Bad Porn

          FADE IN:

          INT. SOUND STAGE - DAY

          CASANDRA, a tall blonde, enters a bedroom set wearing nothing
          but a bra and panties.

          LORENZO, a tall, dark, muscular Italian is sitting on the
          edge of the bed, naked and erect.

          Cassandra walks teasingly toward Lorenzo.

                    Cut, cut, cut! Cassandra darling, we
                    are doing a porn here, not a 1950s
                    romantic comedy. You walk in, you
                    fall to your knees, you suck his cock
                    until he is ready to come and then he
                    pulls out and comes on your tits? Got

                    Right, quiet on the set! Roll
                    cameras! Clapper!

          The CLAPPER, a mousy, young girl, comes in and hold the
          clapper before the camera.

                    Fucking My Valentine, Scene 1, Take

          Clapper claps the clapper and backs out.

          Cassandra enters the bedroom wearing nothing but a bra and

          Lorenzo is sitting on the edge of the bed, naked and erect.

          Cassandra walks in, licks her lips and sinks down between
          Lorenzo's legs and runs her hands up and down his length,
          twisting it between his hands, bringing her mouth to it, her
          tongue flicking over the tip before she engulfs it with her
          mouth, sucking it deep into her mouth.

                    Good, good. Longer, keep it going.
                    Long sucking pulls.

          Cassandra twists the base of Lorenzo's cock while sucking it

          Lorenzo is clearly not enjoying himself. Cassandra moves her
          ass back and forth.

                         (Looking around)
                    Can we pull in tighter? Good. Someone
                    get me a bagel?

          Several people are walking around behind the scenes. Two are
          dressed in street clothes, two in robes. PETER, a tall,
          good-looking man is wearing a robe. He is talking with NANCY,
          a brunette, also wearing a robe.

                    Where did they get this one?
                         (pointing at Casandra)
                    You can see the scars.

                    Beats me. Central Casting maybe? You
                    know how hard it is to get people
                    with these new rules.

                    At the very least. Who are the new

                    I don't know, I haven't met them yet.
                    You know Doug is always bringing in
                    new people for Lorenzo. Guy can't
                    keep it up during a scene much less

                    And it doesn't look like she is doing
                    much to aid the cause either.

                    CUT! Save the lights. Seriously.
                    Lorenzo, could you at least make it
                    look like you are enjoying yourself?
                    That's a wrap for today folks. Shut
                    it down. Mike, I want the first cuts
                    on my computer by the time I get back
                    from dinner.

                    Well, I guess that is it for today.

                    Sure. Let me shower and change. I
                    will meet you out front.

          Nancy turns and walks towards the women's dressing rooms and
          Peter walks to the men's. Lorenzo comes up behind him and
          enters behind him.


                    Where does Doug find these women?

                    Nancy and I were asking the same
                    question. Bad?

                         (Stepping into the shower)
                    Terrible. She might have tits, even
                    if they are fake, but there isn't
                    much else.

                         (Stepping into the shower)
                    Is there ever? What about Jake, how
                    is he making out?

                    Got himself a bit part on one of
                    those detective shows. Smiles, says a
                    line and gets shot. You know the

                    I guess it pays the bills. Here let
                    me help with that.

          Peter reaches out and starts to soap up Lorenzo's back. He
          rubs his hands over Lorenzo's muscular shoulders and down his
          back. He barely pauses as his hands soap and rub Lorenzo's
          ass, occasionally slipping his hand between the cheeks.

                    That feels so good. Yes, like that.
                    Play with my ass.

          Peter plays with Lorenzo's ass, circling it with his finger
          and occasionally pushing it in. Lorenzo is slowly stroking
          his cock in response.

                    Turn around.

          Lorenzo turns around and he and Peter kiss as their hands
          soap each other's chest. Peter drops a hand to soap and
          stroke Lorenzo's erection and squeeze his balls. Lorenzo
          breaks the kiss and sucks on Peter's nipples. Peter is using
          two hands on Lorenzo's cock before he steps back and kneels
          down, slowly sucking Lorenzo's cock into his mouth. He runs
          his hands over Lorenzo's balls and fingers Lorenzo's ass.

