The Suggestion

I will admit I was a little surprised when Cheryl suggested it. It had been early in our relationship. She had told me one dark night that she thought she might be bi-sexual. How she got turned on watching other women. When she had been in university she had spent a lot of time showering in the community showers just to see other women undress. That was a month after she told me she has another fetish, one that her ex just could not fathom. She wanted to fuck my ass. With a strap on. I guess since my response had been to ask if she actually had a strap on and her negative answer had resulted in us shopping the web for a harness and a couple of dildos right then and there that telling me she might like girls was not a big deal.

Like most couples, we had our good days and our bad days and neither one of us were saints. She had gone out with a friend when I had to work late and called me to say she would not be home. She and her friend had had a bit to drink and they were going to stay put. I appreciated the call and watched some TV. About an hour later she sent me a text saying they had just licked each other to crashing orgasms and were going to sleep. I will admit that was a hot message to get but it turned out to be a one-time thing and I put it out of my mind and I assumed she had too. At least for practical purposes, even though we would occasionally use it in our lovemaking role play.

So I was a bit surprised when she came home from the wine bar and said she had met some folks, but one in particular.

"Her name is Natalie. She works for one of the associations. Really loves wine, knows it better than I do. We were competing all during the tasting. It was fun. She is coming over tomorrow and we are going to have some of the wine I brought back from Italy."

This was not the surprising part.

"Oh, and she is a great kisser."

I nearly dropped my scotch. She knew she had my complete attention.

"Go on," I said, waiting but trying to not appear overly eager.

"We were standing at the bar, next to each other, talking, and I felt a hand stroke my ass. That is the only way to describe it. It was crowded after the tasting so I didn't think much of it. Some guy got a cheap feel and it made my nipples crinkle. I tell Natalie that I need to pee and she says she does too. We head to the ladies room and it is one of those one toilet things which I had forgotten about until we were both inside. Well I turn to let her go first and she kisses me. Not hard and passionate but very wet and seductive with more than a bit of tongue. Before I know it we are moaning into each other and grinding our pussies together still fully dressed. It was so hot."

"Sounds like it," I said, shifting.

"Anyway I break the kiss and tell her I still have to pee and she turns and locks the door! I unbutton my jeans and push them down, take care of business and flush but before I can pull my pants up, she is kissing me again and her fingers are playing with my pussy. Which is just gushing I should add. It doesn't take long for her to finger me to a small orgasm and then she licks her fingers as she undoes her pants and takes her turn."

"I see," I replied as my cock threatens to break out of my jeans.

"Unfortunately there is a knock on the door so I only got a quick look at her pussy before she pulled her pants up. I turned the water on and we kissed quickly before opening the door and pretending to help each other out. We finished up our drinks and I came home."

"You could have spent the night with her," I said, trying to be supportive.

The gleam in her eye was wicked. "Her husband would not have approved. Seems he is not big on 'those types of people.' However, I was pretty sure you wouldn't mind."

I took a deep breath at that point and then a long pull on my drink.

"And what did you think I wouldn't mind?" I asked.

"I thought you wouldn't mind if we had sex." she said with a smirk.

"Sex is it? Who is providing the cock?"

"We'll see. Play your cards right and it might be you."

I have no idea why I didn't come on the spot. But I did take another drink. And then another.

"Anyway, I am off to bed now."

"Would you like some company?"

"No, I think I want to play for a bit."

"Sleep well then," I said as she kissed me quickly and headed off.

Now I certainly am not one of those me who think their lady cannot reach orgasmic bliss without their help. She was coming long before I came along and can manage quite well without me, so if she wants a little 'me' time, I have no problem with that. I put my head back against my chair and closed my eyes for a moment. I had been reading a technical manual and there was little hope that I would be able to regain that thread after the discussion we had just had. I opened my eyes and put my empty scotch glass down on the coffee table. I could hear the faint moans coming from the bedroom and decided that any real reading was now out of the question. Instead I picked up my tablet and flipped around the Internet for a bit before settling on a story site and did some light reading that did nothing to reduce the stiffness in my pants. By the time I finished the story, a couple of hours had passed and the house was quiet. I put the tablet on the table and stood up, cleaned up and headed to bed myself.

