Melinda, kissing her gently.


“Oh, good, but I want you inside me,” Melinda said.

“Might have to wait a minute or two for that,” he said quietly.

The arranged themselves with Peter in the middle and the three of them kissed tenderly curled against each other. Both Melinda and Sandra were playing lazily with Peter’s cock as he rand his hand over their backs. Sandra moved down and licked his nipple as Melinda brought life back into his cock. It stiffened under her touch and she moved down and sucked it into her mouth making him moan in desire.

“Ready for me now?” she asked looking up at him and teasing his cock with her hands.

Peter sat up and moved Melinda to the middle of the bed. Sandra moved behind her and held her legs back as Peter moved up and slid his hard cock into her. Melinda moaned with passion as they pushed against each other. Sandra would occasionally tweak Melinda’s nipples or kiss her as she could. Each push was like a hot poker pushing into Melinda and each push made her cry out. The three of them were sweating in the closed cabin. Melinda’s orgasm washed over her as she clamped down on Peter and with one final push, he filled her up, his cock burred deep inside her as he did before he fell to his arms, kissing her, and then rolling to one side to catch his breath.

“Both of you are wonderful,” Peter said kissing them.

They kissed him bank and they curled up together.

Peter figured he had drifted off to sleep because the click of the door opening caught his attention. The two women on either side of him seemed to be asleep and he propped himself up on his elbow as he looked Joanne as she walked the short distance to the bed. Peter slid out of bed and met her on the far side of the bed. She quickly came into his arms and he kissed her.

“They look all in,” she said quietly.

“How many people know you are here?” he asked.

“You worry way too much.”

Peter looked at her, one eyebrow going up.

“I worry as much as it is needed, especially when those I care about are involved.”

Joanne kissed him again, pulling him over to the couch with her. Peter sat down and she curled up against him.

“I have to admit I do feel a bit like a school girl, at risk of getting caught by her father in her basement with a boy she shouldn’t have.”

“And this boy is naked. Can you imagine what would happen then?”

“I would get skinned my dear, but I am glad I am here. Help me out of this would you?”

Peter let her stand and then followed, helping her out of her uniform, and then her basic lingerie before he pulled her close against him again.

“I love the way your cock swells against me,” she said between delicate kisses. “I wish I could feel that every night.”

Peter said nothing, but kissed he and ran his hands over her body, enjoying the feel of skin under his hands. She pushed him down onto the couch and knelt between his legs, her hands wrapped around his cock, her mouth bobbing over the head, her tongue swirling around the head. Peter put his head back on the arm rest and closed his eyes as Joanne had her way with him and he enjoyed it immensely.

“You taste good,” she said, bring him back to the world.

He run his hand through her hair and she continued sucking him.

“Did they leave me anything?” she asked.

“I imagine they did but you will have to really work for it, or let me give it to you.”

“Then take me Peter, take me,” she said as she swiveled and presented herself to him.

Peter moved over to her and dove between her legs, licking and sucking her clit until she clamped her legs around his head and shook against him, her orgasm covering his face. She grabbed his hair and pulled him up to cover her body, his cock slipping into her in one smooth motion as she rocked her hips and pulled him deeper into her, sighing.

“I love how you feel inside me Peter,” she said, rocking her hips against his thrusts.

“I love being inside of you Joanne, and I miss it.”

They made love slowly and as quietly as they could but it was still not quiet enough as Peter saw Melinda come over to them and kneel down next to them. She said nothing as she ran her hands over Joanne’s body, stopping at her nipples before she kissed Joanne and then started sucking on her nipples.

“Make him come deep inside you,” Melinda said to Joanne.

Peter smiled and pushed deeper into Joanne. Her eyes opened briefly before closing as she sighed and pulled him closer with one hand while she stroked Melinda’s neck with the other hand. The whole scene was too much for Peter who thrusted against Joanne, plowing into her and filling her as she clamped down on him, her hands raking his back as their pleasure washed over them. Peter kissed Joanne, hard, and then kissed Melinda before stretching out.

“There isn’t enough room on this couch,” Melinda said.

“Not much more room on the bed,” Peter said.

“Enough room for us for a while,” Melinda said.

They stumbled over to the bed. Melinda crawled in behind Peter, and he cradled Joanne on the other side. Sandra joined them sleepily.

“I miss this,” Joanne said, pulling Peter’s arm closer around her.

Peter nibbled her neck and tapped against her breast bone.

“Me too,” she said and held him tight.

Peter had always loved hammocks. The feeling of floating while rocking back and forth in the afternoon air. It is no wonder people enjoyed sleeping in them. At least those that were not forced to sleep in them below the smelly decks of a rotting pirate ship. Right now, he was laying in the shade of the Caribbean sun, slowly rocking back and forth and pondering the last forty-eight hours of his life and deciding he was no longer in Kansas. Laying under the sun in the Caribbean notwithstanding.

“Do you want anything?” Joanne’s voice came from somewhere behind and above him, likely from the deck of the cabana.

“Water please,” Melinda’s voice said, from the same quarter.

“Any chance we can get a bottle of wine? Something white?” Sandra’s voice added.

“Did you kill him?” Joanne asked, her voice laughing.

“I don’t think so,” Melinda said. “He was fine an hour ago when he got out of the ocean.”

Peter could hear the smile in her voice as she said it, but for the moment, he was more interested in rest because if he did not get some rest, he might not be able to walk back to the ship, much less survive dinner and whatever after dinner activities the ladies had planned, and he was pretty sure there was some sort of plotting happening.

“I would say he was better than fine,” Sandra said and the three women laughed at the shared secret.

Peter continued trying not to listen to them, but his stomach chose that moment to rumble, reminding him that he had not had a decent breakfast that morning.

“Joanne, do you have a menu?” he asked, lazily waving his hand.

“I am pretty sure the sort of menu you want, I don’t have,” she said with a laugh.

Peter could hear someone walking down the path towards where he was resting, his eyes still closed.

“But I have a food menu,” Joanne said from close beside him, her shadow falling over his face.

Peter cracked an eye open and saw her standing next to the hammock, her uniform of the day being shorts and a polo shirt with running shoes.

“You really have great legs,” he said, his voice low enough that it would not carry beyond the two of them as she passed him the menu.

“Careful, you can barely keep up with those two,” she said smirking at him.

“Party pooper,” he said. “Can I get two french dips, please, and water.”

“Dehydrated are you?”

“Sucked dry, as you well know,” Peter said handing the menu back to her. “Thanks.”

“I will be back in a bit,” she said as she walked back to the cabana.

Peter closed his eyes again, but his mind would not stop spinning. This was the last of the two days on the private island and the third day of the seven day cruise. And he was exhausted. In the first twenty-four hours on board, he had sex with Melinda more than a half-a-dozen times. By breakfast on Christmas day he was tired. And then they came ashore. And that is when things got even more exhausting. Even thinking about it make his cock twitch but Peter continued to float. Joanne had been gone when he awoke, but he had expected that. He had been vaguely aware of when she had left. Sandra and Melinda had woken up before he did and he told them to shower first if they wanted to. He was going to sleep a little longer. Melinda had gotten up and Sandra had moved around to be cuddled by Peter.

“Joanne loves you,” she said quietly.

“How do you know.”

“The way she looks at you, other little things. Melinda is starting to fall for you too.”

“I am not the sort of guy women should fall for.”

“Yeah, but you love Joanne,” she said kissing him.

“What makes you think that?” he asked, his guts turning.

“I watched the way you touched her last night. Peter, you have been nice to me, and you are a nice guy. You deserve some happiness. You and Melinda have to work some things out. But if it doesn’t work out, and Joanne rejects you, well, come and find me, will you?”

“Deal,” he said kissing her and curling back under the blankets.

Sandra traded places with Melinda in the shower. Melinda came and sat down next to Peter on the bed, drying her hair as she did so.

“How do you feel?”

“Tired,” he said.

“Sorry,” she said kissing him. “Busy night.”

“Busy night. Thank you for Joanne.”

“She loves you,” she said. “I couldn’t deny her.”

“Thank you Melinda.”

“We need to find some time to talk.”

“I know.”

“Not today. But think about this. We haven’t told each other much about ourselves. Even so, I feel a bond with you Peter Martin, and I think you feel the same with me.”

“I will think about it Melinda, and thank you,” he said, stroking her leg.

“Feels good.”

“Melinda, I don’t have any energy.”

“I know. When Sandra is done, go and shower and we will get some breakfast and then we can go back to the cabana and you can lay in the hammock until you get your strength back. Besides, Sandra would like to have you take her ass.”

“I will consider the offer.”

For the rest of the morning, Peter had stumbled through the motions and was almost too tired to eat, but he managed to get enough coffee into his body to stave off the headache and struggled to the cabana and into the hammock.

“Food’s here,” Sandra said touching his shoulder. “You OK?”

“Yes, just floating,” Peter said. “Thanks. Be there in a moment.”

Sandra moved off and Peter forced himself to sit up so he would not fall back to sleep, or whatever limbo state he was in. He knew the Caribbean sun could whack his energy levels when he was not used to it, but this trip seemed to be taking more out of him than normal. And he knew better than to blame the sun as he walked up the short path the cabana.

The food had been put on the small table in between the couches and chairs and there was enough to feed more than the three of them. Joanne opened the wine and poured four glasses before silently toasting them, taking a quick drink and then ducking out to finish her rounds. Peter let the alcohol slide down his throat before he reached for the first of his sandwiches and started eating. He was on his third sandwich when he finally looked up. Melinda had a funny look on her face and Sandra was just shaking her head behind her wine glass. Neither lady seemed to be eating anything.

“What?” he asked around a mouthful of break and steak.

“I have never…,” Melinda began.

“My brother used to eat like that when he was playing football. My mother never could keep enough food in the house for him.”

“Hey, I’m hungry and I have been burning a lot of calories,” he said taking another bite before reaching for his wine glass, which he discovered was empty.

“I’ll get it,” Sandra said going over to the refrigerator and pulling out the open bottle.

Peter finished the sandwich, most of the fries that came with it, and a small plate of fruit before he sat back in the chair, twirling his wineglass in his hand and he looked around aimlessly.

“What are we going to do with our afternoon?” Melinda asked.

“Bored?” Peter asked with a smile. “There is a nice water park over there,” he said pointing at the raft in the middle of the lagoon with a number of slides on it and people flying in the air from the end of them and into the water below. “There is horseback riding back there, and I think a volleyball court or two. Bikes over where we got the floaty things. Might even be some snorkeling equipment to look at what fish haven’t been scared away by the people. I brought a book in my bag, and I am quite happy with an afternoon siesta.”

“Come on Sandra,” Melinda said, “let’s go see what sort of trouble we can get into!”

The two ladies left the cabana and Peter just put his feet up on the table after pulling another plate of fruit towards him and refilling his glass.

“Where did everyone go?” Joanne asked a few minutes later as she let herself in.

“Your wine is in the fridge, and they went to get into trouble. Better tell ship security to keep an eye out,” Peter said, popping a piece of mellon into his mouth while he watched her get her glass out.

“I really shouldn’t,” she said as she took a sip and came over to sit beside him.

“Shouldn’t what? Drink? Notify security? Kiss me?”

Joanne put her glass down and leaned over Peter, kissing his lips hard, her tongue plunging into his mouth as he tried to keep it from escaping. A small moan escaped them before she broke the kiss and sat back down beside him, her hand on his.

“Yes,” she said smiling. “You going to stay put for a while after this cruise?”

“I don’t really know. I have a couple of jobs in the queue. One in Florida, outside Tampa, one outside San Francisco. Both are about six month hitches with re-ups if they want, or I do. Need to make some money to recoup what I am pouring into your salary, and everyone else’s.”

“Funny guy.”

“Why? You coming up on vacation?”

“Actually, yes. I have one more three day after this and then I am off for two months.”

“You will be bored after two days,” Peter said laughing with her as she nodded her head in agreement.

“I have to go and see my parents, and my sister and her family.”

“OK, that takes care of three days, what are you going to do with the rest?”

“Smart ass. There’s a dealer school in Las Vegas that is recommended. I thought I might go and get a certificate or license or whatever they call it.”

“You want to deal blackjack to drunks? And give up all this?” he asked with a smile. “Actually, that is not a bad skill to have.”

“What are you thinking,” she asked.

“Well, depending on when you are thinking about going, let me know and I will come with you. You never know when being able to deal under the table to drunks might come in handy.”

“And when was the last time you played blackjack,” she asked.

“I don’t have time for cards, too busy being chased by women, but I might play craps tonight.”

Joanne laughed and tossed off the rest of her wine before putting the glass down on the table.

“Tell you what,” she began, “You make sure I have your current contact information, and if I get that far, I will call you.”