          Peter licks and sucks Lorenzo's cock before deep throating
          it, his tongue flicking Lorenzo's balls. Lorenzo is thrusting
          his hips. Peter pulls back and strokes Lorenzo twice as cum
          shoots out of his cock.

                    Damn, that was good. Give me a minute
                    and then take my ass?

          Peter nods and washes his hands.

                         (Bending at the waist and
                         bracing himself)
                    OK, lube me up.

          Peter reaches for the bottle of lube and spurts some in his
          hand and slides it between Lorenzo's ass cheeks and into his
          ass as well as generously coating his own cock. He steps up
          behind Lorenzo and drags his cock back and forth over
          Lorenzo's ass before finding his spot and pushing foreword.

                    That is so good. Fuck me. Fuck my

          Peter starts pushing, drilling his cock in and out. As he
          gets a rhythm going Lorenzo starts pushing back and meeting
          his thrusts. This goes on for several minutes before Lorenzo
          moans and cums. Peter rams harder and freezes before shakily
          pulling out.

                         (Holding the wall)
                    Wow, that was good.

                    It really was. Thanks.

          They kiss again and gently soap each other before turning off
          the water and drying off before moving to their lockers.

                    So where did Doug get this new girl?

                         (Pulling on a shirt)
                    No idea. I think he just bounces them
                    on his couch and if they put out he
                    puts them on the floor.

                    Kind of what I was thinking. Well, I
                    am up with her tomorrow, so I guess
                    we will see if she knows anything.

                    I just wish he would get some decent
                    fluffers. The last two were worthless

                    If you didn't cum twice in ten
                    minutes you might be able to keep an
                    erection for more than one scene.

                    Aw, now where would be the fun in

                    It would keep Don from freaking out
                    every time you go limp during

                    Bite me.

                    I believe I already did that. Ready?
                    Nancy is going to join us for dinner.

          Lorenzo and Peter exit the locker room.

          INT. OFFICE - DAY

          DOUG an attractive middle aged man, wearing a suit and tie,
          his suit jacket slung over the back of his chair, is sitting
          behind his cluttered desk looking at head shots and
          occasionally turning them over. He moves them from one pile
          to another and then from that pile to yet another without any
          obvious reason.

          His phone rings.

                    No, not today. We are shooting Blood
                    Red next month.
                    I expect we will go with the normal
                    four up front and perhaps six extras
                    in the orgy scene. I will cast them a
                    couple of days before.
                    Harv, Harv! I am good for Valentine.
                    Yes, just hired this little chippie
                    from back East. Yeah, most of them
                    don't know a fag from a cigarette,
                    but who cares as long as they have
                    Harv, I will tell you what. If she is
                    any good, I will find a slot for her
                    on this one, maybe as a walk by and
                    then put her first on the next one.
                    But she has to be good my friend. I
                    mean good enough to get a rise of out
                    Lorenzo good.
                    Harv, you are the one that said she
                    was good.
                    OK, send her over, I will give her a
                    work out. Be talking to ya.

          Doug pushes the switch hook and dials a couple of numbers. He
          waits a couple of moments.

                    Marie? Harv is sending a girl. Don't
                    know her name, but she probably will
                    be here before the end of the day.
                    Thanks, you're a peach!

          Doug hangs up the phone and goes back to sorting pictures. He
          is staring at one particular girl's face when the phone rings

                    Yes Marie?
                    Send her in, send her in!

          Doug puts the picture down and checks his nails as there is a
          knock on the door.

                         (Standing and coming around his
                    Come in!

          The door opens and PEGGY, a leggy red head, comes in. She is
          wearing a light summer dress that highlights her chest and
          ass. She is carrying a portfolio in her left hand.

                    Mr. Davenport? Peggy Turner.

                         (Shaking her hand)
                    Please, call me Doug.

                    Peggy. How are you.

                    Good, sit down, please.

          They sit down on the couch.

