Drinks with Rachel and Kathryn


Summer arrived with a bang. On Mother's Day, it had been cool, even for us. By Father's Day, we disparaged ever seeing the sun, much less breaking eighty degrees. Cold and rainy was how the weather forecasters kept calling it. By Independence Day, we were begging for those cool temperatures again. There is something to be said for a week where the low was those eighty degree days we had been begging for. And that was before nine in the morning. If it was unbearable at lunch time, you felt like you were walking on the surface of the sun by dinner.

I had gone to visit a client, and when I came out of their meat locker-level air conditioning, the oppressive heat felt good. I wondered, briefly, if this was what a roast felt like just before the oven door closed. I had taken public transit to the meeting and pondered the walk to the nearest subway station, balanced against calling a taxi. In the end, I went around the corner to a local bar and found myself a spot at the rail. They had plenty of tables outside, typically full, but not a single one occupied today. Inside the air conditioning labored to keep the temperatures tolerable.

"What'll ye have?" the gal behind the bar asked, her accent hard to place.

I glanced at the taps.

"Let me have the Throttled Dick IPA."

"Brave man," she said.

"Oh, I don't know. No one has offered to throttle my dick lately, or even look at it crossly."

"You need to get out more," she said putting the beer in front of me.

"At the very least," I said toasting her.

She moved down the bar to help the next guy, and I fished my phone out and checked my messages. No emails and the Slack channels were quiet. It might be a relaxing night.

The bar was lightly occupied. That could be a function of the heat outside, and it was a hot time of year or the day of the week. They had a couple of televisions on with the talking heads of the day nattering on about why the President might have said this or done that. If they could justify it to themselves, more power to them, but most of us were just shaking our head and wondering if early onset Alzheimer's was now a requirement for higher office.

"Is this seat taken?"

"No, please."

She was medium height and medium build and dressed in the government standard of a tasteful if short hemmed dress and sneakers. A large over shoulder bag went to the ground at her feet. Two things stood out at first glance. Her brilliant blue eyes, and the larger than usual gap in the front of her dress where a button had let go.

"As lovely as your lingerie appears to be, you may not want to flaunt everything quite so soon. We have only just met," I said with a smile.

She looked at me a bit confused, and I looked down at the swell of her breast, gently cupped in royal blue lace. Her eyes followed, and her head bent until she saw what I was seeing.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe I want to give Gail a thrill."

She indicated the bartender, coming up towards us.

"Works for me," I said.

"Hey, Kat, what'll you have?"

"What's he having?” she asked as her head bobbed in my direction.

"The Throttled Dick."

"Oh, I haven't had a Throttled Dick in a long time. What's it like?"

"Smooth initially, and a bit salty, but not very refreshing at the end," Gail said with a straight face.

"Oh, I don't know. It depends on what you like. If you let it warm up a bit, it can hit just the right spots," I threw in.

"I have to have one," Kat said with a grin and looked at me, "and can you help me warm it up properly?"

"It would be my pleasure."

Gail broke up laughing and pulled the beer and another one for me before she went off to help another customer.

"Here's to a properly warmed Throttled Dick," she said.

"Just hold it like that, and I am sure you will have it warmed in no time," I said as I touched her glass.

We sipped our beer, and she put hers on the bar.

"I don't find it salty," she said licking her lips.

"I think that comes later, after the initial taste. I'm Vic by the way."

"Kathryn, although most people call me Kat. Are you somebody's speech writer? You are good with words."

"Graphic artist and sometimes writer. Thanks. You are not so bad yourself."

We took a drink and measured each other with our eyes. I liked what I saw. Her curves suited her. Her breasts were likely a C if the bra I could just see was not playing games with them. Her hips flared nicely, and her calves were appropriately muscular. She might have been twenty-two or thirty-two, but her hands had me leaning toward the older, rather than the younger end of the scale.

"And?" she asked a gleam of humor in her eye.

"And? I was just wondering who invented the double cup bra and can we take said individual to the woodshed? It was a stray thought. I have them often. My mind goes off on these odd tangents. I could be looking at an excellent painting and wonder if the tree that became the frame gained any notoriety among his fellow trees for the honor. That sort of thing."