“You already have my current contact information dear,” he said. “It is the same as it was when you called me from Nassau a month ago. Now scat, or you will get in trouble.”

“I love you,” she said kissing him again and quickly running out.

“I love you too, Joanne,” he said quietly before finishing his own glass of wine.

“I told you he would be right where we left him,” Sandra said coming into the cabana.

“And you’re surprised?” Peter asked from the couch where he was stretched out reading.

“No, not particularly,” she said kissing him before moving out of the way for Melinda to kiss him.

“Find anything fun to do?”

“We walked around and looked at the people,” Melinda said. “This place is huge. Hard to believe there are 4000 people here.”

“Probably a little less. Some never get off the ship, but yes, most of them are here somewhere doing something,” Peter said, his attention still on his book. “What are we doing tonight?”

“We have not decided,” Sandra said.

“Could we visit the casino?” Melinda asked suddenly.

Peter turned his head to look at her. Sandra seemed to shrug. “Fine with me,” he said eventually.

“Good! Now, we need a drink and then into the water!” Melinda said.

Everyone placed a drink order and Peter walked down to the bar to pick them up and bring them back. They all took a sip or two before taking them and their rafts out to the lagoon to float around in the afternoon sun. Peter again floated in the middle of them, holding each lady’s hand as they bumped up and down on the gentle waves. There were several more people around them, some kids play in the water, other adults being lazy. Peter watched a couple of kids splashing each other and smirked. He let go of Melinda’s hand and splashed her before he did the same to Sandra and then tipped himself off his raft. The ladies sputtered and Melinda splashed him back a second before he dumped her off her raft.

“Oh, I am so going to get you,” she said and flung herself at him, dragging him under water before he popped back up a couple of feet away.

Sandra was laughing behind him and Peter spun and splashed her again as Melinda dragged him down again.

They frolicked in the water for a bit before calling a halt to it and then hauled themselves out of the water and walked back to the cabana, where Peter threw himself into the hammock and laughed.

“What’s so funny,” Melinda asked.

“Nothing, everything. That was fun. I haven’t done that in years.”

“It was fun,” Sandra said. “So what are we going to play tonight?”

“What can we play?” Melinda asked.

“Strip poker is out of the question. Makes the tables messy,” Peter said. “Toss me a water?”

Melinda brought him a bottle of water and poured it over his head.

“Oh that was mean,” he said taking the second bottle from her.

“Payback’s a bitch,” she said before she kissed him.

“To answer Sandra, I am a fan of craps and poker,” he said. “Not sure they have poker. Roulette can be fun too. I have a friend that apparently did very well in Las Vegas playing roulette.”

“Is he cute?” Sandra asked.

“Beats me, but his wife likes him,” Peter said with a shrug.

“All the good ones…,” she said.

“Well, his wife writes, and he’s a geek, so, yes, all the good ones. He is somewhere between St. Thomas and St. Croix as far as I know. They go every year around their anniversary.”

“They were married at Christmas?” Sandra asked.

“Yup. Great wedding too. Jason said he got what he wanted for Christmas that year.”

“He’s Navy?”

“No, really more pasty white, but not as bad as Katherine. She burns to a crisp under a heat lamp. He is just a geek. Now not as much as another guy I know, but a geek.”

“No, silly,” Sandra said, “Was he in the Navy?”

“Not that I know of. He just likes sailing. So he learned how.”

“And so what sort of secret skills do you have?” Melinda asked.

“Me? I am useless at cards. And pretty much a klutz with a knife. No secret skills that I know of.”

“He is so modest,” Melinda said, “I think his tongue should be documented as a secret skill.”

“I can support that,” Sandra said with a smile, “and his cock is certainly kept out of sight.”

“Both of you are so much fun. What say we we start back and get cleaned up. We can either try the casino before dinner or after. But in either case, there is not enough space for all of us to shower at once.”

“I am going to miss this,” Melinda said as she gathered things up.

“It is magical,” Sandra agreed as they pulled their few things together.

Peter slipped on his shoes and threw his shirt over his head as he escorted the ladies back to the ship.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen. We will be docking at Nassau in thirty minutes. If you have a scheduled trip, please make your way to the second deck in the next fifteen minutes. Have a wonderful day!”

The announcement brought Peter awake. The bed was empty and other than the normal noises of the ship, he heard no other sounds. He looked over at the clock on the nightstand and it read a few minutes after seven-thirty. The bed was rumpled and there was evidence that there had been three people in it at one point, but it was empty now. Peter wracked his memory, which was slow to respond, about what was going on. Things were still fuzzy, so he closed his eyes and waited for his mind to catch up.

They had returned to the ship, changed and gone to the casino. He remembered that. The ladies had played several hands of blackjack, mostly successfully and a couple of throws of craps, mostly unsuccessfully. They had gone from there to a lounge for a drink before dinner where they had talked with several other couples and sets of people traveling together and had been invited to a party after dinner. From there they had gone to dinner and then back to the lounge which was closed for the private party. Peter continued to wrack his memory for details. He remembered that there were considerably more women than men at the party, and most of them were dressed in what he called club wear. Short skirts, tight tops, painful looking heels, chunky jewelry. There had been a lot of alcohol. Dallas had kept his glass filed with tonic so he was not suffering the hangover that he was sure many others were. At one point, one of the girls, and he was hard pressed to believe she was more than 20, had stripped naked and laid herself out on a table and the guys, and some of the girls were drinking vodka off her body. It lasted about 10 minutes before security showed up and took her away. That had put a damper on things for a bit, until a few new people showed up and the dancing started, with a lot of bodies grinding against each other on floor. Peter was sure that there was some additional chemical stimulation being shared and managed to keep himself separate from it, despite being dragged into the middle of the morass of bodies. He had danced with Melinda, and Sandra, and a handful of other women that did everything but strip him naked and blow him on the floor. For his part, Peter believed he was a gentleman with most of the women, except Sandra and Melinda. He was pretty sure there were more than a couple that were going to wake up and wonder who they had sex with the night before, and who was next to them in bed. He remembered the three of them stumbling back to the room and after stripping and falling into bed, pretty much fell asleep as soon as the blankets were pulled up, the heat, the alcohol, and the activity having taking its toll on their bodies and their libidos.

Having answered the question, what happened last night, he still had no idea why he was alone. It was then that he noticed his arm band was missing. Another problem to deal with. Rather than task his mind overmuch, he got up, took care of the bathroom, and climbed into the shower to wash off the day and night before. He washed his body harshly and stepped out to dry himself off. He quickly got dressed and then went to the window to see what was going on outside. The ship was closing in on the pier and he could see the dock workers in position to tie her up. He looked around the room once more before he resigned himself to being locked out until he could get his wristband replaced. He went from his room to the common room where several people were already having a light breakfast.

“Good morning Eric,” he said, sliding into the chair in front of the desk. “I seem to have misplaced my wristband, and I was supposed to go ashore today.”

“Oh, that’s not good,” Eric said with a smile. “It happens all the time.”

Eric took out his keys and unlocked a drawer in his desk and pulled out a band from a bag of them. He punched a few buttons on his computer and touched the band to the reader on his desk before he passed it over to Peter.

“Would you mind checking that you can get into your room please?” he asked.

“Sure thing,” Peter said, putting the band on his wrist as he walked out and over to his room.

Touching the band to the lock, it tripped and he pushed the door open successfully, before closing it again and returning to the common room.

“Works just fine, thanks,” Peter said.

“You are quite welcome,” Eric said.

Peter waved good-bye and headed for the breakfast buffet, his stomach growling that he had not eaten nearly enough in the past few days. He stepped off the elevator and joined the small parade of folks heading that way.

“Good morning sleepy head,” Melinda said from a table at the side of the deck.

Peter turned his route towards the table. Both ladies had plates of fruits and glasses of juice and coffee, and looked well scrubbed and ready to go into town.

“Good morning yourselves,” he said as Melinda passed him his old wristband. “I wondered where that went to.”

“We got up and decided to shower in my cabin, we didn’t want to wake you,” Melinda said. “But we needed to get back into the room if you didn’t wake up in time.”

Peter passed the band back to Melinda.

“Keep it in your pocket. I have a new one. I don’t know if they deactivated it for room access or not. If not, then you have the key. I need to get some food. We will let the first horde disembark and then we can take our time.”

Peter walked into the buffet and loaded up his first plate and got his first cup of coffee before returning to the table and digging in.

“Do either of you remember what happened last night?” Peter asked.

“Parts of it,” Melinda said with a giggle. “I am not sure I remember much after they hauled the stripper out.”

“Stripper?” Peter asked.

“The one that stripped and became a shot glass. At least until security took her away.”

“That was one for the books,” Sandra agreed. “She was cute too.”

“I remember that,” Peter said. “Back in a second.”

Peter went to refill his glass and get another plate of food, before coming back to the table.

“I remember her being lead out, and the dancing.”

“Not much more than that,” Melinda said.

“Cocaine and Ecstasy being passed around too,” Sandra said sipping her coffee. “Probably a couple of others. I was offered, not my scene. I saw you were drinking tonic all night.”

“How’d you know?”

“With us, you have drunk wine, champagne, scotch, but never anything clear.”

“Caught,” he said smiling.

“Looking out for us?” Melinda asked.

“Unconsciously I guess,” Peter said with a shrug as he finished another plate. “Need more, back soon.”

Peter filled his plate and got more coffee before he returned to the table again.

“So what are we going to see today?” Melinda asked.

“What did you sign up for?” Sandra asked while Peter ate.

“I don’t remember,” Melinda said laughing. “I am sure it is exciting though.”

“We should get your itinerary on the way past the desk,” Peter said. “I just signed up to go ashore. Sandra?”

“Same. I have been here before. I was actually planning to fly back this afternoon, but now, I think I will just wander around. I have gotten used to waking up next the pair of you.”

Melinda hugged her.

“Let’s go get my itinerary while he finishes feeding his face and we can plot out where we are going to spend his money.”

“Jokes on you, I don’t have any money,” Peter said as the ladies went off to find the departure desk.

“Hey you,” Penelope said coming up to the table where Peter was finishing his coffee.

“Hello Penelope,” Peter said. “How did you enjoy your time on the island?”

“It was nice. Spent most of it looking for my own entertainment. My folks stayed on the ship and of course, my sister and fiancé were off doing whatever they were doing,” she said with a knowing smile and a slight roll of her eyes. “They are going to stay onboard, and my parents are off sightseeing.”

“Well, if you don’t mind a fair amount of bawdy talk, you can tag along with us. I am sure the ladies would love to have someone new to corrupt.”

Penelope giggled. “Let me leave a note. When are you going ashore?”

“As soon as they get back, so maybe another half-hour.”

“I will be right with you,” she said smiling and heading towards the elevators.

Peter got up and got another cup of coffee before returning to the table. The ladies had not returned yet. He looked around at the sun worshipers as they settled into their chaise lounges and the parents brought their kids down to the pool. It looked like it was going to be a nice day with a nice breeze blowing.

“Enjoying yourself?” Melinda said as she sat back down.

“Yes, actually. What is the order of the day?”

“I have a tour starting at 11 and running until 3,” she said with a bit of a frown. “But Sandra is coming with me.”

“Well then you should have fun.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Well, I will likely go in and wander around. I might slide in to one of my favorite pubs for lunch and then come back. I don’t have any particular desire to do anything in particular.”

“OK. Well, don’t have too much fun without us,” Melinda said kissing him quickly. “Gotta run.”

“Take care,” he said as he watched her ass disappear into the crowd.

Peter just shook his head and finished drinking his coffee. Maybe Penelope would not mind going into town alone with him.

“Ready to go,” Penelope said as she returned to the table.

“Well, if will just be you and me. The ladies had a tour arranged and have gone off to see the sights.”

“That’s fine, if you don’t mind being seen with me?”

“Now why would I mind that?” Peter asked as he stood up. “You are attractive, you sound intelligent. I imagine we will have fun. I need to go by my room. Shall I meet you downstairs?”

“I will come with you, I am in no hurry.”

“Then come with me,” Peter said, leading her towards the elevators.

They rode up to Peter’s floor in silence, and around the corner to his hallway. He opened the door and indicated Penelope should precede him in.

“Have a seat,” he said indicating the couch as he walked over to the safe and unlocked it.

Inside was his wallet and cellphone before closing the safe again.

“My phone get’s lonely if it is off the grid for too long,” he said turning it on dropping it in his pocket. “More to the point, the email piles up and it takes me forever to sort through it. Ready?”

“Ready. This is a nice room. And did you mean it when you said I was attractive?”

Peter leaned down, bracing on the arm of the arm of the couch and kissed her gently.

“Anyone who says otherwise is just not paying attention.”