                    Is that your portfolio?

                         (passing it over)
                    Yes. And there is a headshot here for

                         (taking the headshot and
                         leafing through the pictures)
                    Thank you. Very nice. Oh, this one is
                    particularly well done. Very nice. So
                    did they tell you about the movie?

                    Not really. Something about it being
                    a romantic comedy for Valentine's

                    Yes, that is it. And a bit more.
                    Here, let me have you run a scene.

          Doug walks over to his desk and picks up a couple of pages of
          pages of script.

                    Take a look at these and then we can
                    run through them.

          Peggy looks at the pages and the more she reads, the shorter
          her breathing becomes and her nipples swell.

                    Oh. My. This is hot.

                    I am glad you like it. Ready?

          Peggy takes another look at the script and then put it on the
          couch beside her. Doug is standing in front of his desk as
          she stands up.

                    Oh, Roger, you shouldn't have. These
                    flowers are just wonderful. Thank

          Peggy closes the distance and mimes putting the flowers on
          the desk.

                    How can I every make it up to you?

          Peggy wraps her arms around Doug's neck and leans in to kiss
          him. Doug responds and lets his hands slide up and down her
          back as they kiss before she pulls away.

                    I am sure something will come to your

                    Oh, I have several ideas.

          Peggy steps back and reaches for the hem of her dress,
          pulling it in one smooth motion over her head to reveal ample
          breasts without a bra and a very skimpy thong.

                    Well, I think you are on the right

                    Well, maybe this will help.

          Peggy kneels down in front of Doug and rubs her hands up and
          down on the outside of his pants, outlining the hard dick in
          his pants before sliding down the zipper. She reaches up and
          undoes Doug's pants and pulls them smoothly down, revealing
          his boxer shorts, tented in front by his erection. Peggy
          reaches into his boxers and pulls his hard, pierced cock out
          and coos before sucking it into her mouth, licking and
          sucking it, pulling gently on his balls.

                    Oh darling, that is so good. Please
                    keep going.

          Peggy sucks his cock deeper into her mouth. She pulls back on
          his cock, pumping the base with her hand.

                    Just keep going, you are doing great.

          Peggy smiles and pulls off his cock. She reaches up and pulls
          down his shorts, freeing his cock before she runs her fingers
          over Doug's asshole making him tremble. Peggy sucks harder,
          pumping more at the base of his cock as Doug's knees tremble
          and he cries out

                    Cumming! Oh God, so good...

          Doug slumps against his desk as Peggy daintily dabs her lips
          and stands up before leaning in to kiss Doug again hard.

                    So Doug, do I get the part?

                    I will send you the shooting schedule
                    first thing in the morning.

                         (putting on her dress)
                    I look forward to it.

          Peggy picks up her portfolio and exits the office as Doug
          watches her go, still panting, his pants still around his

          INT. SOUND STAGE - DAY

          People are milling around the buffet table as they wait for
          the director. Peggy is talking with Nancy while Lorenzo is
          talking with the one of the grips.

                    Is it always like this?

                    Like what?

                    All this...I don't know, energy?

                    Dear, wait until we are six days over
                    the shoot date and the Director is
                    yelling at us to suck faster. Energy
                    is the last thing we will have. Your
                    knees will hurt from the concrete and
                    your back from all the pounding.
                    Enjoy the next few minutes, because
                    you are about to run a marathon.

                         (coming up to them)
                    Now Nancy, it isn't all that bad. Hi,
                    I am Peter Loring.

                    Peggy Turner, nice to meet you.

                    No, sometimes it is worse.

                    OK, you have a point.

                    And you guys have a maximum
                    performance limit. Two orgasms and
                    you are done for the day. We get
                    worked until we can't move since
                    there is no obvious output when we

                    I suppose you have a point there too.

                    Well, I am ready. Bring it on!

                    A real trooper. Speaking of troopers,
                    has Lorenzo had an orgasm yet today?

                    Not that I know of, but then he slept
                    somewhere else last night. Who knows
                    what happened.