I paused and took a sip of my beer.

"My roommate, Rachel, asked a similar question the other day," she said fiddling with her phone before she handed it to me.

The woman in the picture must have been Rachel, and she had what could only have been described as a robust rack. Her hands were supporting them, hard nipples poking between her fingers as if making a point. On a larger frame, they might not have been as impressive, but Rachel was almost a pixie. She posed in three-quarters view, which only highlighted the slim nature of her body and the full spectrum of her tits. And they were pierced. As was her navel, at least. I handed the phone back and took a healthy swallow of my beer to calm my rapidly beating heart.

"That could certainly lead to a throttled dick," I said

Kat laughed.

"Oh, you are fun. Rach would like you."

"She likes her dick throttled does she?"

"She likes it in all forms. Throttled, stuffed, packed, protruding, and powered. As long as she is calling the shots."

"A dominant woman, then."

"I think it comes with the tits," Kat said in a stage whisper and a wink.

"I think anything would go with tits like that," I agreed.

"Ooh, yes. That too."

Gail refilled our beers. Kat had been resting a hand on my thigh, and I could feel her nails against the inside of my leg as she gently moved them back and forth. She knew exactly what she was doing.

"So do you pick them out and gift wrap them, and she gets to expose them? Or is it a team effort?”

She giggled.

"Rachel has no problems in that area, but occasionally we will collude with each other. And if neither is lucky, well, we have each other. And batteries are cheap."

"So I understand. I use rechargeables myself."

"A man who cares about the environment. A good quality. Would you watch my bag?"

"Sure. There isn't a bomb in there or a severed hand?"

"No, just a vibrator," she said as she hopped down and walked towards the ladies room.

I just shook my head and sipped my beer. She was fun, no doubt about it. I wondered how often she whipped out that picture of her roommate. It was a good picture, and Rachel did look cute. I suspected she had some serious back problems though, hauling around what was likely a quarter of her body weight above her center of gravity.

My musing was cut off with Kat's return. She slipped onto her seat and drank some of her beer while she put her phone away.

"How do you feel about dinner?" she asked.

"I am partial to eating it on a semi-regular basis, but I am not overly strict on how that translates. If dinner is at two in the morning, then that is when I will eat it."

"Can’t you answer any question directly?"


"Silly me."

I noticed that she had done up the wayward button.

"Where would you like to go to dinner? I mean if that wandering question was an invitation to join you for dinner?" I asked as I finished my drink.

"Ever been to Hamilton's?"

"Over on Fourteenth Street? Used to be a massive bookstore? Once or twice."

"Gail, cash us out?" she said with enthusiasm

I pulled my bill from the cup in front of me and put down the money. We waited for Gail to run Kat's card before we walked back out into the oppressive heat. The walk was as hard and grueling as any workout I had done lately. The weather seemed to sap any energy you had. Our conversation lagged as we focused on putting one foot in front of the other and not stumbling. While it appeared to be a long walk, and I was certainly aware of sweat between my shoulders and neck, we were soon in the cool confines of the entryway of the restaurant. Rather than stop at the host's stand, Kat continued into the depths of the main floor and quickly we were standing before a banquet, already occupied by a tastefully dressed Rachel. And she had a bottle of wine in front of her.

"You made it!" she said sliding out.

Her voice was high and bright as she stood on tip toe to kiss Kat quickly on the lips.

"And you brought dessert," she said.

She grabbed my arms for support. I had to bend down to meet her lips. The kiss was not quick, but it was not overly passionate either. She let me go and slid in and patted the seat next to her for Kat. I slid in on the opposite side of the table.

"Vic, this is Rachel. Rach, this is my new friend Vic."

"We've met," I said with a smile.

"So she tells me," Rachel said with a smile. "Wine?"


She filled our glasses, and the server popped up to tell us the evening's specials.

“So she’s been flashing that horrible picture around again?" Rachel asked.

"We were discussing bras," Kat said.

"We were considering your wardrobe malfunction, Kit. It isn't a horrible picture. It is quite tasteful, other than you sticking your tongue out," I said sagely.