Penelope grabbed his neck in with one hand and pulled him back down, kissing him hard, and passionately. Peter lost his footing and slipped down to his knees on the floor between her legs, his eyes level with her chest.

“You know, I have always wondered what it would be like to have a guy on his knees before me,” Penelope said with a kiss and her fingers quickly undoing the buttons on her blouse and pulling it open. “But I think I am going to like it.”

Peter watched her fingers move, his hands resting gently on her bare thighs, unconsciously running his thumbs along the insides as he watched her undo her blouse. Underneath, she was wearing a thin cotton bra that did nothing to hide the prominent nipples pushed hard against the material. When she pulled the material back, Peter leaned in and gently kissed and nibbled the soft skin of her stomach. Penelope moaned as he did this and he felt her shiver and the muscles in her legs twitched. He slid his hands up her thighs, his fingers slipping under the hem of her shorts as he kissed across the base of her breasts. His fingers reached the lace of her panties as his tongue flicked the erect nipple of her breast and Penelope moaned, her mouth open. Peter bit down on the nipple, crushing it between the material. Penelope thrust her hips forward and cried out, panting. He moved to the other nipple and did the same thing as his thumbs touched the wet lips of her pussy. Penelope was pushing against him, both chest and hip. He sat up to his full height and kissed the valley between her breasts and she sighed, before she bent down and kissed him, her hands holding the side of his head. Peter let his hands float across her waist and undid the button holding her shorts closed and slid the zipper down. She moaned into his mouth and lived her hips enough for him to pull down her shorts. He slid his hand along her ass as he did so. He then slid back up and undid her bra and pulled it off, his hand massaging one of her breasts, rolling the nipple between his fingers as she moaned into his mouth. He slid his other hand between her legs and ran his fingers over the smooth folds of her pussy and circled her hard clit. She cried out, throwing her head back and slamming her legs closed as an orgasm crashed through her body.

“Oh my,” she sighed. “Do that again?”

“Do what?” Peter said as he kissed her.

“All of it.”

Peter chuckled and pushed her back to lay against the couch and lifted her legs slightly before he slipped his tongue between her lips and sucked her clit as he squeezed her breasts. Her hips bucked against his face and he licked and sucked her and she squeezed her legs around his head and cried out again, her hands pulling at her hair, torn between pushing him away and pulling him closer. Eventually she relaxed her legs enough and pushed him away, but did not release him.

“Oh,” she panted. “Holy fuck.”

Peter just kissed her thighs from where he was kneeling.

“I want your cock,” Penelope said.

Peter stood up and she almost attacked him, getting his shorts pulled down and freeing his hard cock. She grabbed the base of it and dove onto it sucking it deeply and stroking the base, licking the head and sucking up all the pre-cum he was producing.

“Fuck me,” she said sitting back and pulling her legs open. “Just fuck me!”

Peter lined his cock up with her gash and shoved forward, sinking into the hot swamp of her pussy. Penelope cried out again and clamped down on his cock as Peter started to push into her. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him roughly against him as she thrust back, her hands alternated between mauling her breasts and getting leverage on the couch to shove her body against him. She cried out as another orgasm racked her body and Peter moaned out and shoved deep into her and unloaded, flooding her pussy with his cum.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…,” she chanted as she rode the end of her wave and continued to pull him against her.

Peter rested against the back of the couch as she slowly let him go.

“We are going to need a shower,” Peter said as he kissed her.

“Good. I want to suck your cock again. You have a beautiful cock.”

She put her feet down and let Peter stand up as he pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it on the couch with the rest of his clothes. He offered Penelope his hand and they walked over to the shower.

“So where do we go now?” Penelope asked as they touched the concrete of the pier.

They had washed each other thoroughly twice and then toweled off and got dressed before heading for the exits. There were very few people left to leave the ship by the time they got to the exits and they were into the pier little more than an hour after they had climbed into the shower.

“Unless you want to see useless trinkets, we go …,” Peter spun in place before pointing in a direction where few people seemed to be heading. “We go that way.”

Hand in hand they set off down a side street, filled more with natives than tourists and wandered along a couple of twisty streets before they popped out in a small square. A police man quickly came up to them.

“Peter, my friend, how are you?” he said, his big black hand coming up in welcome.

“Andre, so glad to see you! How are the wife and kids?” Peter said, shaking his hand before they pulled each other into a bear hug, slapping each other’s back. “How the hell are you?”

“Great, just great. Got another stripe and my own district,” Andre said stepping back. “And we have another little one, Patrice. Barely two now.”

“Has it been that long? I need to get back here more often.”

“At least that long my friend. And who is this lovely vision?”

“Ah, Penelope, my friend, Sergeant Andre Winston, Her Majesty’s police here in the islands. I met him, oh, has to be 10 years ago now when I was very much somewhere I should not have been and he politely directed me to more urbane streets.”

“A please to meet you Sergeant,” Penelope said.

“Please, call me Andre, at least when it isn’t official,” he said with a wink.

Penelope giggled and they shook hands.

“Are you going to lunch at the Conch?” Andre asked.

“Of course. Are you going to be free to join us or are you tied up with official duties.”

“You buying? I’m eating!” Andre said with a huge smile.

Peter laughed with him.

“Twelve-thirty then, and the first round is on me.”

“See you then my friend. Watch out for the pickpockets. A pleasure to meet you my dear, I hope you enjoy our fair city.”

Andre waved and headed off in the opposite direction.

“He is a wonderful friend,” Peter said. “I should get his email address this time. His wife is a wonderful cook, too.”

“He seems like a nice guy,” Penelope said. “I guess you take a lot of cruises?”

“I do, but I was down here for business when I first met Andre. It was a week’s hitch. They had us staying over there,” Peter said pointing across the bay.

“Isn’t that?”

“Yup, the Atlantis herself. Nice digs, but we spent most of our time in downtown. Anyway, I was walking home one night rather than take a cab. Felt the fresh air would do me some good and I guess I wandered off the path. Almost walked into a drug bust apparently. Andre was just a beat cop back then, but he got me pointed the right way. We seem to bump into each other every time I am down here. Must be ESP or the Fates or something.”

“So, where to now?”

“Let’s go…that way,” Peter said, leading her down another street.

Peter lead Penelope around Nassau, talking about the history and the culture that he could remember. Along their walk Penelope would pull him into a doorways and alleys and kissed him, and reminded him that there was still plenty of time to before lunch. He would laugh and move on to another part of the seaside town. By noon, they had seen most of the tourist sites, a few of the sites that the locals did not talk about and had made their way to a ramshackle restaurant with a view of the harbour. Penelope looked at Peter and he just smiled back.

“Trust me,” he said as they went in.

The restaurant was full of locals and Penelope looked around with a bit of concern. She did not get a chance to say anything as a large black woman came rushing up to them.

“Peter, Peter, Peter!” she said crushing him to her chest, “you have come to take me away!”

“Hello, Dora,” Peter said hugging her back. “How have you been?”

“Good, but better now. Dora, this is Penelope,” he said.

“She is so small Peter dear, how do you manage?”

“Well, I only just met her, so I am sure you can help put her on the right path. Has Andre arrived yet?”

“You would bring that vagabond here?!” she said with drama.

“Of course. Someone has to feed him. His wife can’t cook.”

“Eh, that be truth,” she said laughing. “He isn’t here yet, come this way, we get you started.”

“I wondered who distracted her,” a big bear of a man said coming around the corner.

“Hello Nathan, how are you?”

“I am good my son, good. How are you?” he said, Peter’s hand disappearing in his as they shook. “My friend Penelope. Andre is going to join us.”

“That reprobate? Amazed you are friends with him at all.”

“It takes effort I have to admit.”

“Drinking?” Nathan asked.

“Of course.”

“Coming right up,” he said as Penelope and Peter sat down at a table.

“Do you know the entire city?” she asked quietly

“No, but I know all the right people,” he said smiling. “And the food is really good.”

Penelope picked up the menu and Peter just shook his head.

“What we are going to get is not on the menu. Just relax and enjoy.”

Penelope looked at him but put the menu back on the table as Nathan brought them out three glasses, and put one in front of each of them and then sat down in one of the empty chairs, a glass in front of himself.

“Cheers,” he said and they sipped.

Penelope took a sip and looked at Peter.

“Beats me,” he said answering her unasked question. “It’s a local favorite and I have not been able to re-create it and he won’t tell me what is in it other than rum.”

“That’s right,” Nathan said smiling.

Dora came out at that moment with a platter of fruits and put it in front of them.

“Where’s Andre?” she asked looking at the clock.

“You know him Dora, he isn’t late until he doesn’t show up.”

“Ire, you be right,” she said. “Conch fritters will be ready in a minute.”

Dora walked away and the three of them helped themselves to the fruit platter as customers moved in and out of the small restaurant.

“There he is,” Peter said catching Andre out of the corner of his eye.

Peter and Nathan stood up and shook hands all the way around as Andre sat down in the empty seat next to Peter while Nathan resumed his seat.

“Only working half a day today, Nathan,” Andre asked.

“I figured you were on duty,” he said.

“I am, so get me one of those,” Andre said smiling.

Nathan shook his head and walked over to the bar.

“Did you see the sights Penelope? I know Peter has a pretty good handle on most of the local sights but he isn’t a local.”

“No, I am not a local, but I have taken enough tours of this rock that I know most of the pater.”

“He did sound like a tour guide,” Penelope said. “I may have to tip him when we are done.”

“Oh, do go do that girl,” Dora said putting pile of conch fritters on the table, “it will only make his head swell.”

“Well, we wouldn’t want that would we,” Penelope said with a grin.

“Wench,” Peter said scooping some of the fritter onto his plate and taking another drink.

Nathan returned with one for Andre and a pitcher, filled full and put it on the table.

“If we drink all of that, Andre will have to find a car to take us back to the ship,” Peter said dipping a fritter.

“That could be fun,” Penelope said. “Been a while since I got drunk with a guy.”

“Oh, darling, you are with the right man,” Dora said putting more food in front of them.

Penelope blushed and Peter refilled his glass. The conversation moved from teasing to local issues, to predictions for next hurricane season, to how many tourists would be lost before the ship left tonight. And still the food kept coming.

“We are not going to want dinner,” Penelope said eventually, pushing the plate forward and sitting back, her glass empty.

“Dora makes the best food in town,” Peter said agreeing as he too drained his glass. “What time is it?”

“A little after three,” Andre said. “Not to worry, my car is out front. You will make the ship.”

“You are a prince Andre,” Peter said. “And thanks. Dora, what do I own you?”

“Millions of kisses,” she said.

“Cheap at twice the price,” Penelope said, “but his is pretty worn out.”

Dora just laughed and even Nathan grinned at her.

“I can see who my friends are,” Peter said as she put a bill next to him.

“We should get going,” Andre said.

Peter put some money down and stood up. Penelope stood up next to him a bit unsteady on her feet. She gave Dora a hug and then one to Nathan as Peter took her place and hugged Dora and thanked her for lunch before shaking Nathan’s hand as Andre lead them outside into the afternoon sun.

“Thank you for lunch my friend. Are you going to be back here in the spring?”

“I haven’t decided yet, but I will let you know as soon as I know,” Peter said as they drove back to the port.

They talked pleasantries on the trip and thanked Andre when they pulled up near the port before getting out of the car and mounting the gangway. Security signed them in and they went up to the pool deck, and got a drink before finding a table where they could look out over the port watching people come and go as they boarded the ships.

“What next?” Penelope asked.

“I don’t know,” Peter said. “I guess it will depend on what else is happening this evening when the ladies get back. I know I am not hungry, and if the almost constant vibration of my phone is any indication, I should probably check to see if it isn’t something important.”

“Go ahead,” Penelope said smiling. “My own phone has been just as busy, but I have been having too much fun with you.”

She kissed Peter and he kissed her back.

“Or we could go to my room,” Penelope said.

Peter kissed her again, and slid his hand along her bare thigh.

“Or I will just brace myself against this chair,” she said shivering. “Come on.”

Penelope grabbed his hand and pulled him to the elevators, abandoning their drinks. Once the doors closed, Penelope molded her body against Peter and attacked his mouth with her tongue, her hands sliding into the waist band of his shorts while Peter slid his hands under her blouse and thumbed her nipples.

“I am so ready, you could take me now,” she hissed as she squeezed his ass. “But that will get us thrown off the ship, so let’s hurry!”

The moved quickly along the passageway once the elevator opened and Penelope opened the door to her room.

“Good, she isn’t here,” Penelope said pulling Peter’s shirt over his head, trapping his hands.