                    I hope he abstained. How many did he
                    have with you yesterday.


                    Two! Peter, you know better.

                    Hey, Groucho called an early dinner,
                    what was I supposed to do.

                    Speaking of the Director, where is

                    I think lovely Peggy here is
                    replacing her.

                    So all of yesterday's footage is in
                    the crapper?

                    I don't know, but here we go.

          Everyone turns as the Director stalks onto the set, followed
          by GIL, the Executive Producer, a fiftyish man wearing a silk
          suit and Gucci loafers.

                    Oh, fuck. How far behind are we.

                    Listen up everyone. As you may have
                    noticed, Casandra is no longer with
                    us. Seems the LAPD had some questions
                    for her. But we are saved as Doug has
                    again done stellar work and found us
                    the ravishing Peggy Turner.

          Everyone turns to Peggy and politely claps.

                    However, that also means we need to
                    reshoot all of Cassandra's scenes. So
                    we have to make up two days worth of
                    shooting. Get to it. Barry, your set.

                    Places everyone. Scene 15.Peggy, get
                    over to wardrobe. Fluffers? Where are
                    the fluffers? Get over here and get
                    Lorenzo ready.

          Lorenzo moves over to a chair near the set and sits down as a
          weasily looking guy comes over and starts sucking on his cock
          as Peggy moves over to the wardrobe corner and starts getting
          her costume on.

          Everyone else moves off to their places.

          Peggy returns to the kitchen set. She pulls on an oven mitt
          and stands ready.


                              SOUND (V.O.)

                    Roll film!

                              CAMERA (V.O.)
                    Film speed.


                    Fucking my Valentine, Scene 15, Take

          The Clapper smacks the sticks and gets out of the way.

                    And . . . Action!

          Peggy pretends to make something in a frying pan. Lorenzo
          enters the kitchen, naked and moves up to Peggy.

                    Good morning honey. How did you

                    Wonderfully, thank you.

          Lorenzo moves in and kisses her. Peggy kisses him back

                    Careful or the bacon will burn.

                    It will, will it.

          Lorenzo kisses her again more passionately this time and
          Peggy lets go of the pan to wrap her arms around his neck.
          Lorenzo pushes against her waist and the two continue to

                    You know, maybe we should just skip

          Lorenzo picks Peggy up and puts her on the counter. He
          reaches into her apron and pulls one of her tits out and
          begins massaging the nipple before bending and taking it in
          his mouth, sucking and licking it.

                    Oh, baby, that feels so good.

          Lorenzo pulls out the other one and runs the nipple back and
          forth between his fingers before he switches sides and licks
          and sucks it.

                    Oh, you are making me so wet.

          Lorenzo keeps licking and sucking. One hand flips up the
          front of her apron and he slides a finger up and down over
          her exposed pussy.

                    Damn woman, you are wet.

          Lorenzo continues to play with her clit while Peggy moves
          uncontrollably about the counter.

                    Oh baby, I need it bad. Stick it in
                    me. Fill my cunt with your sausage!

          Lorenzo pulls her to the counter edge and Peggy leans back on
          her elbows as he lines his cock up and thrusts it into her.

                    Oh, please, yes, yes!

          Peggy lets her head loll about as Lorenzo saws in and out of
          her pussy.

                    Oh, yes, yes!

          Lorenzo pushes faster and faster into her panting as he does
          so. Peggy pushes back against his efforts before he pulls out
          and strokes his cock a couple of times and shoots off,
          covering her apron with cum.

          Peggy slips down off the counter and pulls Lorenzo into a
          deep kiss.

                    And cut! Peggy, that was great!
                    Lorenzo, nice staying power. Let's
                    reset and do it again up to when
                    Lorenzo shoves is cock into Peggy.
                    Two minutes folks to get cleaned up
                    and change wardrobe.

          The actors move around the sound stage.

          INT. OFFICE - DAY

          Doug has a new pile of pictures he is looking at. The phone

                    Yes Marie?
                    Great, send her in.