"I am not sticking my tongue out," she said pulling out her phone.

I just shrugged my shoulders and drank my wine and waited.

"OK, so I am sticking my tongue out," she said with a laugh. "So what?"

"Nothing. You are allowed to stick your tongue out, although a part of me wonders what you did with your tongue after that picture was taken. You seemed a bit aroused."

"And you could tell that how?" Kat asked.

"Look at her legs."

The fumbled again with Rachel's phone and made gestures on the screen. They twisted and swished the screen. They squinted and looked.

"I can't see it," Rachel finally said.

"It is subtle, I have to admit, but I make my living looking at photos, so I tend to see things before others. May I?"

They slid the phone over to me, and I moved the image and zoomed. It was hard to see when it was zoomed in, but the glistening of the otherwise dull skin gave it away. I zoomed back for perspective and slid the phone back.

"How the hell...," Rachel said

She alternated between looking at me and the image.

"As I said, I look at pictures all day."

How many of them have naked women in them?" Kat asked.

"More than you might imagine."

Our server was back. She was a cute redhead, and neither of my dinner companions moved to cover their phone so I said nothing, and we ordered appetizers. I also noticed that Kat had undone her button again. Or maybe it had given up under the strain. Rachel had a silk or satin shell over her massive chest, and there was nothing to undo, but there was no minimizing her assets either. I stared unabashedly at them as we talked about the hideous weather, the better than average baseball, and the fumbles at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

"I am still surprised by how fast you saw that," Kat said.

"I was distracted by her piercings. I might have noticed it sooner. Well, and your nipples indicated how excited you were. And the flush."

"He is good," Rachel said with a smile.

“And he likes Throttled Dick,” Kat said with a giggle.

Our dinner arrived, and we tucked in.

“He ordered a steak,” Rachel observed.

“Increasing his stamina, no doubt,” Kat added.

“I felt like a steak. Besides, it’s been a couple of days since my dick was last throttled. Or revved up for that matter,” I said before I took a bit of potato.

Our server, the cute redhead, had chosen that moment to return and she was blushing. Given how pale her skin was, she was red from the collar of her shirt to her hair.

“E…everything OK?”

“Tell me,” Rachel began, “do you think he’s cute, I mean in the take him to bed and keep him around all night sort of way, or would you say he’s the type you drag into the ladies room and boff quickly and forget about afterward?”


“Or,” Kat said, “Would you toss him in the basement, tie him to something solid, and peg him until his cum covered the floor?”


“Ladies, I believe you are embarrassing the poor woman. But apparently, she likes one of the ideas you tossed out,” I said.

Her blush still covered her face, but her nipples were outlining the heavily padded bra she was wearing under the heavily starched white dress shirt she had on. Kat and Rachel were also excited if the presence of their nipples pushing through their clothing were any indication.

“My dinner is excellent, thank you, and I believe the ladies food is also good, but we seem to be out of wine. Can we have another bottle please?”

I smiled my best smile, and she tried to smile back at me before she fled the table.

“That was not nice,” I said.

“Yeah, but she wanted to drag you into the ladies room. I could tell by the look in her eye. She has been watching us since we sat down,” Rachel said.

“Maybe she just wants to drag you into the ladies room,” I said.

“There’s an idea,” Rachel said licking her lips. “Back in a minute.”

She nudged Kat to slide out and then she slid out and stood up. She winked at me and then walked towards the ladies room. I looked at Kat as she sat down.

“She’s coming this way,” I said quietly.

Our server came back, opened the wine and asked if I wanted to taste it. She poured me a splash, and I tried it. The cork was good, and the wine was not sour. Other than being a bit warm, it was acceptable.

“Thank you,” I said and smiled at her.

She smiled back at me and winked before she went back to work. A few minutes later Rachel returned and took her seat.

“I guess she doesn’t want to drag you into the ladies room,” I said.

“I guess not. Too bad, she’s cute.”

“She wants to drag him into the ladies room though,” Kat said. “You should have seen her when she was pouring the wine.”

I just shook my head and went back to eating my dinner.

“What’s your number?” Rachel asked.