Penelope licked Peter’s nipple as her hands moved to undo his pants, shoving then down in a pile. Peter pulled himself free of of his shirt as Penelope pushed her own pants down and turned around and pushed her ass up at Peter. Peter grabbed her hips and slammed his cock into her hot pussy. She cried out and gripped the mattress hard.

“God, that feel so good,” she sighed, before she moved a hand back to play with her clit. “Ram me hard!”

Peter used her hips for leverage and rammed her hard and Penelope pushed back just as hard. Neither one of them heard the bathroom door close.

“Well, that looks fun,” a female voice said as Penelope cried out, her orgasm bending her back.

Peter looked over his shoulder and saw her sister, the newly engaged, standing there naked looked at them, her nipples hard as she watched Peter slam her sister-in-law. Peter did not stop and continued to drive Penelope into the mattress until he pumped his load into her steaming valley. Penelope collapsed against the bed, panting and Peter slumped down on the bed beside her.

“It is,” Penelope said. “Peter, my naked sister-in-law, Christine.”

“Hello,” Peter said, waving.

Christine got down between Peter’s legs and wrapped her mouth around Peter’s limp cock, sucking and licking, her hands playing with his balls.

“Going to take him for a test ride Chris?” Penelope asked.

Christine did not say anything but pulled up off his cock, hard and shining with her saliva. She turned around and sat down on his cock, moaning as it penetrated her.

“He has a lovely cock,” Christine said as she started riding.

Penelope moved around on the bed and kissed Peter, as he put his hands on Christine’s breasts, squeezing them and pulling on her nipples. Penelope moved to between Christine’s legs and started licking her clit and Peter’s cock.

“Oh fuck,” Christine cried out as she came.

She climbed off of Peter and flung herself on her back, pulling her legs up. Peter turned around and positioned his cock at her opening and drove it home. Christine wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him in, pushing her hips up hard and pulling her nipples. Peter rammed her pussy and her back bowed with each shove as she tried to pull all of him into her. She came again hard and Peter pumped a load into her waiting pussy, her nails raking along his back, her moans and sighs filling the room. Penelope laid next to them, touching each of the gently.

“Wow,” Christine said. “That was good.”

She slumped back against the bed, panting.

“He’s a keeper Pen, don’t let him go.”

“There are two ahead of me,” she said with a laugh. “Probably more.”

“At least. Can I borrow your shower?”

“As long as I can wash your back,” Penelope said.

Chapter Four

Peter sat on a lounge chair on the top deck, the sun shining down from a brilliant blue sky, a light breeze blowing over him from the movement of the ship and a light wind out of the west. He had gotten up early, grabbed a big breakfast and found himself this chair where he sat down with another cup of coffee and a book. He had his phone with him, and he had been sorting through the pile of emails that had come in. Most of them were junk and easily deleted with a couple of clicks. The rest were not so easily dismissed, the hardest, two texts and an email from Allison. He had already listened to her voicemail, the text and email were little different. She and Natalie were done and she was an emotional wreck. In someways, Peter was very happy he was hundreds of miles away, and inaccessible. He hated messy breakups, and this one sounded not only messy, but potentially explosive and he did not want to be in the middle of it. As much as he liked Allison, he did not think he loved her, and he did not think he could add anything of value other than being used as a whipping post. Thinking about this made it hard for him to focus on the business emails he needed to formulate answers to, answers he needed to come up with before the ship docked so that he could send them as soon as he docked. He put the phone down and picked up his cup of coffee.

“You look like a man with a lot on his mind,” Joanne said, pulling up a chair next to his.

“You are going to get into trouble spending so much time talking to me,” he said quietly.

“It is my job to make sure all of my passengers have a wonderful time on board, and you sir, do not look like you are having a wonderful time, despite the company you have been keeping. Melinda told me you were rattled this morning. Want to tell me what’s up?”

Peter picked up his phone and pulled up the message from Allison and passed the phone over to Joanne.

“Wow, that’s pretty intense,” Joanne said passing the phone back to him. “So what’s the problem?”

“I have a hard time not helping,” Peter began, “but this, this is explosive. Natalie is a very direct woman from the couple of times I have met her. And she doesn’t like me. Worse, I fully believe that Allison is looking at me as the rebound boy and sinking her hooks into me as a stable person in her life. I don’t want to be in between this. But I am going to have to tell her that before I get back home. And she does know where I live, so this could get ugly.”

“You have all the luck,” Joanne said touching his arm. “Peter, yes, you need to tell her you are going break it off, and it does appear to be the best idea. You are a good man Peter, and I know you want to do what is right, and you are doing the right thing.”

“Thanks Joanne,” Peter said.

“Are you going to smile,” she asked.

“I will try to smile,” Peter said, “but no promises.”

“Then I will send Melinda up to make you smile, and failing that, I may have to pull out the stops and just do it myself.”

“Joanne, I shiver just thinking about it,” he said with a weak smile.

“Then my work here is done. Did you get any sleep last night?”

“No, not really, and not for the reasons you think.”

“Peter, Melinda told me they let you sleep alone. Take some advice? Put the phone back in the safe, and enjoy the sun. Then get those ladies, who care very much about you, to help you craft a reply.”

Peter handed her the phone. “Toss this on the desk in my room?”

“Of course. Enjoy your morning Peter.”

Joanne moved towards the stairs and Peter watched her go before closing his eyes and enjoying the feel of the sun on his face. Peter was not sure what was going to happen when the ship docked, but Joanne was right, and he tried to put Allison out of his mind. At least it was a lovely day and he was in the middle of the Caribbean. What was there to worry about. He breathed out and tried to blank his mind.

“Feeling better?” Sandra asked quietly from the chair where Joanne had been sitting.

“A wise woman gave me some advice,” he said.

“Good. Melinda was worried.”

“And you weren’t?”

“I was worried about you Peter, but you are a good man. Penelope has asked about you. She’s got the hots for you.”

“Well, she is pretty hot,” Peter said.

“Yes, she is,” Sandra said laughing. “You have enough to untangle here before we dock you know. And Melinda wants to talk with you.”

“And you don’t?”

“I already told you my feelings Peter. They haven’t changed. But you are very good in bed, and I will miss that.”

“Thanks,” Peter said.

“You’re welcome. I am going to see if my luck has changed at the blackjack table. Lunch?”

“Sure. Thanks Sandra. I hope we can stay friends after all of this.”

“Count on it,” she said kissing him quickly. “See you in a bit.”

Peter squeezed her hand and he closed his eyes again. He was pretty sure that Melinda was lurking nearby and Sandra would signal her. He did not have long to wait.

“Hi Peter,” Melinda said, sitting down.

“Hi,” he said, pulling his chair into a sitting position. “Thanks for sending Joanne.”

“You’re welcome,” she said smiling. “I want you to know something. I know we have not talked about our relationships before we met, but my ex, he was abusive. Mentally, not physically. But that doesn’t matter. I ran away, this cruise was my liberation. I had not planned on meeting anyone, much less sleeping with them. Part of me screamed ‘go away’ when you sat down at the table, but you were so nice, polite. Never asking or demanding anything of me. And you were so damn good looking. I drowned in your eyes. And then my body drowned in yours. The rest were just a bonus. And I love you for that. I have had so much fun on this cruise. And most of it because I have been around you. Sandra is fun. And Penelope is a hoot. She is so funny. Peter, I owe you so much, I could never pay you back. But I am going to try. I would love to get to know you better. Off the ship. And if it works, it works. If it doesn’t it doesn’t. For the rest of the cruise, I would just like us to continue having fun. You, me, Sandra, Penelope, Joanne. No expectations, other than crashing orgasms that make my nipples tingle and curl my toes. What do you think?”

“I think that sounds like a great idea,” Peter said sitting up and pulling her into his arms and kissing her soundly. “Want to start now? I understand my room is empty.”

Melinda kissed him back and moulded her body against his, feeling his growing erection press against her.

“My pussy is wet and aching to feel you inside me, once you curl my toes. Let’s go.”

The hurried down the stairs and into Peter’s room. Melinda almost had his shirt off before he got he door closed and quickly pushed his pants down, his cock bouncing up against his abdomen as she did. Peter pulled her t-shirt off, his hands sliding along her sides and his thumbs bouncing over her bra covered breasts as he did. Melinda pushed her own shorts down and pulled him down on the bed. Peter moved between her legs as she removed her bra and flicked his tongue over her clit making her moan as she fell back onto the pillow.

“You do that so well,” she moaned. “Lick my clit, make me cuuuuummmm,” she cried as he did.

Melinda squeezed Peter’s head between her legs as her orgasm went through her. He continued licking her and sucking her clit and she pulled his head hard against her body as he until she came again.

“Oh, fuck me Peter, hard and fast,” she begged as she let him go and he kissed his way slowly up her body.

Peter stopped to suck on her hard nipples before he slid his erection into her wet, hot pussy with a single thrust. Melinda pulled her legs up and tilted her hips and thrust back against him. Peter hammered into Melinda and she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him in with each thrust as she put a hand between them and furiously rubbed her clit.

“Cum in me, cum in me, cum in me,” she panted as she rubbed her clit and cried out.

Peter could feel her pussy clamp down on his cock and his own balls boiled over as he pumped into her, his arms collapsing as he did and slumping on to her. Peter kissed her neck as she panted and held him close to her body.

“I am going to have to get Sandra to take some picture of us so I can remember this,” she said as she held him. “I am going to have to have something to fantasize to when I get home.”

“You can certainly do that,” he said kissing her ear. “I wouldn’t mind a few myself.”

Melinda kissed him soundly and he kissed her back.

“Are you hard again? Put it in me, please, rock inside of me slowly.”

Peter was hard enough to slide back inside of her and he did, stiffening as he slowly stroked in and out as she held him close against her. He felt her pussy flutter around him and he got harder and pushed back against her. They kissed, their tongues playing with each other as Melinda ran her hands up and down his body. Peter bent enough to flick one of her nipples and she moaned again as he did, and she pushed against him again. Peter continued to slowly tease her as he did. Melinda moaned and pushed, clamping down around his cock as another orgasm flooded her body.

“One more,” she said breathlessly, “give me one more.”

Peter sucked harder on her nipples and continued to slide in and out of her.

“Take me from behind,” she said and he slid out as she turned over.

Peter slid into her and she immediately started rubbing her clit before clamping down on his cock. Peter picked up the pace after she came and started pounding into her pussy, his balls slapping against her hands as he did before his own orgasm pushed through him and he collapsed against her and they fell to the bed together, arms and legs all tangled up, bodies covered in sweat. Melinda turned herself around and hugged him close against her, her tears coming softly. Peter held her and stroked her back.

“I am so going to miss your arms. Not as much as your cock, but I am going to miss your arms wrapped around me,” she said. “Feels so good.”

The held onto each other for a while before Melinda started kissing Peter again.

“Trying to wear me out so Sandra can’t have anything?” he asked with a smile.

“Making sure to get all I can before I have to share you again,” she said with a smile. “Not that I don’t get something out of sharing you, but I don’t have to do it willingly.”

“Well, you are not going to get much out of me at the moment,” he said. “I am tired and sweaty.”

“Oh, I wasn’t trying to get you hard,” she said, “just kiss you. Most guys don’t kiss, and you do, and it is fun.”

Peter smiled and they spent several minutes kissing each other before Melinda announced she was satisfied and dragged him into the shower.

“Now what do we do?” Peter asked after they had dried and put their clothes back on.


“Sandra said she was in the casino and would like to join us.”

“Then let’s go and find her and get your calories back up so you can screw us all afternoon,” Melinda said.

“I am going to need more than calories then,” Peter said with a laugh as they exited the room and walked down the passage.

They quickly made their way to the casino which was doing a brisk business for the middle of the day. They found Sandra at the blackjack table sitting next to Penelope and her soon to be sister in law, each of them with a healthy pile of chips in front of them. Sandra’s seemed to be more high value on first look. Peter just shook his head.

“Having fun ladies?” Peter asked as he kissed Sandra and then Penelope.

“I don’t get one?” Christine asked.

“I didn’t want to get thrown overboard by your in-laws, or your potential husband,” Peter said before his kissed her quickly.

“They are playing in the pool,” Penelope said.

“And so why aren’t you up on deck in your most scandalous bikini?” Peter asked Penelope.

She looked up at him from her chair and put her hands under her ample breasts.

“They do not make bikinis that will support these,” she said.

“Sure they do,” Peter said with a smirk. “Remind me when we get back to shore and I will send you some suggestions.”

“One of us has a dirty mind,” she said smiling. “OK, let me go and cash out. We have to meet the ‘rents for lunch.”

“Enjoy your lunch,” Peter said moving aside as Sandra won another hand. “You ready or shall we go find a table?”

“If I play anymore, I might have to pay for my cruise,” Sandra said. “Let me go and cash out. Meet you at the front?”