          Doug stands up and walks around the desk to the door, opening
          it just as JESSICA, a petite, buxom, brunette is reaching for
          the handle.

                    Come in, come in. Harvey sent you
                    over right?

                    Right. Jessica Williams.

                         (shaking her hand)
                    Doug. Doug Davenport. Have a seat on
                    the couch.

          Jessica and Doug sit on the couch.

                    So is this an infamous casting couch?

                    Well, I am the casting director, and
                    it is a couch, so I guess you can
                    call it that.

                    And aren't all casting decisions made

                    No, not all of them. Some are made
                    standing up?

          Jessica stand up and undoes her wrap around dress. She is
          wearing nothing underneath it.

                    Does this help with your decision?

                         (at a loss for words)

          Jessica comes over and sits on Doug's lap, wrapping her hands
          around his neck and kissing him. Doug lets his hands wander
          all over Jessica's naked body. He first plays with her
          nipples, pulling on them and turning them in his fingers.
          Jessica is clearly excited and pushes harder against Doug,
          her legs falling open. Doug moves his hand down between her
          legs and plays with her clit and pussy. Jessica moans into
          his mouth.

                    My, my Doug you are good. Let's get
                    you out of these clothes.

          Jessica helps Doug undress and drops to her knees and sucks
          on his cock for a few minutes.

                    Mm . . . Doug, I love a guy with a
                    pierced cock.

                    Well you are very good at what you
                    are doing. Why don't you sit down on
                    the couch?

          Jessica take one more suck and then strokes Doug's cock
          before sitting on the couch. Doug kneels down between
          Jessica's legs and begins lapping at her pussy.

                    Oh, Doug that feels so good. Suck my
                    clit. Make me cum.

          Jessica leans back and Doug pushes in, reaching under and
          playing with her ass. Jessica squeaks and squeezes his head.

                    Oh Doug. Take me.

          Jessica turns around and points her ass a Doug and he lines
          up his cock and shoves it home.

                    Doug that feels so good. The bead is
                    running over my spot and it feels so
                    hot. I am going to cummmmm!

          Doug grabs her hips and drives harder into her and she drops
          her head as Doug picks up the pace pounding into her.

                    Take me Doug, finish me!

          Doug pushes into her and shakes before pulling out and
          covering her back with his cum and panting heavily.

                    Wow, that was good.

          Jessica turned around and sucks his cock quickly and then
          kisses Doug.

                    Yes that was good.

          Jessica sits down and Doug sits down next to her.

                    So, do I get the part?

                    I will send you a call sheet first
                    thing in the morning.


          Peggy is sitting on a bench, an electric trimmer in her hand,
          working on the small hairs around the top of her slit. Nancy
          comes in and puts her bag in the locker.

                    You did well yesterday.

                    Thanks. It was fun. But what's with
                    Lorenzo? His kisses are pretty limp.
                    Is he gay?

                    Got it in one.

                    That explains a lot of things. Well
                    at least he acted like he was being
                    turned on.

          Nancy begins undressing.

                    Yeah, he can be a good actor when he
                    wants to. Not a good kisser, but a
                    good actor. If you want a good
                    kisser, try Peter.

                         (putting down the trimmer and
                         running her fingers over her
                    I have a scene with him either today
                    or tomorrow.

                         (Watching Peggy absently
                         stroking herself)
                    Lorenzo works hard and the girls love
                    his body on screen. He gets lots of
                    fan mail and more than the occasional
                    pair of panties.

          Nancy begins absently stroking a nipple as she talks.

                    Did you hear about the new girl?
                    Jessica I think the AD said. They are
                    writing two more scenes just for her.
                    I would hate to be the editor of this

          Peggy reaches out and runs a finger over Peggy's mons and up
          and down her legs.

                    I had heard a new person was coming
                    in. What they don't use in the main
                    movie, they will use as B-roll and
                    either sell it separately or include
                    it as bonus material.

          Nancy is rubbing and squeezing her nipples as Peggy slips a
          finger into Nancy's folds and teases her clit.

                    Oh, that feels good.