I rattled it off between bites, and after she had done something with her phone, I felt mine vibrate and ignored it for now.

“Can we take him home?” Kat asked as she pushed her plate back.

“I thought we were,” Rachel said, a hungry, lusty look in her eyes.

“Do I get a say?”

“No,” they said together.

“Good thing I don’t have any other plans then,” I said with a smile.

We finished our dinner, with a couple more visits by our server. She smiled at me a couple of times and made sure we did not need anything more. I finished my wine and excused myself to use the rest room. I turned the corner to the hallway, and my hand was grabbed from behind, and I was all but pushed into the companion restroom and the door locked behind me. Our red-haired, server turned to face me. There was lust in her eyes as she pulled my face to hers and shoved her tongue into my mouth as she molded her body against me, pushing her pelvis hard against mine. My cock responded immediately.

“No, not a shag in the bathroom kind of guy. You are a chain to the bed and never let him go kind of guy.”

She kissed me again and then slipped out of the bathroom. I locked it behind her and took care of my business before I returned to the table.

“Dessert?” I asked.

“He forgot he is dessert,” Rachel said with a grin.

“Yes, I had forgotten,” I said.

Our server brought the check, and I took it. The bill was about what I expected it to be and I put my credit card down and put it on the side of the table. I looked at Kat and Rachel, and they looked back at me as if I was a snack they wanted to devour, and I was pretty sure that was what they wanted to do. The bill came back, and I signed the slip. I picked up my card, and the business card behind it and pocketed it.

“Shall we ladies?”

They hopped up, and we walked towards the entrance.

“Thanks for coming. Hope to see you again soon,” our server, Colleen, said with a happy smile.

I smiled back at her. We walked back out into the heat and down into the subway. We had a few minutes to wait for the next train and Rachel took advantage of the delay by kissing me, and while she kissed me, I felt a hand moving over my rapidly hardening erection. At this rate, the pair of them would have me cumming in my pants. I took advantage of Kat hiding most of my actions and squeezed Rachel’s tit. She moaned into my mouth as I flicked my thumb over her nipple. I broke the kiss, and she laid her head on my chest.

“Oh, I cannot wait,” Rachel said, pulling Kat into a kiss.

“You and me both,” Kat said as they broke the kiss.

I ran my hand along the open line of Kat’s dress over the soft curve of her breast. She shivered. The train arrived, and we got on. The car was not empty, but what people there were sat up at the other end of the car. They maneuvered me into a seat, Kat sat beside me, and Rachel sat in my lap. I ran my hand along Rachel’s leg. My fingers slipped under the hem of her skirt, and I could feel her shiver. She bent down to kiss me, and Kat encouraged me to slide my hand further up Rachel’s leg. She moaned as my fingers found the sheer material covering her pussy. Her breathing was rapid through her nose as she pulled herself close to me.

“We’re next,” Kat said quietly.

“Damn,” Rachel said as my hand slid back into sight.

She got up and held onto the pole as Kat, and I joined her. The train came to a stop, and we walked onto the platform. We walked up to the street and a couple of blocks to their apartment.

The door had barely closed when Kat was suddenly in my arms and kissing me as passionately as Rachel had. I kissed her back just as soundly as I undid the buttons on her dress. She moaned as I raked my fingers over the top of her thighs. I found another pair of hands cupping Kat’s tits and together the four of us made her nipples hard and reactive. Kat broke the kiss and panted, moaned, and sighed at the same time. Rachel moved her hands and pulled Kat’s dress off her shoulders, and it dropped to the floor. I looked at Kat’s body, curvy and covered in royal blue lingerie. I slid my hands down her body and found that her ass was bare. The strip of her thong disappeared between her cheeks.

“We need him naked,” Kat moaned. “I want to taste him.”

“I want to fuck him,” Rachel said.

I pulled Rachel close and kissed her. Kat and I undressed her quickly, and I pulled gently at her nipples through the material covering them. I reached around and undid her bra, and her heavy tits dropped into my hands. I massaged them hard, and she started humping my leg. The more I massaged and pulled the harder she wrapped herself around me. I felt hands moving around my waist, and my pants were opened and shoved down as much as they could be with a pixie wrapped around one leg. Kat’s mouth descended over the head of my cock, and her hands squeezed my balls. I dropped a hand between Rachel’s twat and my leg and slipped a finger over her clit. She slammed her body against mine as I erupted into Kat’s mouth. We were all panting as Kat pulled us into the bedroom and we lost our remaining clothes.