The light on my side of the bed was on and she was fast asleep. In the bathroom were a couple of toys and I washed them off and put them on the dresser before I climbed into bed and fell asleep.

The following day dawned bright and brilliant. The bed was empty next to me and I looked over at the clock. It was after eight and I stretched and got out of bed. It being Saturday, I was in no hurry to do much of anything. I had some writing to do, and some editing, but I started first with a shower and then some coffee. The house was empty as I wandered around. I found a message on my phone that she had gone shopping and an email link to a video. I picked up my tablet again and clicked the link, waiting patiently while it opened.

My dearest appeared on the screen, her most private place exposed for me to see and a shot up that showed the bottom of her breasts and her erect nipples. For the next five minutes she played with her clit and lips, pulling occasionally on her nipples and exciting herself. It was very erotic. Then she moved onto a thick, realistic looking dildo and moved it back and forth over her clit before sliding it into her very wet pussy, moving it in and out with greater speed and depth, her moans getting louder as her orgasm got closer and closer. She was panting and thrashing as her pussy clamped down and her orgasm crashed over her, her chest turning a lovely rose colour and her legs clamping shut on the fake cock inside of her. She fell back and tried to catch her breath for a few minutes before she got up, pulled out the cock and turned off the camera. Needless to say I was hard again. Which I suspect had been her intention, the little minx. I put the tablet down and took another sip of my coffee as I sat on the couch trying to get my own breathing back in-line. This was going to be a long day I suspected.

As if she had been reading my mind, I got a text that read "At the studio. I thought about working naked."

Since she was working with hot glass, I was not surprised that she had probably decided against it.

She then sent a photo of her, naked in the studio.

"At least until I decide what I am going to make," she added.

I fully expected that she had the door open too. At this hour of the morning there were not a lot of folks wandering around, but I am sure someone would stumble over her in her current state of undress. I just shook my head and decided I needed to bury myself in my work.

"What time is your date?" I sent back.

"3, I should be home before that," she sent back.

I had some time, so, grabbing a bowl of cereal, I migrated to my office, and tried not to think about what might happen this afternoon.

I poked my head back up after finishing a chapter and it was already well after 1PM in the afternoon. I picked up my empty bowl and mug and walked back into the kitchen. I picked up my phone and checked the messages. She had sent two, each accompanied by photos. The first was a lovely full body shot, clearly take by someone else, of her naked in her studio. It was a lovely picture and part of me wondered who took the picture. Clearly someone had been having fun. The second picture was in the changing room of her favorite lingerie store. I was not surprised that she had made a stop there. I sent her back a quick message approving of her various efforts and poured myself a glass of cider and returned to my office. I did not expect her back much before Natalie was scheduled to arrive, so I had some time to get a bit more work done before the fun began.

More time had slipped away when I hear the door open and close.

"You around?" I heard her yell.

"In the office," I said, finishing up a comment.

"Hello dear," she said, coming in and kissing me.

"Hello yourself. Having fun today?"

"I had a great time at the studio, and fun at the stores," she said smirking.

"I am glad. It certainly looks like you were having fun. What did you have to pay for the picture?"

"Which picture?" she asked.

"The one in the studio silly."

She had a lusty smirk on her face. "Well, there was this kid, young man, and he was there with his sisters. They were over in the ballet studio and he was trying to find something to keep him entertained while they were dancing or practicing. Anyway he came in and I was putting things away and he looked at me like a deer in the headlights, and then this blush swept across his face. Anyway I smiled at him and asked if he wanted to take some pictures of me. Darling he was so shy and so cute. Anyway he managed to get his phone out and started taking pictures and I was mugging for the camera. The more he took, the redder he got and you could see his cock swelling in his pants. I took my camera out and asked him to take a couple more. Once he was done, I walked up and kissed him, dragging my hand over the swelling in his pants. He just about came in his pants, he shook so hard. I pushed the door closed and turned him around, undid his pants and stroked his cock gently. I loved the way it trembled. I slipped it into my mouth and barely sucked it once and he came, spurting into my mouth. He almost passed out. I pushed him down onto the sofa and sucked him back to hardness and made him come again. It was really exciting.