          Peggy pulls Nancy close with just the finger between her legs
          and then bends in to lick and suck Nancy's clit. Peggy slides
          her hands around Nancy's ass and plays with her cheeks as she
          licks and sucks. Nancy drops her hands to play with Peggy's

          Peggy maneuvers Nancy around and has her lay down before
          positioning herself between Nancy's thighs and continuing to
          lick and suck, occasionally bringing her finger in and
          slipping it into Nancy's pussy or pushing into her ass. Nancy
          continues to play with her nipples, pulling and tugging them.

                    Come sit on my face?

          Peggy takes a long suck and stands up and walks up to Nancy's
          head and straddles the bench and moves up to put her pussy
          over Nancy's mouth before lowering herself down. Nancy flicks
          and licks at Peggy's clit as Peggy plays with Nancy's nipples
          and tits. Peggy kisses her way down Nancy's body and
          continues using her fingers on Nancy's clit.

                    Oh, so wet. You are so good at this.

                    I have a dildo in my locker.

          Peggy gets up and reaches into Nancy's locker and pulls out a
          long thick dildo.

                    Mmm, this is nice.

          Peggy puts her pussy back over Nancy's mouth and proceeds to
          slip the dildo in and out of Nancy's pussy, slowly rocking it
          in and out as Nancy licks Peggy's pussy faster.

                    Make me cum.

          Peggy pushes the dildo faster and flicks Nancy's clit as
          Nancy start shaking and panting, unable to lick Peggy's pussy
          as her orgasm passes over her. Nancy cries out and holds onto
          Peggy as the spasms pass through her.

                    Good? We need to get to set.

                    Good. Thanks.

          Peggy slips back and helps Nancy sit up before they kiss.
          They stand up and Peggy gives the dildo back to Nancy who
          puts it in her locker and grabs her robe. Peggy grabs her
          robe and they close their lockers and head for the set.

          INT. SOUND STAGE - DAY

          A normal living room is on the sound stage. Nancy is sitting
          on a couch wearing a spring slip dress talking with Peggy,
          who is wearing shorts and a string strap shirt. Both have
          wine glasses in front of them. The Director is off to one
          side, the camera already rolling.

                    Really, it is not a big deal. Just
                    tie him up and take his ass with a
                    strap on.

                    Easy for you to say. I have never
                    done this sort of thing. I wouldn't
                    even know where to start.

                    Well, if you want I can show you.

                    What do you mean?

                    I have one here, I can show you how
                    to put it on and use it.

                    I...that sounds...

                    Have another glass of wine and then
                    come into the bedroom. I will meet
                    you there.

          Peggy gets up and walks across the living room and exits into
          the bedroom. Nancy sits on the couch for a couple of minutes,
          absently squeezing her breast, before drinking down the wine
          in the glass and following Peggy into the bedroom.

                    Cut, move the camera.

          The crew quickly moves the camera to the new position and
          everyone takes their place. Nancy is standing in the bedroom.
          Peggy comes back to the set wearing a strap-on and is
          otherwise naked.

                    Are we set? Nancy outside the bedroom
                    please. Sound! Camera!

                              SOUND (V.O.)

                              CAMERA (V.O.)


                    Fucking my Valentine, Scene 4, Take

          Clapper claps the sticks.


          Nancy walks into the bedroom and stops, seeing Peggy naked
          with the strap-on.


                    I told you, I will show you.

          Peggy moves up to Nancy and pulls her into a clinch, kissing
          her. Nancy is initially reluctant and then she begins to kiss
          back. The passion increases. Nancy lets her hands slip to
          Peggy's tits, feeling then, squeezing them, playing with the

                    Oh, yes, keep doing that.

          Nancy continues to feel up Peggy's tits. Peggy pulls up the
          hem of Nancy's dress and over her head. Peggy bends her head
          and sucks on one of Nancy's nipples as Nancy continues to
          play with Peggy.

                    Come, lay down.

          Peggy steers Nancy over to the bed and lays her down, her
          legs hanging over the edge. Peggy gets down between Nancy's
          legs and starts licking Nancy's clit.