“My turn,” Kat said.

She threw herself onto the bed. Her legs fell open, and both Rachel and I moved between them. I let Rachel lead, and between us, we licked, flicked and sucked Kat. She came once, twice, three times before she said enough and tried to push us away. We dug in, and by the fifth orgasm, there was a puddle under Kat, and she was unconscious on the bed.

“Did we kill her?” Rachel asked as she kissed me and licked Kat’s juices from my face.

“Possibly,” I said as I let my hands wander over her body.

Rachel continued to kiss me, her hands not idle either. She wrapped her hands around my cock and stroked it back to life gently as I ran my fingers between her slippery lips and engorged clit.

“Play with my tits,” she moaned.

I bent my head and sucked one distended nipple into my mouth as I squished the other one with my hand. Rachel moved to lay beside Kat and moved my hand from her tit to her clit and back. Her bare lips were slick, and she was soaked from top to bottom, and I teased her ass as much as anything else, and she squeaked as I slipped a finger into her ass.

“Oh, please. Do that!”

I slipped a second finger into her ass, and she started shaking. My fingers were quickly drenched as she came. I kept pounding her ass, and she thrust back as hard as I pushed. Her abdomen was in constant motion as the waves of pleasure ran through her.

“Put your cock in there, fuck my ass with your cock,” she begged.

I pulled my fingers out, and she yanked back on her legs, opening her ass up as wide as she could get it. I slicked my cock in her juice and pushed it home. She pushed forward, and I slid all the way into her. She cried out and clamped down on my cock. I pulled back and shoved forward again, and she flooded my cock. I pumped her ass. She cried out over and over. I was close to the edge, and Rachel cried out as I poured my cum into her. Her whole body shook before she collapsed. I could see her heart pounding in her chest as my cock fell out of her. Kat was back with us and looked at me before she slipped out of bed and walked into the bathroom.

She was back a few minutes later with a washcloth and took care of my cock and wiped up the mess around Rachel’s body. She tossed the washcloth into the bathroom before she kissed me.

“She likes having her ass fucked, but I have never seen a guy do it as well as you just did. Usually, I have to put on my dildo and finish her off. I want to feel your cock inside me."

“I think I can arrange that, once I get a bit of rest.”

She pulled me down next to her and put her head on my shoulder. We kissed, and she ran her hand up and down my body. At some point, Rachel had regained herself and rolled over against my other shoulder. We would alternate who kissed who and the ladies would occasionally kiss or lick my nipples as we as touched each other. This did remarkable things for my recovery, a fact that both seemed to notice as two hands wrapped around my cock and stroked it. Kat kissed me, and I felt Rachel’s mouth wrap around the head of my cock and sucked it gently.

“Take her from behind,” Rachel said. “She likes it best that way, and I can suck her clit while you do that.”

Kit moaned, and we rearranged ourselves so that Kit was over Rachel’s mouth and Rachel sucked her clit and puffy lips. I ran my cock head up and down over her slash before I slid it hard into Kat’s quim. Kat’s first orgasm came quick and sharp, her muscles clamping down on my cock as she shook. Rachel moaned below us as we continued to thrust back and forth. I was in no hurry. Kat had two or three more orgasms under her roommate’s tongue before her knees gave way. I pulled out, and she rolled onto her back. Rachel sucked on a nipple. Kat encouraged me to keep going. I repositioned myself and rammed her again. She met my pushes, and we pounded against each other. Rachel moved to straddle Kit’s face. I could not tell who was going to cum first, but I did, and then Rachel. We fell into a pile on the bed, exhausted.

I must have drifted. The bed moved, and Kat kissed me. I used the bathroom and then climbed into bed between the two lovely ladies. As we kissed and got comfortable, I wondered if Colleen would be free for dinner the next day. And then I wondered if I would be free before darkness took me.