"You are trying to give me a heart attack," I said with a laugh pulling her into my lap and kissing her soundly.

"Now, I don't have time for this," she said, squirming around on my erection. "I have to get ready for my date."

"Yes, of course," I said, squeezing her nipple through the material of her blouse and bra.

She gave me one more kiss and then hopped off my lap and I returned to my work.

I had lost myself in the chapter I was reading and did not hear the doorbell ring, or hear Natalie come in. My first indication that someone was here was the extra giggling that I heard, coming from the living room, followed by my name. I marked my place and picking up my glass, walked to the living room.

"There he is," she said. "And this is Natalie."

"A pleasure," she said, saluting me with a glass of wine.

She was certainly something to look at with long black hair that fell just about her shoulders, but with a lovely wave. Her features were delicate, but her chest appeared sumptuous beneath the sweater she was wearing. Her hips curved nicely and she had a wonderful smile.

"Do you ladies need anything?" I asked.

"No, I think we are in good shape. Get yourself something to drink and come back and join us."

That was not an invitation I needed to hear twice and I slipped into the kitchen to pour myself a glass of whatever they were already drinking. By the time I found a glass and poured myself a slug, the ladies were already swapping stories about their latest shopping conquest. I sat down in a chair where I could see both of them and looked more at Natalie. She was wearing jeans that seemed to hug her legs, and the sweater had a pretty pattern woven into it. He did not appear to be wearing a necklace, but her earrings were gold and fit her ears nicely. She was a wonderful looking woman and only just a bit taller than my darling, who was now telling her story of the morning in the studio which had Natalie laughing.

"You weren't really naked, were you?"

Instead of answering, she pulled her phone across the table and pulled up the photos and handed it to Natalie. Natalie started flipping through them, and each picture she saw made her mouth open just a bit more. Then she paused.

"When did you make this?" Natalie asked, and I could see her chest rising and falling rapidly as she tried to breathe.

"What? Oh, that. Last night after I got home. I was so hot and horny that I just had to play with myself."

"And you didn't let him help?" Natalie asked.

"Well, I had thought about it, but I really wanted you, and there was something about him helping that would have made it less, exciting."

Natalie's nose flared as she continued to watch the video, the glass in her hand almost forgotten. She raised her hand and then realized that she had a wine glass in it, which caused her to giggle as she put it down. She rewound the video a few seconds and then started it again, this time letting her hand graze her breasts through the sweater.

"This is hot," Natalie said at last. "Can I get a copy?"

She passed the phone over and a few keystrokes later, the video was on its way.

"It will cost you," my darling said, putting her wine glass down and leaning in.

Natalie smiled and pulled her close, the kiss slow and soft and my cock not even close to soft by the time they were finished. Somehow neither one of them managed to touch the other, except where their lips locked nor their tongues battled each other. I tried not to wiggle too much and disturb them.

"I think we have someone's full attention," Natalie said.

"I think someone is at full attention," my darling said. "And I bet he is going to be more fun than the young snack I had earlier."

"I wish I could have had that snack earlier too, so I could compare," Natalie said. "Can I come with you next weekend?"

Natalie bent in and starting kissing my dear again, this time, sliding her hand up Cheryl's side and cupping her breast through her blouse and causing both of them to moan and Natalie pushed her down to the couch. I was focused on the hands moving back and forth and more skin came out as sweaters and blouses were moved so that hands could touch naked flesh. It really was quite exciting to watch and I tried not to rub my cock through my jeans.

Natalie slipped off the couch and unceremoniously pulled her sweater off, tossing it aside as she undid the buttons on my darling's blouse. Natalie was wearing a black shelf bra under her sweater and her nipples were firm and pointing out as she worked the buttons. My dear ran her fingers over those nipples, pinching and rolling them as her breasts came into view covered in a lacy red bra. Natalie moaned as Cheryl bent enough to suck one of Natalie's nipples into her mouth and sucked and licked it. Natalie was squeezing Cheryl's pert nipples through the material of her bra and I knew how sensitive her nipples could get like that.