Peter and Melinda walked to the front of the casino were there were a number of people milling around trying to decide if they were going to go in and play or not. Penelope came up to them and whispered in Peter’s ear.

“If I knew you were going to be on deck, I would wear my scandalous bikini, if only to see the look on my parents face,” she said with a quick kiss. “I cannot wait to see what links you send me though. See you later.”

Penelope and her sister left the casino as Sandra arrived.

“Ready?” she asked as she gave Melinda a kiss.

“Ready,” they said.

“Did you wear him out yet,” she asked Melinda as they walked down to the buffet.

“I don’t know about wearing him out, but he is in a much better frame of mind,” Melinda said with a giggle.

“That is good to hear,” Sandra said with a smile. “Do I get to check his frame of mind after lunch?”

“Don’t I get a say?” Peter asked.

“No,” they both said in unison before breaking into giggles and getting looks from several of their fellow passengers.

They grabbed their plates and served themselves food. They found a table and ordered some wine as they dug in.

“Are there more clouds up there than this morning?” Sandra asked, causing the others to look up.

“Hard to tell,” Melinda said.

Peter did not say anything but stood up and walked over to the railing and seemed to stare down at the sea for a moment. He did not immediately see anything that would indicate they were heading into a storm. The waves seemed to be curling naturally and there were no whitecaps of note. The ship seemed to be on an even keel he noticed as he watched his wine glass as he walked back the table. It may have tilted a bit, but not enough to make him concerned.

“And your expert opinion?” Melinda asked as he sat down.

“We are at sea, in a boat, and that boat is afloat. Can’t really tell anything else. We can ask Joanne or Eric if we get back up stairs but I don’t see anyone moving quickly to close up things that might go bump in the night if we were heading into a storm.”

“They do that?”

“They will secure some of the furniture and close some of the doors. You wouldn’t notice it if you didn’t know where to look. Joanne tipped me off a couple of cruises back to the subtle preparations they will make. Apparently for hurricanes, they will try to outrun them or they will lock down the ship if they cannot outrun the leading edge. Joanne went through one, and she said it was terrible. Between all the broken dishes and the sick passengers, she would rather go through one on land than at sea.”

“That rough?”

“I guess. It scared her. I haven’t had the pleasure of going through that sort of storm, so I can’t say. I have been through a tropical storm on land though, so I can only imagine what it would be like on the deck of a pitching ship. Probably needed seat belts.”

“So no storm?” Sandra asked.

“Oh, I didn’t say that,” he said as he continued with his lunch. “It is getting darker up there, no question. I expect we might get some rain at some point, but when, I don’t know.”

“So we can spend the afternoon checking your mental state,” Sandra said with a laugh.

Peter just shook his head as the first fat rain drop fell, several more falling behind it. Everyone picked up their dishes and retreated under cover as the sky opened up sun worshipers running for cover while the kids continued to play in the pool.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are passing through a brief cloudburst,” the announcement said. “We should have smooth sailing shortly.”

“See, no storm,” Peter said, eating a shrimp covered in sauce.

“I still want to check his state of mind,” Sandra said laughing.

“Women,” Peter said.

The rain fell for a couple of more minutes before it stopped and the sun came out. Several deck hands were already out mopping up the water as they finished up their lunch and walked across the deck to the elevators. Sandra pushed the button for their floor before pulling Peter against her and kissing him hard as Melinda slid her hands under his shirt and over his stomach, trying to slip her hands into the waist band of his shorts but was stopped by the ding of the elevator stopping and the doors opening short of their floor. Sandra let him go and Melinda stood close to him, but did not let him go. An older couple got on and they all exchanged pleasantries as they rode up to their floor. Melinda slid her hand into Peter’s pocket and played with him though his pants, his erection hard in her hand. The old couple got off and they let them walk away while they turned towards Peter’s cabin.

“You are a minx,” Peter said, kissing Melinda.

“What did she do now?” Sandra asked.

“He has deep pockets,” she said. “Very deep.”

“Oh, really,” Sandra said. “I am looking forward to trying that, but right now, I want nothing between the two of us but air, and very little of that if it can be arranged until you are deep, deep, inside of me.”

Peter unlocked his door and was almost shoved in by the two ladies eager to get him into bed. Melinda pulled his shirt off and Sandra worked on his pants, pulling them down and releasing his cock and catching it with her hand as she wrapped her mouth around it, sucking him into her mouth as her nose bumped against the skin of his body. Melinda was kissing his spine, her hands around his chest playing with his nipples as Sandra sucked his cock, her hand moving up and down on his cock as she did this. Melinda slid her finger between his legs and played with his ass. Peter moaned as she did this and his hips flexed, shoving his cock into Sandra’s mouth. Sandra pulled her mouth off his cock, her hand stroking the base of his cock.

“Put him on the bed,” she said and Melinda directed him to the bed and pushed him down, throwing her legs over his head.

Sandra turned around and impaled herself on his cock, moaning as she took him into herself. She settled against him before she stared bouncing up and down on his cock, her hand over her clit as she did so. Peter was not sure how he could focus on his cock with Melinda’s pussy dripping on his face, but he was pretty sure that Sandra was going to ride him until she came, or his orgasm happened reflexively so he drove his tongue against Melinda’s engorged clit and sucked it. Melinda moaned and Sandra rocked harder on Peter. He reached up and squeezed Melinda’s nipples as he sucked her clit. She rammed down on his face and cried out as she melted on top of him and then fell off to the side. Sandra cried out too and shuddered, her motions temporarily suspended as she panted.

“Bed,” she said, panting.

Sandra stood up and bent over the bed. Peter moved behind her and slipped his cock into her pussy and grabbed her hips as they started again. Sandra gripped the sheets as he pounded into her and Melinda moved around and started playing with her nipples.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she chanted as he drove her into the bed.

Sandra cried out again as Peter came inside her, filling her and collapsing against her, his breath coming in gasps as Melinda continued to play with Sandra’s nipples. Peter slid down and spread her legs, licking her clit and she cried out again.

“Oh, god….Peter, enough,” she said as she crawled onto the bed.

Melinda kissed her, then started sucking on Sandra’s nipple.

“You go away too,” Sandra said pushing her off. “I need a minute.”

Peter lay next to her and kissed her neck for a moment before he put his arm across her and held her close.

“Nothing wrong with his state of mind,” Sandra said breathlessly. “Or his cock.”

Peter awoke to a pattering against the window of his stateroom. Both ladies were still asleep, curled up near him. He got up and walked over to the window, looking out at dark clouds and heavy rain slanting in against the side of the ship. He walked over and pulled on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, slid his feet into sandals and slipped out of the room and across the hall to the common room. Eric was behind the desk.

“Just a cloud burst?” Peter asked.

“Hm. No, no it is a storm. Captain is trying to skirt the edge of it, but it seems we may have to go through it for a while before we can get the sun back again.”

“OK, thanks. Glad it happened today and not yesterday. Tomorrow any better?”

“Should be.”

“Thank’s Eric. Have a good afternoon.”

“You too.”

Peter slipped back into the room, used the bathroom and then crawled back into bed.

“What’s wrong?” Melinda asked.

“Storm,” Peter said.


“It could be, we are going to have to go through some storm before we are back in the sun.”

“Rough sea?”

“Eric did not say,” Peter said.

Melinda curled up close against Peter and he put his arms around her and the two of them drifted off to sleep.

Peter woke with a start and Sandra was right beside him.

“What was that?” she asked.

“Iceberg?” Peter said, grinning.

“Your heart is pounding.”

“Happens when I am awoken without warning by what sounded like a thump.”

Peter lay still for a moment, waiting. There were no announcements, and no indication that anything was wrong. Melinda was awake now, her hands moving gently over Peter’s skin.

“Stay here,” Peter said, slipping out of bed and pulling his sweats back on.

He walked over to the window and looked out between the curtains. The rain was hammering against the ship and lightning flashed in the distance, thunder booming over the water.

“Pretty big storm out there,” he said, flipping on the monitor in the room, and switching over to the ship channel. It showed that the ship was moving through the edge of a storm that seemed to take up half the screen. The ship lurched a bit as he watched and he grabbed the edge of the bed.

“That wasn’t good,” Melinda said.

“No. I will be back in a moment.”

Peter slipped out into the hallway, one hand on the railing as he walked into the common room. Usually, there were treats out for the post lunch crowd, but today, it was all packed away. Joanne was sitting at the desk.

“You going to tie me down?” Peter asked.

“Don’t tempt me,” Joanne said. “I hate these storms.”

“We can’t steer it around it?”

“Probably. But we aren’t.”

“Going to have a lot of sick passengers.”

“How are the ladies?”

“Consoling each other until I get back,” Peter said.

The room was empty and he walked closer to where Joanne was sitting and bent down.

“Too many cameras, but I would rather be consoling you. I know you hate these storms. You going to be OK?”

“Yeah, thanks, Peter. Get back to consoling them and hang on. It is going to be a bit bumpy for a bit.”

“Will do. Be careful.”

Peter slipped out of the common room and returned to his stateroom. Melinda and Sandra were curled around each other, fingers moving gently over each other, as they traded kisses. Peter pulled his shirt off and tossed it on the couch before sliding his sweats off and crawling into bed.


“Nothing real. The ship is going to buck a bit and slide sideways as we move through this storm.”

“How’s Joanne?”

“Gripping her desk and wishing for it to be over.”

Melinda kissed him, and grabbed him tight as the ship moved funny. Sandra did the same thing from the other side as his phone rang.

“Expecting a call?” Melinda asked as she rolled over to pick it up.

“Hello,” she said, listening to the other side.

“Pen,” she said passing it over to Peter.

“Peter,” he said.

“Where are you? And have you got room for one more?” Penelope’s voice said, sounding shaky.

“In my room, and I think we could squeeze you in,” he said.

Melinda just nodded and held on tighter. Sandra did not have him in a death grip, but she had her leg wrapped around his.

“I will be there in a couple of minutes,” she said. “Thanks, Peter.”

Peter passed the phone to Melinda who put it back on the stand while he rubbed Sandra’s back and then Melinda’s back when she rolled over and curled up against him. Every time the ship lurched, they would cling just a bit tighter to him. He alternately kissed them, more to calm them than anything else.

“Door,” Sandra said after he finished kissing her.

They let him go and he pulled his sweats back on and went to open the door. Penelope threw herself into his arms, her body shaking as she clung to him. He soothed her as best he could maneuvering her around to the bed where he sat her down. Melinda and Sandra helped undress her as she continued to cling to Peter. The eased the pair of them down onto the bed. Melinda stroking her back. Sandra moving to the side to give them room and holding Peter loosely as she kissed his neck. Peter kissed Penelope gently and her shaking calmed down briefly before a flash-crash occurred outside the window.

“I hate storms,” she said through her tears and buried her head in Peter’s shoulder.

“Shh, it’s OK,” he said. “Where’s the rest of the family?”


“Not a bad idea,” Sandra said.

“Terrible idea if we are going to pitch back and forth for a while,” Peter said quietly, kissing Penelope.

“I could use a drink myself,” Melinda said.

“Keep her comforted?” Peter asked as he extracted himself.

“Of course,” Melinda said.

Peter got dressed again, walked across the hall and entered the common room. It was still empty and Joanne was looking green around the gills. Peter walked over to the fridge and pulled it open, pulling out water and a bottle of wine. He opened a cupboard and pulled down some plastic glasses and walked over to Joanne.

“Drink something,” he said, passing her a bottle of water.

“Yeah. Thanks,” she said as she opened it and took a sip. “Need an opener?”

“No, got the screw top one,” Peter said.

“Ladies OK?”

“Penelope is a bit freaked. Sandra is scared, but not overly so. Melinda is a bit more scared than Sandra, but not as wigged out as Penelope.”

“And you?”

“Well, I have no intention of going down with the ship, but at this point, there is nothing to be scared about, the ship will move, slide, and buck as necessary and when the weather calms down, we will continue steaming where we are going to steam. Right?”

“Right,” Joanne said with a bit of a laugh. “Peter, you always amaze me. How do you manage to make it all seem so trivial?”

“Gift. You going to be OK?”

“I am now, and if not, I know where there is some wine.”

Peter laughed and retuned to his room, opening the wine and pouring a healthy shot for each of them. Penelope tossed hers off and asked for more, taking her time on the next glass surrounded by the other two.

“Thanks,” she said.

Melinda started sucking Penelope’s nipple as Sandra traced her fingers along Penelope’s body.

“That tickles,” Penelope said shivering.

“Oh, she’s ticklish,” Sandra said as she started tickling Penelope again.

“I could have told you that,” Peter said laughing from the edge of the bed.