                    Oh, so nice. Suck my clit.

          Peggy continues to suck as Nancy plays with her own nipples.
          Nancy's hips bounce up and down as Peggy sucks her.

                    Ready for the demonstration?

          Nancy just nods. Peggy moves forward and pushes her fake cock
          into Nancy's pussy.

                    So big, so full, keep going. Fuck me.

          Peggy bottoms out and then starts gently moving back and
          forth. Nancy pulls her legs back, opening herself up to
          Peggy's continuing thrusts. Nancy pushes back against the
          onslaught. Peggy plays with Nancy's nipples as she fucks her.

          Peter enters.

                    Oh, hi dear. Nancy said she had this
                    fantasy to fuck her husband's ass but
                    didn't know how to go about it. Would
                    you lay down and let her try on you?

                    Only if I get to watch a bit more of

                    Get naked. Let her suck your cock.

          Peter takes his clothes off and puts them on a chair and
          moves over beside Nancy who sits up enough to suck his stiff
          cock into her mouth, her tongue moving over the head and
          shaft before she deep throats him as Peggy continues to fuck

          Peggy pulls out and begins to take off the harness and Nancy
          sucks once more on Peter before standing up. Nancy pulls on
          the harness and Peggy helps her adjust the fit. Peter is
          laying on the bed stroking his cock.

          Peggy pulls out some lube and slicks up the dildo before
          pushing Peter's legs back, exposing his asshole. She
          generously slicks him up. Peggy pulls Nancy over and lines up
          the dildo with Peter's ass.

                    Just slide it on in.

          Nancy pushes against Peter's ass and the dildo slides in.
          Peter's cock jumps as he is penetrated and Peggy gets on the
          bed and begins to stroke and suck his cock. Nancy begins,
          hesitantly at first, to stroke in and out of Peter's ass. As
          she gets used to it, she begins to go faster and harder,
          slamming his ass.

          Peggy moves to suck his cock and playing with is balls.

                    I think she has got the hang of it.

          Nancy continues to fuck Peter's ass as Peggy pulls her mouth
          off of Peter's dick, strokes it hard a couple of times and
          then squeezes his balls. Peter's cum shoots out and over his
          chest. Nancy pulls out.

                    Oh, I think she is going to be a

                    And...cut. Save the lights. Let's set
                    up for the next one.


          INT. SOUND STAGE - DAY

          Jessica is sitting on the edge of a bed, wearing a matching
          thong and bra set with black stockings. Lorenzo is wearing
          black silk boxer shorts.

                    Lorenzo, I want this one in one take
                    please. Try and keep it up? Places
                    everyone. Sound!

                              SOUND (V.O.)


                              CAMERA (V.O.)


                    Fucking my Valentine, Scene 8, Take

          Clapper claps the sticks.


                    So baby, you remember Pete, from

                    Yeah, he's a hunk.

                    Well he is pretty taken with you too.
                    So I mentioned to him that you wanted
                    to experience two guys at once. He
                    said he would love to help me out
                    with that.

                         (standing and coming up to
                    Really? What did you tell him?

          Jessica runs a finger over Lorenzo's hard cock

                    I told him to come on over tonight
                    and we were going to let you live out
                    your fantasy.

          Jessica grabs Lorenzo's cock through his shorts and strokes

                    So where is he?!

                    He is out in the living room.

                    Well, get him in here!

          Jessica lets Lorenzo go and he exits. Jessica squeezes her
          tits and plays with her pussy as she waits for him to return
          with Peter.

          Lorenzo comes back into the room, bringing Peter who is
          wearing 501s and an untucked button up shirt.

          Jessica moves up to Peter and wraps her arms around his neck.

                    Hello Peter! Lorenzo tells me you are
                    going to help me fulfill a fantasy?

                    And what fantasy would that be?

          Jessica kisses Peter slowly and carefully. Peter wraps his
          arms around Jessica and kisses her back. Lorenzo comes up
          behind Jessica and kisses her neck. Jessica pushes back and
          forth between Lorenzo's cock and Peter's.