Cheryl moved to the other nipple as her hands moved to the button holding Natalie’s jeans closed as Natalie continued stroking Cheryl’s nipples. Cheryl got the button opened and forced the zipper down as Natalie all but panted in desire.

“I think we should move to the bedroom,” Cheryl said between licks on Natalie’s nipples.

Natalie just nodded and stood up, offering a hand to Cheryl who stood up next throwing her blouse on the couch and giving me a look at the new plunging bra she must have just picked up. It was really quite sexy and I doubted she was going to have it on much longer. I looked forward to seeing it again.

“Are you coming?” Cheryl asked looking at me.

“Not yet, but give me a few moments,” I said with a smirk and followed the two ladies.

They were already occupied with each other as I came into the room. Natalie had her hands over Cheryl’s tits again and Cheryl was pushing down Natalie’s pants. Natalie was wearing a small black g-string under her pants and Cheryl had already worked her fingers under the flimsy material. Natalie moaned with even more desire as Cheryl turned her towards the bed and pushed her down.

“I want to taste you,” Cheryl said with some lusty heat and I had never heard such a tone from her before.

I watched her walk, almost flow, towards the bed and spread Natalie’s leg open before she bent forward and running her tongue over the open lips. Natalie’s moan was almost a groan of desire. I could see Natalie’s nipples harden and she pushed her hips into Cheryl’s mouth, almost begging for more. I watched the clear liquid of desire running down the inside of my dearest’s leg. There was no question she was just as excited as Natalie. Cheryl licked and sucked all the secret places inside Natalie and Natalie bucked and thrust. She was out of control with desire and lust. I watched as Natalie pulled on her nipples as Cheryl made her dance under her tongue. It was sexy as hell and I quickly shed my clothes to relieve the increasing pressure on my cock.

I had just sat back down again when Cheryl motioned me over and pointed at Natalie’s tits. Natalie had her eyes closed and she was in her own world when I put my mouth down over her erect nipple and sucked it into my mouth. Her eyes flew open and her orgasm crashed over her as I pinched her other nipple. Her body thrashed and she cried out, her hips moving of their own volition and Cheryl holding on tight for the ride. I eased off of Natalie’s nipples and kissed her as her throes calmed down. It was a hot kiss and soon Cheryl was on the other side of us, and we were in a three way kiss. It was even hotter for me as someone had their hand around my cock and was slowly stroking it.

“I hate to interrupt, but whoever is stroking my cock is going to make me come if you keep that up,” I said.

Both of them seemed to giggle, but it was Natalie that pushed herself up on her elbows before pushing me back onto my back. Cheryl motioned that Natalie could have the first taste of me and Natalie wasted no time in taking my cock into her mouth. It was velvety soft as she enveloped me, her tongue swirling around my head and shaft. Cheryl pushed my legs open and slipped up between them, sucking gently on my balls. The feeling was incredible and very quickly my breathing was laboured and I felt my sac contract as my orgasm poured my spunk into Natalie’s mouth in huge squirts, each one draining me more than the one before until my entire body was empty. Natalie and Cheryl shared a quick kiss.

“I think I killed him,” Natalie said, running a finger along my side making me twitch.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Cheryl said as we moved ourselves onto the bed. “I think he has something left.”

Cheryl giggled as Natalie drew circles around her nipple and moaned as Natalie sucked it into her mouth. She lay back on the bed and let Natalie have full access to her body and Natalie took full advantage. Her hands slipped between Cheryl’s legs, her fingers playing over my darling’s clit, making her hips dance and her moans and sighs louder.

“I want to taste you,” Natalie said as she slipped between Cheryl’s legs and replaced her fingers with her tongue.

I rolled over and started sucking Cheryl’s nipple as Natalie sucked her clit and Cheryl moaned, her back bowing with her pleasure.

“You are so wet,” Natalie said, between licks as I moved over and sucked Cheryl’s other nipple.

I knew how sensitive her nipples were and I suspect that Cheryl was as excited as she had ever been. I was focusing on her nipple when she screamed, an orgasm rippling through her body.

“She squirts!” Natalie said with glee.

“What did you do?” Cheryl said gasping.

“Just played with you ass,” Natalie said with a grin.