Penelope could not respond as she was busy having both her nipples sucked, one by Melinda and one by Sandra. Peter paused for a moment, watching the two of them lick and suck Penelope and then he quickly stripped and slid between her legs. Penelope spread them open and gave him room as he twirled his tongue around her clit and sucked gently on her swollen lips. Outside he could hear the occasional crack of thunder, but he was more interested in the sounds of pleasure coming from Penelope as she moaned and sighed. He slid his hands up the thighs of the two women on either side of him and played with their clits or slide a finger into their wet openings. He watched Penelope play with Sandra and Melinda’s breasts, occasionally pulling one of them up for a kiss and a chance to capture the others nipple in her mouth. There were a number of sighs of pleasure. Penelope’s orgasm crashed over her and the other two sucked hard on her nipples as her back bowed and she cried out. Peter relaxed his attack as she crested and fell back against the bed before he moved sideways and started licking Melinda. She squeezed as he did and Penelope pulled her down into a kiss. Sandra lazily touched Penelope as Peter worked on Melinda’s clit until she squeezed his head and curled, her orgasm bending her body.

“Don’t you dare,” Sandra said, pushing him back as he moved to start next on her. “You killed me already.”

Peter laughed and kissed the inside of Penelope’s thigh where he rested his head. Penelope and Sandra played with his hair as Melinda recovered, her hands moving gently over Penelope.

“Can I keep him?” Penelope said to the room in general.

“I don’t even know if he is house trained,” Sandra said.

“I own a vacuum,” Peter said, nipping the inside of Penelope’s lag.

“I don’t even own a vacuum,” Melinda said with a laugh. “I did, but it broke, and I haven’t replaced it yet.”

“How domestic,” Peter said earning a swat from her.

“More wine,” Sandra said.

Peter pushed himself up and reached over to the shelf and pulled the bottle over, rolling to pour wine into the glasses that were presented to him. There was only a bit left in the bottle so he tipped it up and drunk the remains before putting the bottle back and returned to where he had been resting. He continued teasing Penelope’s leg, less trying to excite and more because it was there. She giggled a bit as he touched her and she scratched his scalp.

“I can’t reach you,” Melinda said.

Peter reached up and held her hand across Penelope’s body and Penelope put her hand on top of it.

“Thank you,” she said. “All of you. This was supposed to be a happy time, and I was jealous as hell. Oh, I am happy for my brother, but it has been so damn long since any man has looked at me.

Penelope started weeping and Sandra and Melinda gathered her into their hands. Peter moved to slide away but she tightened her grip on his hair and his hand and he stopped moving and kissed her thigh instead. They held her close and she cried herself out.

“Tissues,” Melinda said and now Peter was released to go and get them.

“More wine?” he asked, passing over the box as he walked over to look out the window.

“Still raining?” Sandra asked.

“Yes, but it looks like the lighting is moving off.”

“More wine is needed,” Melinda said.

Peter only nodded and pulled his clothes on again and crossed again into the common room. There were two others in the room, both looking a bit green as the ship continued to slide. He waved at Joanne who only waved back, her bottle of water only half drunk on the desk in front of her. He pulled open the refrigerator and pulled out two more bottles of wine and waved again as he crossed back to his own room. He opened one of the bottles as he put the other down and poured a refill for all and sat back down on the edge of the bed.

“Better?” he asked.

“Better, thanks,” Penelope said.

“When does the show start?” Melinda asked.

Peter picked up the remote and flicked the monitor to the daily schedule and checked the current time.

“Thirty minutes,” he said.

“We can be ready in fifteen,” Melinda said.

Wine glasses were hastily put down and suddenly there was a mass migration to the bathroom. Peter said nothing as he watched them go. Once the door closed, Peter stood up, finished his wine and then pulled his clothes on, knowing that the women would need every moment they could get to be ready as he heard the shower turn on.

The show was fun, the girls signing along with the rest of the crowd in the participation sections. Peter laughed along with the comic. They all had a wonderful evening. By the time the curtain had come down and they stepped back out on deck, the ship had righted itself and the rain clouds were already breaking up, the sun shining down through them lighting the ship in spotlights of rosy glow.

“I have to have dinner with my folks,” Penelope said as they looked over the railing at the ocean below. “Can I come back and spend the last night?”

“It is fine with me,” Peter said.

The other ladies nodded and they pulled Penelope away from Peter for a moment and the three of them huddled for a moment before the kissed each other and then Penelope kissed Peter, long and languid before she hurried off to dinner. Melinda and Sandra took an arm apiece and they walked around the deck.

“We need to change for dinner, and we will need to pack. So, Peter, you and Sandra go and pack. Peter can change. I will get packed and bring my bags up to Peter’s room and then we can go to dinner,” Melinda said.

“I know when my life is being directed,” Peter said with a laugh as they stepped into the elevator.

Melinda passed her floor and Sandra pushed their floor and they were soon each in their own cabins.

“I have really enjoyed the week,” Sandra said, putting her bag on one side of the bed. “I am glad we met.”

Peter kissed her as he passed by with his own case.

“Yes, it has been nice,” Peter said. “And I am glad we met as well. I hope we can continue to be friends.”

“Count on it Peter. You are going to have to work very hard to forget about me,” she said as she put clothes into her bag.

“I am not looking to forget about you,” Peter said as he caught her passing towards the drawers.

He kissed her passionately as he squeezed her ass and pinched her nipple through the material of her shirt and bra. She moaned and pushed her hips against him.

“Think we have time?” she whispered as she broke the kiss.

“We can always make time,” he said slipping her shirt over her head and undoing her bra, his mouth dropping to suck her nipple.

“Peter, take me, put your thick cock inside of me. I don’t need anything more than that.”

They quickly shed their clothes and Peter moved his bag out of the way as Sandra lay down on the bed, pulling her legs back, offering her already wet pussy to him. Peter crawled between her legs and teased her clit with the head of his cock before he slid it into her in a single motion. Sandra gasped and pulled him down onto her, kissing him as he got close enough. They rocked together slowly. Peter kissed her gently and then bent and sucked her nipple and she pushed her hips up at him.

“Yes, fuck me,” she said, urging him to go harder.

Peter planted his hands and focused on pushing in and out of her pussy as Sandra pushed back against him. Peter increased his action, and sped up. Sandra cried out and clenched hard as Peter continue to force his cock into her. She came again and brought Peter almost to a halt. He strove harder to keep up the pace and she started panting hard as he felt his orgasm approaching.

“Yes, cum in me, cum in me,” she cried out as Peter buried himself inside of her and released.

Sandra raked her nails across his back as she pushed up against him once more before falling back onto the bed. Peter disentangled himself and slumped next to her. She curled against him, kissing him and holding onto him like a drowning woman before she relaxed enough to fall back.

“Damn, I am going to miss that. Thank you Peter. I am not sure what is going to happen tonight, but I wanted one time with just you. Just us. Make sense?”

“Yes,” Peter said as he kissed her again.

They held each other for a bit more before they kissed and got up.

“Go and shower,” Sandra said. “I am going to finish packing and then I will shower.”

Peter simply nodded and went to shower. Sandra was humming as he closed the door and started the water.

When he emerged, there were clothes on the bed for him and his bag was sitting on the couch, packed. He shook his head and kissed Sandra where she lay on the bed.

“Melinda will be up shortly, so you should go find a friendly bar and wait for us,” she said.

“And you will shower with her?”

“That is the plan,” she said with a mischievous grin.

Peter hung up his towel and quickly got dressed.

“I will be down in the pub then,” he said as he snapped his watch on his wrist.

“OK. We will meet you there,” she said as she kissed him again. “Have fun.”

“You too,” he said as he walked out.

Peter stood outside his door for a moment, trying to decide what to do next. He looked left, then right, then decided. He walked across to the common room. It was empty and Eric was on duty. Rather than stop and chat he just passed through and walked down the stairs until he reached the restaurant deck. He crossed the ship and made his way sternward before arriving at the pub. It was busy, but not packed and he made his way to the bar.

“What’ll you have Peter?”

“Glass of champagne, Dallas. Good cruise?”

“I can’t complain. You seem to be smiling.”

“It has been a very restful week,” Peter said.

“Restful my ass,” Dallas said with a laugh.

“Someone has been talking,” Peter said with a growl.

“No more than she usually does where you are concerned,” Dallas said lowering his voice. “Don’t worry, she has your best interests at heart.”

“I know she does, my friend, not to worry. And thanks.”

“So who’s the cutie?” Dallas asked, his chin indicating a party of Peter’s right shoulder.

Peter turned his head slowly and looked. It was the wedding party.

“Who?” Peter asked, not sure who Dallas was referring too. There were a number of women there, all of them attractive.

“The one in the grey dress with the pattern.”

Peter looked again and Penelope caught his eye. She winked but gave no other indication she was not listening closely to what Christine was saying.

“That would be Penelope,” he said to Dallas.

“Wow. She isn’t getting married is she?”

“No, I believe the one getting married is the blonde, Christine. Penelope’s brother is the groom to be. Unless someone talks him out of it.”

“And why would they do that?”

Peter chuckled as he looked back again.

“Well, I understand that Christine is a bit of a wild woman and the groom’s family is a bit more, how do I put this….”


“Dull would be good, yes,” Peter said laughing.

“Well, she sure is pretty,” Dallas said.

Peter looked over his shoulder again and caught Penelope’s eye and encouraged her to come over when she got a moment. She quickly said something and walked over, draining her glass as she did. She stood next to Peter, but did not seem to talk directly to him.

“And what can I get you my dear,” Dallas said.

“Another please,” she said.

“And he wants your number,” Peter said quietly.

Dallas blushed hearing this and Penelope jerked her eyes to look at Peter. He refilled her glass.

“You can give them to him,” she said as she walked back to join the group.

“Damn,” Dallas said.

“Oh you are in trouble now my friend,” Peter said laughing. “I will send you a text when we dock. Be nice to her, or I will hear about it.”

Dallas just shook his head and went to take care of the other customers. Peter drank his wine, looking around at the people in the bar. Other than the wedding party there were no other large groups. Most of the couples were close with each other. Peter could tell that some of them would barely make it off the ship before the couple would become a two singles. He wanted to go over and tell them that they should just give it up, but he did not want to ruin their last night together. He shook his head and signaled Dallas for another glass of wine. Part of him was not sure what would happen tomorrow. His flight was at noon, but he was thinking of spending some time in Miami before he flew back to the cold weather. Part of him was pondering just skipping the flight home and flying directly to Los Angeles to start the new job.

“You’re thinking too much,” Dallas said as he refilled his glass.

“Joanne teach you that?”

“Yeah, where you are concerned. She loves you, man, and only a couple of us know it”

“Thanks Dallas.”

“Always,” he said, topping his glass.

The pub was dark as the sun dropped below the horizon and Peter focused more on the glass ahead of him than on the people in the room. He tried to to find Penelope in the mirror but every time he looked up, she was there looking back at him. Peter reflexively shook his head and nursed his wine, waiting for the ladies to join him.

“See you tonight,” Penelope said quietly as she walked past him.

Peter watched them troop off to dinner as Melinda and Sandra entered the pub. He thought he saw then wink at Penelope as they passed her and came to stand on either side of him.

“And what can I get you lovely ladies this evening?” Dallas asked.

“Whatever his card will bear?” Melinda said smiling.

“Oh, this is going to be painful,” Peter said as he looked at Dallas.

“It certainly can be,” Dallas said.

Peter simply nodded and Dallas smiled.

“Give me a moment. I have to find the key.”

“Poor Penelope,” Melinda said. “She looked so lost with them.”

“At least her dress was sexy,” Sandra commented.

“I think that was the best she could get away with,” Peter said finishing his drink. “I think she would look better in several other dresses I have seen this cruise and a couple I have seen in other places. She has a lovely body and it is a dressmaker’s dream. No offense ladies.”

“None taken,” Melinda said, “and you are right. I would kill for her figure.”

“Well, you are not so bad yourself,” Peter said.

“You just want to see me naked,” she said.

“I believe he has,” Sandra said with a laugh. “And I wouldn’t mind seeing you naked again.”

“Both of you are terrible,” Peter said with a laugh.

Dallas came back in, being trailed by a man in a tuxedo carrying a box. He put the box on the bar and turned it towards Peter, pulling the lid open and showing a bottle of champagne inside. Peter leaned closer to make sure he was seeing what he thought he was seeing.

“Do you want my card now?”

“No. Others, yes, but I know your credit is good,” Dallas said. “This is Alexander, our head sommelier. He things this is a good selection.”

“Alexander, you are an evil man. You may open and pour.”

Alexander nodded and pulled the foil off the top of the bottle, taking a napkin from Dallas as he opened the bottle. Dallas pulled three glasses from the bar and put them in front of Sandra, Melinda and Peter and Alexander filled them half way. Peter looked at Dallas.