                    I want to play with two hard cocks at
                    the same time. Does that sound like

          Peter pulls Jessica back against him and kisses her again as
          Lorenzo plays with her ass.

                    It sounds like a wonderful idea.

                    Good. Because I am already wet just
                    thinking about your cock.

          Jessica begins to unbutton Peter's shirt as Lorenzo undoes
          her bra, sliding it off her shoulders and sliding his hands
          around her body to play with her nipples while she is licking
          and sucking Peter's nipples while she pushes his shirt off.
          Peter slides a hand between them and runs a finger over
          Jessica's panties.

                    I have go to see it.

          Jessica gets down on her knees and undoes each button on
          Peter's jeans slowly. Lorenzo goes and sits on the bed and
          strokes his cock through his shorts. Peter's cock falls out
          as Jessica gets to the last button on his jeans and she
          captures it in her hand and strokes it gently as Peter pushes
          down his pants.

                    Oh honey, isn't this a wonderful
                    looking cock? Come over here and let
                    me see yours next to it.

          Lorenzo drops his shorts and walks over to where Jessica is.
          she takes Lorenzo's cock in one hand and Peter's in the other
          hand, stroking each.

                    Oh, this is just wonderful.

          Jessica sucks Peter's cock and then sucks Lorenzo's and then
          pulls them close enough to touch and sucks both of them into
          her mouth, rolling her tongue around the heads.

                    I want both of these inside me. First
                    my mouth, then my pussy then my ass.
                    Think you boys can do that?

                    Yeah, I'm ready.

                    Fuck yes.

          Jessica stands up and walks over to the edge of the bed and
          lays down with her head hanging backwards over the edge.

                    Lorenzo honey, I want to suck your
                    cock while Peter fucks me.

          Lorenzo moves over and lines up his cock with her mouth and
          she pulls him in to her mouth as Peter lines up his cock and
          slams it into her ready pussy. Jessica pulls her legs back
          and Peter slams away as she deep throats Lorenzo

                    Oh yeah, baby that is so hot. Suck my
                    cock, lick my balls.

                    You have such a tight pussy Jessica,
                    so wet, but so tight.

          They keep pounding away for a few more minutes until Jessica
          pushes Lorenzo back.

                         (to Lorenzo)
                    Get the lube, take my ass.

          Peter slides out of Jessica and Lorenzo squirts lube on his
          cock and her ass. Jessica rolls over and pulls her ass open
          and Lorenzo slides his cock in quickly.

                    Oh, so full. Fuck me baby, fuck my
                    slutty ass.

          Lorenzo fucks her ass and Peter comes and stands in front of
          her and she pulls his cock into her mouth and sucks on it
          slowly and then with vigor as Lorenzo continues to slap and
          bang her. Jessica spits out Peter's cock.

                    Oh fuckkkkkk.

          Jessica pulls off of Lorenzo's cock and grabs Peter, laying
          him down on the bed before reversing and sliding her ass down
          over Peter's cock.

                         (To Lorenzo)
                    Mount me?

          Jessica leans back on Peter's cock and Lorenzo slides his
          cock into her.

                    Oh, it is better than I thought it
                    would be. Play with my tits. Fuck me.

          Peter begins to play with her tits as Lorenzo starts to push
          into her. Peter and Lorenzo begin to rock back and forth
          against each other, alternately fucking Jessica who screams
          and coos and moans.


          Lorenzo slides out and Jessica hops off off of Peter's cock
          only to turn around and impale herself on it again. Lorenzo
          slides his cock into her ass and they go at it again. Jessica
          cries out with desire several times.

                    Please tell me you have something
                    left? Cum on my tits.

          Lorenzo pulls out and Jessica gets off of Peter and kneels on
          the floor as both Peter and Lorenzo stroke their cocks until
          they cum on her face and her tits.

                         (Rubbing the cum into her)
                    Mmm, thank you. Best Valentine's Day

                    And...cut. That's a wrap.

                                                             FADE OUT.