“I wish you could have some of this,” Peter said as he sampled the wine. “Alexander, it is beautiful. Thank you. Ladies, to the last night of the cruise!”

Peter raised the toast and the ladies clinked their glasses with Peter before they sampled their wine.

“Oh that is good,” Melinda said.

“Alexander, do you have an Opus One in your cellar?”

“I believe so,” Alexander said.

“I think we should have that with dinner. And speaking of dinner, we have several minutes to kill. Shall we find a table and enjoy our wine before we go to dinner?”

“Can I bring you anything?” Dallas asked.

“Shrimp cocktails?” Peter asked.

“Coming right up.”

The moved to an empty table and Alexander brought the champagne over in a bucket of ice water, setting it beside the table on the stand.

“Where are you dining this evening Mr. Martin?”

“In the Grand Hall,” Peter said, “but I do not know which table.”

“We will find you, sir,” he said retiring from the room.

“You can afford this,” Melinda asked quietly.

“I might have to eat ramen for a couple of weeks,” Peter said with a laugh. “Not to worry Melinda, I can afford to buy wine. Even at the ugly mark up they are changing.”

“You are a wonderful man,” Melinda said kissing him on the cheek.

“You are a wonderful man,” Sandra said kissing him on the other cheek.

They sat back and drank their wine as they watched people and talked about odd things. People came and went and they laughed and talked until the champagne was empty and it was time for dinner.

“Did I tell you that Dallas made a pass at Penelope?” Peter said as they were about to leave.

“No!” Sandra said.

“Well, it wasn’t direct, nothing that would get him in trouble with the line. I cannot wait to see how it all comes together. If it does.”

“He would be good for her?” Sandra asked seriously.

“I think so,” Peter said. “Shall we see what is on the dinner menu?”

“Besides you?” Melinda said with a predatory glint in her eye.

They walked down the hallway and down the grand stairway to the Grand Hall dining room. As they walked up to the door, the maitre d’ stepped up.

“Mr. Martin, ladies, if you will come with me,” he said and escorted them through the clamor of individuals and families to a large table near the middle of the hall. There was cut crystal and china on the table and three waiter pulled the chairs back for them and eased them under them as they sat down, snapping napkins and placing them on their laps. The sommelier quickly walked up to them and presented the unopened bottle of Opus One to Peter who nodded. He uncorked it and poured a sample, swirled and sipped.

“A lovely bottle, sir,” he said smiling. “May I decant it?”

“Please,” Peter said.

The sommelier picked up the crystal duck and decanted the wine before putting the empty bottle on a coaster in the middle of the table, the cork next to it.

“Enjoy your meal, ladies, Mr. Martin,” he said retiring.

A waiter stepped up to their table.

“I understand you have had appetizers. Do you wish another, or would you prefer to order your main course?”

“Ladies?” Peter asked.

“Dinner for me,” Melinda said.

“Same,” Sandra echoed.

“Then Melinda, if you will,” Peter said.

Melinda ordered, followed by Sandra, and then Peter, the waiter nodding and departing. A few minutes later, the sommelier came back and poured their wine and departed.

“Ladies, to our last night at sea, and the next night in our friendship,” Peter said, raising his glass.

“To having you both on speed dial,” Melinda added.

“And actually picking up the call,” Sandra said.

They clinked their glasses and drank.

“However, if you call me and I am busy, you may have to wait for me to get back to you,” Peter said and they all laughed.

“This has been a wonderful cruise,” Melinda said smiling. “Thank you both.”

“It has been wonderful,” Sandra said, “and the two of you managed to save me from having to abandon the whole thing, so thank you for that.”

Dinner arrived and they talked about inconsequential things as they enjoyed the food. They talked about the weather and how much of a mess getting off the ship tomorrow would be. Peter had the experience. They were back in Peter’s room before midnight.

“I am torn between taking you right here and curling up against you and falling asleep,” Melinda said yawning.

“I am all for curling up,” Sandra said as Peter slid the zipper down on her dress.

“If we fall asleep, then can we wake up and make love one more time?” Melinda asked.

“Of course,” Peter said.

“Then I vote bed,” she said as she folded her dress and put it on top of her suitcase.

“Come ladies,” Peter said, standing naked, “let us go to bed.”

Chapter Five

Peter woke slowly, fingers moving over his chest. Kisses on his arms. He opened his eyes and tried to figure out who was doing what as a hand wrapped around his erection.

“Morning,” he said.

“Good,” Melinda said as she sucked his cock into her mouth.

Sandra kissed him, her tongue dueling with his as Melinda’s tongue swirled around the top of his cock and licked the hole while her hand played with his balls. Peter reached down and rubbed their naked backs, but could not reach more as they continued to play with him.

“Lick me,” Sandra whispered in his ear.

Peter nodded and she moved to straddle his face. Peter slid his hands up her sides, his thumbs flicking her nipples as his tongue swirled around her clit. She was already wet and her clit was hard. He teased it as Melinda continued to suck his cock. Peter squeezed and pulled on her nipples and Sandra pushed down on him a bit more as Melinda pulled her mouth off of his cock and replaced it with her wet pussy. Melinda reached forward and pushed Peter’s hands away from Sandra’s breasts and he focused on her clit as Melinda bounced up and down on his cock while pulling on Sandra. Sandra came a moment later, flooding Peter’s face with her juice and moaning loudly before she caught Melinda’s hands and slid off to the side letting Peter breath.

“Let me sixty-nine with Melinda and take her from behind?” Sandra said.

“Oh, yes, please,” Melinda said with a smile as she dismounted.

Sandra lay on the bed, Melinda over her and Peter slid into her from behind as Sandra’s tongue licked her pussy and her tongue flicked over his cock as well. Melinda cried out as Sandra pulled her nipples and sucked her clit, bending her just right for Peter’s cock to stimulate her. Peter pushed through he compaction on his cock as Melinda thrust back in time with his pushes, Sandra’s wet pussy completely forgotten. It only took another moment before Peter was unloading into her and Sandra was sucking everything she could get as Melinda slumped on her and Peter’s cock fell out. Melinda rolled off sighing and Sandra gently sucked the end of Peter’s softening cock, making it hard again.

“Got enough for one more?” she asked looking up at him, as her tongue twirled over his balls.

“Of course.”

“Good,” she said and spread her legs.

Peter moved over and between her as Sandra pulled her legs back. Melinda lay beside her and kissed her as Peter speared her, slowly initially and with increasing speed as Melinda licked and sucked her nipples and vibrated her clit. Sandra came hard, her eyes rolling back, breath panting as he pushed back into her again, his cock filling her with each thrust until his orgasm flooded her as well. He slumped down and kissed Sandra, and then Melinda and then Sandra again before he pulled back onto his haunches. Melinda and Sandra kissed each other as Peter squeezed her legs. Peter glanced over at the clock just as he felt the jolt.

“Shower time ladies, and then we have to prepare to disembark.”

“Party pooper,” Melinda said. “Come wash my back?”

The three of them moved to the shower and washed each other thoroughly before they got dressed. Breakfast was sticky buns and boxed juice as they sat waiting for the word to leave the ship.

“When do you fly out?” Sandra asked Melinda.

“I have a noon flight, you?”

“Same, I think. Peter?”

“I have another day in the city. I am out tomorrow afternoon.”

The ladies looked at each other.

“I am going to be spending most of it catching up on email and getting ready to fly to Las Vegas day after tomorrow, but I love where your minds were going,” Peter said.

“It was just a thought,” Melinda said.

“I know,” Peter said with a smile.

“Ladies and gentlemen, if you will follow me,” Eric said rounding up everyone in the room.

Eric lead them to an elevator and down to the main floor where they were passed over to another employee of the line. They were lead from there to the customs hall, filled with suitcases and people. A long hour and more later, they where standing in the Florida sun shine.

“I wonder what happened to Penelope?” Peter mused.

“Probably couldn’t escape,” Melinda said.

They climbed on to the bus back to the airport, each tied up with their own thoughts. Melinda and Sandra sat next to each other and Peter sat in front of them. He closed his eyes and only half listed to their conversations. He reached for his phone a half a dozen times, but never pulled it out of his pocket or even turned it on.

“Safe flight ladies,” Peter said as they stood in the grand concourse.

He kissed each of them and they kissed him back.

“You have a good flight, too, Peter.”

Peter watched them walk towards security before he headed for the elevator to the hotel lobby. Only once he was on the elevator did he turn his phone on before he dropped it unceremoniously in to the pocket on his carry on bag.

Peter dropped heavily into the chair, his bag forgotten on the edge of the bed. He had opened the curtains and was looking out at the runways, busy with planes coming and going, people hurrying here and there. Sandra on one, Melinda on another, Penelope and her family on a third, and he was sitting in a hotel room, alone for the first time in six days. He must be out of his mind. He stood up and walked over to his bag, fishing his phone out of the pocket and his laptop out of another pocket, putting it on to charge while he scrolled through his messages. He was not surprised to see several from Allison, and he skipped over those. There were several others that were from numbers he did not have in his contact list yet. And there was one from Joanne.

“Please, please, please tell me you are in town overnight?” it said and was dated earlier that morning.

“I am in town through tomorrow afternoon,” he texted back, sending her his room number.

Peter turned around and turned on his computer, connecting to the wireless network and starting the process of downloading his email. He then turned back to his phone and started sorting the messages. He wanted to put of the ones from Allison. But he knew that was not going to make dealing with them any easier. He listened to the voice mails, checked to see if there were any others he needed and then dialed her number.

“Hello,” she said.

“Hello Allison, it’s Peter, sorry for the delay. Happy New Year.”

“Peter!” she just about screamed through the phone. “Where have you been! I was going to report you missing.”

“Nothing as bad as that. I have been out of the country. I think I mentioned I was going away?”

“You did, I forgot. Things have been a bit rough the last couple of weeks. I probably have been more dramatic that the situation merits and I am horny and there isn’t anyone around who’s cock interests me and a woman isn’t enough.”

“You should teach Natalie how to use a strap-on,” Peter said with a laugh.

“I have, she isn’t any good,” Allison said laughing. “I have taken to mounting one on the edge of the tub and riding it after my shower, but it isn’t like having the real thing. When are you coming back?”

“Don’t get your hopes us,” Peter said, dissembling. “I hit the ground change clothes and then I am gone for a while again on business.”

“You avoiding me?”

“No, just the way it works I am afraid. If it has snowed, I might not even make the change of clothes.”

“OK,” she said, somewhat put out.

“I will call you once I am settled again,” Peter said. “Take care of yourself.”

“Take care of yourself, Peter and call me.”

Peter hung up the phone and put it on the desk next to his laptop. He glanced quickly through the emails and picked a couple that appeared to be related to the work he was going to do when his phone rang.

“Peter,” he said.

“Hello beautiful,” Joanne said.

“Hello yourself. You still on board?”

“Oh, yes. Probably for another four hours.”

“What would you like to do for dinner?”

“Eat,” she said with a laugh. “Eat something that did not come from the ship’s kitchen.”


“Oh please, yes.”

“Should I make reservations or just fake it?”

“Fake it. I don’t know when I will get off. But you are not leaving until tomorrow?”

“I am out on the 3PM.”

“I will be there long before that. See you soon,” Joanne said.

“See you soon.”

Peter returned to his email, counting hours in his mind as he wondered if he shouldn’t just change his ticket and fly direct and buy new clothes at the other end. He decided that he needed a nap before he should make any decision and put his computer to sleep and fell face down on the bed.

It was the middle of the afternoon when Peter woke up, the sun shining brightly. He shook his head, dispelling the cobwebs and walked over to the desk. No message from Joanne. He picked up one of the keys, wrote her name on an envelope, and sent her a quick message before he went down to the front desk and dropped it off for her before returning to his room and stripping. A shower and a drink would be good. He turned the water on climbed in, enjoying the feeling of the water pouring over him. He was soaping up his face when the curtain opened.

“You should lock your door,” Joanne said.

“You should stop giving me a heart attack,” Peter said washing the soap off his face and then pulling her into his embrace, his cock hardening as they kissed.

“They didn’t wear you out?”

“They killed me.”

“They gone?”

“They were out around noon.”

“Just us then,” she said kissing him again and seeming to relax against him as she did.

They kissed before Peter picked up the soap and started with her neck and moved slowly down her body, washing away the months at sea with each touch. Joanne purred against him as he did this and pressed herself against his body as he washed her.

“You are spoiling me,” she said.

“Good. You know I have missed you?”

“I have missed you too, Peter. I have been thinking about quitting this whole game. Holding you convinces me of this more and more.”

“Don’t do anything rash,” Peter said kissing her.

“I won’t, but Peter, I would like to spend some serious time with you.”

“How long is this break?”

“Two months, but I have to see my parents.”

“We can talk over dinner then. I have some ideas.”

“Before dinner, I have other ideas,” Joanne said, kissing him, and moulding herself against him.

They dried off and Joanne almost dragged Peter to bed, the late afternoon light shining on their bed as she kissed Peter softly at first and then with more heat and passion. Peter kissed her back pulling her close against him and their hands touched each other and their tongues wrapped themselves around the other. Joanne moaned into Peter’s mouth as he played with the hair at the base of her neck. Joanne grabbed his ass and pulled him hard against her, his erection trapped between them as she pushed against him. Peter slid his hands down her arm, his thumb rubbing the edge of her breast as it was pushed against him and she sighed again moving back enough and encouraging Peter to touch her more. Peter broke their kiss and laughed deep in his throat as he moved to kiss her neck, shoulder and then the erect nipple that she willingly offered to his mouth. Peter sucked her nipple and she moaned as he nipped it, her hand reaching for his cock, grasping it hard as she pushed against him. Peter slipped a hand between her legs and felt her wetness, her clit hard and prominent and she shivered when he touched it.

“Peter….please…,” she sighed.

Peter kissed her again and she rolled onto her back and pulled him with her. Her legs opened willingly and she pulled him to her entry and Peter pushed forward and Joanne bowed her back pushing back against him.

“You fit me so well,” Joanne said, “now, take me hard and fast and deep.”

Peter took her at her word and plowed into her. Joanne slipped her hand between them and rubbed her clit, her first orgasm coming quickly as she clamped down on Peter, the little friction disappearing as she flooded them. Peter redoubled his efforts and Joanne was soon panting as they were both bathed in sweat.

“Now, now, now!” she cried and tightened.

Peter pushed, his orgasm filling her as she thrashed underneath him for a moment and then collapsed against the bed. Peter kissed her gently before rolling onto his side and then his back. Joanne rolled over, her head resting in the hollow of his shoulder, her body molded to his as he stroked her back.

“I needed that, and I missed that,” she said, kissing him. “Thank you.”

“My pleasure, and yes, I missed it too darling.”

They held each other as the sun set outside, both of them happy with the other. A rumbling stomach got a giggle.

“Where would you like to eat?” Peter asked.

“Right here,” Joanne said, not moving.

“Well, you have to let me get up enough to find the menu and order.”

“If you insist.”

“I know where you are ticklish.”

“Brute,” she said kissing him.

Peter got up and Joanne propped herself on an elbow as Peter put the menu where they could both see it. They decided what they were going to have and Peter called it down.

“You going to put a shirt on?” Peter asked as he pulled on a pair of sweats.

“What, you don’t think these are enough of a tip?” Joanne asked letting the sheet fall away from her breasts.

“Well, I know I would love it,” Peter said. “But I didn’t know you were that much of an exhibitionist.”

“I’m not,” she said smiling. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t tease you.”

“No, you can certainly tease me,” Peter said as he licked her exposed nipple.

“Mmm, do that again,” she said.

Peter spent several minutes licking and sucking Joanne’s nipples before there was a knock at the door that interrupted them. Joanne jumped up and ran to the bathroom as Peter opened the door and let the waiter in and waited for him to set up their dinner. Peter signed the chit and let the waiter out before he tapped on the door to the bathroom.

“It’s safe,” he said. “Dinner’s ready.”

Peter moved to the far side of the table and poured the wine and Joanne emerged a moment later wearing a long red satin gown.

“Well, if I knew it was formal, I would have worn my tuxedo,” Peter said standing up.

“Flaterer,” she said as she sat.

“You look sexy,” he said. “To a new beginning?”

“I will drink to that,” Joanne said as they dove into dinner.

They were curled in bed, touching and kissing when Peter started.

“When you get tired of your parents, call me, and I will fly you to where I happen to be. I wasn’t thinking when I took this gig.

“It’s OK,” she said kissing him. “And don’t think I am going to wait to get tired of my parents before I call you, either.”

“I like the sound of that,” Peter said.

“Do you mind if we just sleep tonight?”

“A bed not moving and comfortable?”

“Yeah,” she said as she curled up against him.

“Go to sleep Joanne, we will pick this up again in the morning.”

Peter woke first, Joanne sprawled out beside him. It seemed to be dark outside still, the clock showing just before six in the morning. Peter turned over and thought about his options. He decided he would fly straight to Las Vegas rather than running the risk of missing the connection on the other side. He closed his eyes and mentally reviewed his finances. There was enough money to bring Joanne from anywhere and get an apartment if he needed that. The long term hotel was nice but not exactly conducive to being able to cook. He tended to eat out when he was on the road, it was just easier, but Joanne had spent enough time eating that sort of food, and he knew she would prefer something decent. He was planning a menu as he felt sleep overtake him again.

Joanne was curled up against him when he awoke again, the morning light leaking in around the edges of the curtain. Peter turned and looking at the clock and it was a bit after nine. He stroked Joanne’s back and kissed her hair. Joanne moved against him and bent up and kissed him.

“What time is it?” she asked.

“A bit after nine. What time is your flight?”

“Noon,” she said. “I need to make love with you once more and then get going, but first I have to pee, then you should pee and get your ass back in bed.”

Joanne hopped out of bed and went to the bathroom and Peter went after. When he returned she sitting seductively in the bed, playing with herself.

“Oh good, now, eat me,” she said with a lear as she slid down and spread her legs.

Peter crawled up the bed and settled himself between her legs where he started to lick and suck at her pussy, already wet and ready for him.

“Oh yes, baby, make me cum,” she said.

Peter sucked her clit and flicked it with his tongue, which made her squirm and she pushed against him. Peter slid his hands up her body and squeezed and massaged her breasts, before pulling on her nipples. She moaned and pushed back against him as he made her orgasm, hard, flooding his face. He continued to lick and suck her until she pushed him away.

“Take me now,” she said, pulling him up by the hair.

Peter moved up and kissed her before sliding his cock into her pussy. She raked her nails across his back as he bottomed out and she pushed up against him. He stroked into her and out again, slowly and at a deliberate pace, making her moan as he did so and pulled her close against him. The took their time, each push taking a little longer, each kiss more passionate. They made love until both of them came hard, wrapped tight around each other. Both panting and breathless, covered in sweat.

“I don’t want to let you go,” she said quietly, kissing him.

“You mother would wonder what happened to you.”

“Not if I told her I was with you,” she said kissing him. “Wash me?”

“Of course,” Peter said as they got up and got into the shower.

They dried off and dressed, depending to the grand concourse for breakfast. They crossed security and got coffee on the other side.

“You don’t have to walk me to the gate,” Joanne said.

“Why not?”

“OK, I am glad you are walking me to the gate,” she said putting her head on his shoulder.

They sat in companionable silence as the minutes ticked by while they waited for them to call the flight. Peter kissed her as they announced the first round of boarding.

“You take care of yourself,” Peter said.

“Thanks, you too. I will call you when I land.”

“You better Joanne,” Peter said. “Fly safe. I love you.”

“You too. I love you too.”

Joanne walked down the jet way and Peter watched her go and then turned for his gate, happy and sad at the same time, but smiling as he thought about his vacation, and the work week to come.

Chapter Six

They got off the bus at the terminal and entered with dozens of others heading towards the ship. Passing through security was routine and they walked along the concourse as people waited for the agents to open their stations. At the back, behind a small man who was checking boarding passes were to agents. Peter showed them man their passes and was waived through to the first station.

“Mr. Martin, good to see you again, and congratulations!”

“Thank you Jerry, thank you very much.”

“Mrs. Martin, if you will please stand and face the camera. Thank you. Mr. Martin, your turn.”

Peter stood where he was instructed and tried to keep a silly grin off of his face as his picture was taken.

“Here are your IDs, bracelets. The rest of your party has not arrived yet. If you will come this way.”

Jerry lead them into the comfort of their boarding area and got them each some fruit juice before he returned to his station.

“I have never been on this side of it.”

“Fun isn’t it?” Peter said, sipping his juice.

“I don’t know about fun, but it is different.”

Peter nodded and went to look out at the ship tied up to the pier. Numerous people moving large quantities of goods and baggage onto the ship in preparation for departure. It always amazed him how many people were needed to get ready to sail.

“What are you thinking about?”

“Just the number of people that are needed to get ready to sail, keep us happy on board.”

“A small city below decks.”

“Yup, a small city. Do you miss it?”

“Not in the least,” Joanne said kissing him.

“Hey you two, get a room,” Melinda said as she was escorted into the room.

“I have a room,” Peter said.

Melinda came over and hugged and kissed Peter before she repeated the same with Joanne.

“Craig, how are you?” Peter said putting his hand forward to shake Melinda’s husband’s hand. “And you little one.”

Peter stroked the little hand sticking out of the blanket.

“Good, Peter, thank you.” Craig said looking down at his son as asleep in his arms.

“He’s a prince Melinda,” Peter said looking over his shoulder.

“Which one?” Melinda said and both she and Joanne laughed.

“Both of them,” Peter said with a wink towards Craig.

Peter and Craig sat down. Peter took Jasper from Craig as he sorted the diaper bag he was carrying and gratefully accepting the glass of juice his wife passed him.

“When are you due?” Melinda asked Joanne.

“Mid-summer,” Joanne said. “I am going to miss being able to drink.”

“Well, don’t worry about it,” Melinda said without further comment as Sandra was escorted in.

The ladies greeted each other with giggles and hugs as Peter looked at Craig.

“Get the feeling we are missing something?” Craig asked.

“Oh, I know we are missing something, but I also know we will never find out what it is until and unless they want us to know. How long has she been pregnant?”

“You are quick. Let’s just say we are not sure she is, even though the tests came back positive.”

“Fair enough. Well I won’t say anything.”

“Thank you.”


“A bit yes. He’s been teething.”

“Shot of scotch.”

“Sorry?” Craig asked confused.

“Take a shot of scotch. Dab a little on his gums and drink the rest.”

“We will give that a shot tonight.”

“Hello Peter,” Sandra said hugging Peter and the baby at the same time. “Hello Craig.”

“Hi Sandra,” Craig said taking Jasper back.

“Hello Sandra,” Peter said standing up and hugging Sandra before he kissed her. “Traveling alone?”

“With you on board? Why would I travel anyone else?”

Peter looked over at his wife who only nodded her head once.

“Well, I guess that is one thing I did not know,” Peter said with a laugh.

“You, not know something? We’re doomed,” Dallas said trying to keep his toddler from pulling his arm off his shoulder.

Dallas let go and the girl ran right into Peter’s open arms and hugged him tight.

“Hello, do I know you?” he asked as he kissed her cheek and she giggled as he picked her up. “Hello Penelope.”

“Hello Peter,” she said as she wrapped him in her arms and kissed him soundly.

“Careful, your husband will get jealous.”

“He’ll get over it,” she said as her daughter hugged her too.

“OK, down you go,” Peter said putting her down before moving over to greet Dallas.

“You look good. Marriage suit,” Peter said.

“You too, my brother. Things going well?”

“Very well,” Peter said smiling. “You know Craig? And Jasper.”

“Craig, pleasure to meet you, and you too Jasper,” Dallas said quietly as he sat down next to Craig.

“How’s your sister,” Peter asked Penelope.

“She’s good. Tanya is the apple of grandparent’s eye, even if her mother is not exactly the same.”

“Your parents haven’t adapted to her lifestyle?”

“My parents have not adapted to my lifestyle, and my husband actually makes money,” she said quietly.

“You can always move in with us,” Peter said.

“Ha! Peter, I have seen your house, mine’s bigger.”

“Wench,” he said kissing her.

“Your wife is one upping me, Dallas,” Peter said with a laugh.

“Not hard to do,” Dallas said simply.

“Boys,” Joanne said sternly.

“What?” they said together.

The sun was slanted low on the horizon as the ship steamed out of port. The seven were seated around a table on the deck, a bottle of champagne and several bottles of water filled the table, along with snacks for Jamie who would walk from one adult to the other within the circle of their knees. The ladies were drinking water, the men the champagne. Peter had rubbed Jasper’s gums with the wine and he was currently curled up asleep in his arms.

“He’s a natural,” Penelope said with a smile.

“Yes, he is,” Joanne said with a laugh.

“And good with kids too,” Melinda said smiling.

That got the women laughing.

“Did I miss something?” Craig asked.

“Yes,” Dallas said. “Just smile and drink. Although I think we won’t see the real Peter Martin much any more. He is saving that for Joanne.”

“So he was a player?” Craig asked.

“No, he was never a player, he was a master, Someone who knew when he could make the point and when he should walk away from the table with his winnings.”